Dead Legs

I did it again! Well I didn't bike my face off but I did interval training with running this time. My calves and heart didn't scream at me and I went about 10 minutes longer this time. I CAN DO THIS!! This 5k will not beat me! I visualized my friends at the finish line cheering me on and that helped me make it as far as I did. Stace and my sister Elaina have already confirmed they will be there for the race! Yay! October 19th! Gainesville! You know you wanna come! Lol.

I went to the mall after the gym. Jesus save me! I could barely stand! My right calf is still talking to me, "Hey girl. Heeeey girl!"

I am now guzzling water like the answer to life's toughest questions are in there. I've been slacking on my water consumption of late. IDK why but I need to get that together.

I found out about my funding for grad school. Straight loans... and I still need more money. Hmmm... that corner is looking more promising. Magnolia, you said Luke was hiring? I kid, I kid! Lol.

More random co-workers (16 more days!!) I never talk to (but at least KNOW) asking me to be their face.book friends... face.

I'm hungry. Someone come cook for me.

I'm really excited!!!!!!! I'm kind of trying to reel myself back in. Lol.

I just called my mom M. I forgot I wasn't supposed to! She said she knew I was gonna call her that! So funny! Lol. My bad, girl! I talked to my sister today, too. She doesn't really like her job but it's only for the summer so she'll be alright.

I sold some college books I lugged to Pittsburgh for some unknown reason??? Umm... ok... so I sold them so I don't lug them back. Ugh. Stupid books. I'm getting to the point where I want to show up in Gainesville with my books, bookshelf, shoes and clothes. The rest of it can kick rocks.


Opinionated Diva said...

You are my inspiration. I absolutely HATE TO RUN...so I'll live through you on that one. I know you'll do it!

I don't know how you went to mall after that...after I come from the gym, I can barely talk! lol

LOL @ you working for Luke. While I don't doubt that you would be popular, I am still literally laughing out loud!!

pink said...

i got a gym membership last month. ive only been once :( lol. i need to get my behind in gear for my trip to Vegas. YOu crack me up with your countdowns...ill be so glad once i hear from this govt job so i can start one of my own. I HATE my job *givin my boss the side-eye right now*

By the way...nice to meet you! lol i lurk on your spot all the time and i finally decided to comment.

La said...

Booo loans.

Vdizzle said...

Ditto@ La. I just got off the phone with them.

I'm about to get a gym membership because running is all I can do and the sun is powered by the fires of hell right now, so I can't take it.

jameil1922 said...

diva... awww! thanks! i can't stand running either!! i'm doing this just to prove that i can!! girl i was leaning on fixtures i was so tired!! i would SO be luke's miss popularity! lol.

pink... awww! thx for delurking! you have to force yourself at first. then you won't be able to stay out! LOVE countdowns!! hating the job is SO not hot for the 08 or the 09 or the ever!!

LA... WORD!!!

V... ugh. i need to call them, too since i'm going back to school. dead @ the sun power!! lol. girl winter here is why i got a gym membership. i'm calling tomorrow to cancel it tho since there are gyms on campus.

Sparkling Red said...

*cooking for you*

Now how am I going to get these quesadillas delivered to your house before they get cold?

Sandy C. said...

Man, I wish I could go just to cheer you on :)

Moving with books is a pain. It drove me nuts to see how little stores bought back books for in college.

I ACTUALLY worked out again today! Your calf is talking, and so are my arms :)

Rashan Jamal said...

Way to invite the stalkers... telling them exactly when and where you will be on October 19th. LOL

I drink water like that too. I found out the purpose of life in the bottom of a Dasani bottle. Then I forgot it...

I got some dusty, water logged 11-15 year old school books in my storage... you think anyone wants to buy them?

DollFace said...

Girl, you know they want to be friends on facebook so they can read what you say about them once you leave!

Vdizzle said...

YES!! Love those SEC schools with all the free stuff. LSU's rec center was four stories with an olympic sized pool and three indoor basketball courts with an elevated track around it. And entire floor was for yoga, aerobics classes and workout machines. We have 35 eliptical machines

UF probably has a bigger one or more than one. Either way, it's great!!!

magnoliapeach said...

You are killing the gym, do it girl!!!! I went yesterday morning and was terrorized by a 5'3 man in a trainer shirt telling me four more, bastid!

Loans suck!
Here's hoping you get work-study, b/c the lime green, hot pink, and bright red swimsuits Luke likes don't really compliment your purple shoes. LOL

Adei von K said...

you better get it with that running! that interval thingy sounds scary. you're actually inspiring me to do something physical...

I think i'll walk the dogs.

i found some college books in my trunk. a bio book from hampton. HAMPTON!!

where did you sell them?

jameil1922 said...

red... man don't tease me!! you're awful!!

sandy... you should! and bring babisodes! lol. oh books. sigh. i have three boxes of books. too much! yay working out!! my left calf is the most uncooperative! that brat!

rj... lol. i know you wanna come. come on then if you're gonna beg. geez. water is that good good!!! but i need you to not forget the purpose of life! you need to drink again and this time SHARE!! water-logged? i think they're gonna pass and you can trash those. and excuse me did you say 11-15 yo? you're MAD OLD!! lol.

doll... that must be it. i won't be doing that. i ignored some more today.

v... yeah free stuff! hampton had a gym, too. that's where i became a gym girl. i know there's more than one. i've yet to determine (or i forgot) how many tho.

mp... i know! this is how i got so small. when i went to homecoming people were agog! i need a trainer! that's hot! loans are garbage. work study would be SO hot for the 08.

adei... interval is like right where you're catching your breath you take off again. the idea is scarier than the execution. get it inspirational! i'm an oprah show waiting to happen! lol. walk the dog walk the dog (remind me to show you this dance lol). in your trunk?? why??? you didn't even have a car at HU! you're insane. you should probably do it online b/c regular bookstores don't really want them and will give you 50 cents for them. you probably won't get anything for that bio book anyway since it's so old. you're ancient you know. 26?? WOW!!