Bo.red: The Second 25

26) My wanderlust has been quenched. I have too much to do to go on any trips right now! Plus I know I have 2 7-hour trips ahead of me-- Pittsburgh to Charlotte, then Charlotte to Gainesville... yeah... if that doesn't cure wanderlust, I don't know what does.
27) That does not mean I'm not open to visitors. Who wants to come help me pack? Raise your hands now. Put 'em in the air!
28) UF is still trippin. Guess who has nann nunna nothin from her university? ME!!! ME ME ME!! I'm about to start flippin out. Word life. Yes, I've made phone calls and left messages. Now Mellymell needs some answers or mama's finna go off. I'm mama and yes I just pulled out some Southernisms for ya!
29) I slept for 9 hours last night. I could've kept going but I decided to wake up and... IDK accomplish things! Lol.
30) I did accomplish some things today-- I spent almost $40 on gas and wasn't even on E and I got my oil changed. It only took 25 minutes. I was so excited!
31) I have 7 million appointments to make before the end of the month. Jesus keep me near the cross.
32) There's this old man preacher on the radio station I listen to who CRACKS ME UP!! The recordings must be incredibly old because you can't hear the congregation at all and my dude needs a laugh track! He said, "I don't like platitudes. You ask someone how they're doing and they say, 'I'm blessed.' Tell me the truth. That's like the woman who said to her preacher, 'I want to thank you for that wonderful lesson.' The preacher says, 'Don't thank me, thank the Lord.' She says, 'I thought about that... but it wasn't that good.'" BURN!! I was on the floor!! And he's moving right along, no pauses. I'm like, Dog! Slow down! This is hilarity!!
33) This extra pale "coach" on Made looks like a man... but is pretending? to be a woman? I'm confused. I don't know what's going on.
34) I keep seeing all these gorgeous locs and it makes me want to get some. I had a dream the other night of me doing my oral defense of my doc before I got my master's with one of my fave Hampton professors, my line sister, Stace and a few bloggers there. I was pushing my hair off of my neck. I don't know what kind of hair it was but I'll just say it was locs. That means I need to get it poppin. Stace's homie is gonna start them for me when I move to Florida. It will be so fab.
35) Stace said I'm gonna be a Florida girl now. WRONG!! I WILL ALWAYS BE A CAROLINA GIRL!! REPRESENT!!!
36) I like shredding. It's so satisfying to destroy things. Wait. I mean paper...
37) Is that allowed on television!?!!? I don't want to see your n.aked backside ever! Let alone at 2 in the afternoon!!! V.h1!!!! You're out of control!!
38) This chick just said the funnest. Stace says that to annoy me. It makes me want to kick her.
39) I like to kick... like a lot. I used to have the most amazing high kicks. I would kick my leg up next to the face of some 6 foot tall man and watch his eyes grow. Hilarity. You can keep poppin off if you wanna!
40) I don't like green or blue drinks. The former looks like liquefied grass. The latter looks like Windex. You can keep them both.
41) Diets annoy me. Don't tell me how to lose 10 lbs. in 10 days. I already know what I need to do to keep the weight off. Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, water, exercise. Do I do it? Maybe... But probably not. Whatev. That's why I work out. But don't try to get me to buy into your fad diet.
42) Did you see the wedding on the T.oday Show this morning? ADORABLE! I know it's tv but I was like, "Dang that was fast!" That's what I'm talkin about! Now if we can get my cousin down the aisle that quickly this fall, life will be great!! Lol.
43) Tomorrow night I'm asking my dad what I can take with me when I leave. How about all the pots and pans, the leather couch and recliner, the 52-inch tv, the 6-disc DVD changer and the crock pot? You good with lettin all that go, D?
44) My mom has requested I not call her M anymore. She said it doesn't make her feel all warm and fuzzy. THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M HERE FOR!! Ok fine. I should've known she wouldn't like it. She doesn't like nicknames. Ever. That didn't stop my dad, whose family is nickname CRAZY from giving us multiple ones. Two of mine were fashion bug (I was regulating their clothes from at least 7. I kid you not.) and ash patrol (I was also stalking them about have lotion on before leaving the house. When my parents separated I used to meet my dad at our front door with lotion.)
45) Project Runway starts again July 16th. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be stalking my television once again and I'm okay with that!!
46) When does the new season of Making the Band start? Ooh! The rumor is August 13th! That's just days before I go to UF! I will be stalking my friends' houses since M... oops MOMMY doesn't have cable.
47) Little-known Jameil fact: I call my mom Mommy. What in the bloody blue hazes? I don't know why I'm almost 26 years old and calling her that. But I'm thinking at this point I'll be 89 and still calling her Mommy! Insanity. I call her Mom when she's getting on my nerves. I was gonna call her M to get away from Mommy and she shut that down! I tried out Ma when I was 13 and she hated that, too. She calls her mom Mama so it doesn't fit to call her that, too. UGH!!
48) I need some good parties to pop off the 12 or so days I'm in the QC! I want to see some fly black folk before I head to the G! Let's make that happen! All y'all ready your resources!!
49) Speaking of parties. You are aware that my birthday is August 23rd, right!?!? I love that day! Did you know August 24th and December 26th are the worst days of the year? Yep. Biggest letdowns ever. Always boring and sucky and not my birthday or Christmas. Anyway, party in the G!! Or in O-town! Party over here!
50) And Labor Day? Party in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!! (And after that I'll start studying... I PROMISE!! School doesn't start until August 25th so I'm straight for the birthday. And we're off Labor Day.) But first... we gotta get UF TO SEND MY STUFF!!! *eye rolling*


