*Gulp* In 3rd Person

*UPDATE: WAIT!!! Dude. She still doesn't need platitudes and people to talk her into going to grad school. She'll be fine and she knows it. She's just talking right now. Now you may proceed with the rest of this post.

A chick voluntarily leaves her job to follow her dream and go to grad school and gets a lil shook because as someone so bluntly puts it, she's now UNEMPLOYED. Oh she'll still be getting 2 more pay checks to catch up with the work she's already done and the vacation days she didn't use but she's unemployed. And she's got a lot of packing to do. And a lot of PACKING to do. She should probably be doing that now instead of sitting here typing to you. But she needs to talk and Stace isn't answering her phone. She's not mad. She probably needs some alone time with G(od). She definitely needs some of that. She also needs to go out tonight and tomorrow night to celebrate. Check and check. She also needs a place to stay. She found a place she likes but she's emailed and called the realtor without an answer just yet. It has hardwood floors and is only 7 minutes from campus and SOLO. She wanted to live alone at some point in her life so this would be perfect. She doesn't want 3 roommates because that would give her WAY more fodder for the blog than she needs. Isn't going to the number 1 party school in the nation enough?

Wanna know the real reason she started flippin out? Because she looked at the calendar and realized August 15th (her move to Gainesville date) is CLOSE. And that is SCARY. She's thisclose to just throwing everything in a suitcase and leaving right now. She'll wait. But you'd better believe after one last sermon with the pastor and maybe a quick nap, she's HITTING THE ROAD JACK. Sunday at early o'clock would be nice. But she knows she will not be in Pittsburgh come noon. Now she's about to go blast some Madonna, thank Jesus for the experience (wow she's grown) and breathe. *Breathe in Jesus, Breathe out peace*


The Ink said...

nope. don't fall for it.

Life is more than a job.

You have ZERO dependents...and ZERO spouses.

Your family will be fine.

Go chase down your dream, subdue it and become its master.

if that means coppin a sideline gig to keep jalapeno pepper and beer money in your pocket...go do that.

But DO NOT....let the money make you.

Old people who should have followed the advise he just gave out has spoken.

shani-o said...

If your behind would get on aim, I'd talk to you, even tho I'm drowning in work.

Anyway, FREAK OUT! You should. I would. Just run around the house screaming and jumping up and down. It'll make you feel better. I'm bouncing in excitement for you.

And for now, you're FREE FROM THE SHACKLES of work. People would kill to be in your position.

GOOOOOOOOOO Jameily-mel!

Opinionated Diva said...

ahem...I would like to receive credit for the "early o'clock" line thankyouverymuch! lol

Girl...you are a Virgo...you will be fine! Most of the time I worry when I read about someone having so much on their plate. Not the kind of worry where I can't sleep, but the kind where I'm like...this person is crazy.

But when it comes to you...I know you can handle it. Seriously!

You can call me if you need to talk and Stace is still not answering (what is Stace doing?!)...201-555-1212. tee hee!

the joy said...

Shani is right. Do a lil screaming. Breathe in Jesus, scream out peace, lol.

Vdizzle said...

Ditto@ everyone.

I felt the same way after I had worked two jobs for almost a year, then got the job at a real paper here.

I actually got to sit down and do work.

Also, it's just like you said in another post, it's the next chapter in your life.


Miss B said...

You will be fine...you're just anxious. I agree that maybe you just need to freak out a bit, get it all out and then you'll feel better.

Rashan Jamal said...

Say it loud, Jam!!!

So you gonna take the Madonna advice? I'm going to lunch now, I'll call you in a minute. LOL

Sounds like the beginning of a great story to me!

Epsilonicus said...

Its ok to freak out. Change is scary. But, enjoy these moments. They only happen once

Sparkling Red said...

Good for you. You will LOVE living alone, especially once you have a schedule that allows you to socialize like a normal human. Or, knowing you, MORE than a normal human. ;-)

So...Wise...Sista said...

What is "she" freaking out for? She's getting the heck outta dodge!!

Having done this not so long ago I totally get it. My suggestion is to over think everything...except the anxiety. Easier said, I know. And if you ever need to vent you know where I be. :)

La said...

I'm with Shani.

Freak out. Just once. You'll feel much better (and clearer) once you get past the initial anxiety. Don't think about what you have to do. Just do it. You can accomplish alot more than you think, especially if you waste time fixating.

Sandy C. said...

But I bet it's an exciting, fun kind of scary :) This is such a great time in your life. Starting a new chapter with a new life and a new place.

Living alone? Some of the best years of my life :)

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - way too funny. You need the roommates cuz I wanna the fodder for the blog.

Eb the Celeb said...

Congrats on grad school... it will give you that extra edge and all be worth it... I just finished... and I am loving life.

Life is about personal accomplishments and making yourself happy and if grad school is going to do that for you... trust that everything else will fall into place

Good luck with everything...

Adei von K said...

this is so awesome. i wish i had the balls to get up and GO! no job, no house, two weeks to go? that's what being young is about. you know, she knows, we know "she" has no CHOICE but to make it work and "she" will!! sooooooooo geeked for her!!

i can't believe i just typed abt a 3rd person...

Adei von K said...

oh yeah, what WAS Stace doing?? babysitting??

jameil1922 said...

thanks everyone for your concern. i know i will be fine. i'm not worried about that. i'm just telling all sides of this life change.

ink... i'm not sure i understand where you're going with this. are you thinking i'm going to stay in pittsburgh or not go to grad school?

shani... well when i got on guess who wasn't there? that'd be you.

diva... yeah you did not create that and weren't the first i heard use it so sorry for ya! thanks so much for the fake number. WHAT IF I REALLY NEEDED TO TALK!?!?

red... fave comment of the lot. YAY!!!! SOCIALIZING!!!

wise... probably b/c she's human.

sandy... exactly that kind of scary. totally ready to live alone.

darius... PASS!!

adei... cojones as my mexican chef hubby says. stace doesn't like babysitting??? come on. just a little? i think she does. just like teaching!

dreamyj said...

oh, those familiar feelings. although i did not have as much time as you've had to bask in the moment and have thoughts of anxiety, I think it is so good! I know you are growing and that this move will be so great for you! yay grad school!