Sparkling Red said...

32) Someone should tell that guy to do a podcast. I'd love to hear him go for it. There are way too many stuffy preachers out there. Bring on the laughs! It's good for opening the heart.

Zackory Kirk said...

LOL.. good insight into a fascinating woman..

spchrist said...

So, I haven't seen your blog in a minute and I come back and you drop this gem.

Excellent work.

glory said...

in my family we say "mommy" into our adulthood with no remorse...

Sandy C. said...

Labor day in Miami. Moving down to Gainesville. Definitely getting your Florida fill :)

Your birthday is within 1 week of my daughters!

jameil1922 said...

red... right?? i can't take a preacher who can't inject some humor into his sermons sometimes. i won't be listening.

zk... lol... thanks...

sp... umm... thanks. lol.

glory... that's what i'm talkin about!

sandy... gotta get it in! awww! yay! and we know how fab she is!!

Opinionated Diva said...

#27...I can't clear my schedule to come help until September. What? You'll be gone already? lol...hey I tried!

#32...that old preacher sounds hilarious!

#45...YAY for P.R.!!!

#47...There is nothing wrong with being completely grown and still referring to your mother as "mommy"!! Me and the sibs still do it. Unless I'm messing with my mommy, then I yell "Hey Grandma!"

August 23rd huh? SMH @ UF...I would have to black out on someone. It would accomplish nothing but it would make me feel better!

Sha Boogie said...

I am so dead @ 32..lol

and calling your mom 'M' -- stop the insanity! HA! I tried calling my mom Judy. It lasted for a short while. Until I sneak it in on here..tee hee..

Rashan Jamal said...

nann nunna nothing? LOL

LOL @ the preacher. I'm sure you are supplying the laugh track for him.

You gonna ride the mechanical bull at that bar on your birthday in the G?

This was the funnnest post. LOL

Desy said...

i had to do this over two days... but i'm dedicated...lol

will there be someone as Fabulous as PCD? I think not

Shouldn't Diddy (or Daddy... whatever the hell he's calling himself now) change the name of the show to Made the Band... I mean damn.... I am curious to know how touring went (especially with DAWN and Q)

Aint no party like an O town party....lol....

Adei von K said...

I bet this time in Miami will be FUNNER than last time!!!

and we're going to have the funnest time in the A (when we get there)!!

moms will always be 'mommy'. they love it, and its funny. have you heard my brother call out "mommy"???

let the giggles begin.

jameil1922 said...

diva... YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!! stop hatin! that preacher is HILARIOUS!!! j. vernon mcgee i found out his name is. pr rocks!!! well then, mommy it is! uf is abt to drive me to drink. aug. 23 is the truth!!

sha... hahahaha. he was hilarious! m def. would not be down for ellen. i tried that, too. she was not feelin that!

rj... nann nunna nothin! i was def. giving him the laugh track but he wasn't pausing! who told you abt the mechanical bull? is there a reason you're asking abt it? boooo to you for funnest. *side eye*

desy... it's obviously gonna take me more than 2 days. did we call him pcd? i thought it was pcs. prince christian the small. there's no way! but you can never imagine the fabulosity! lol. diddy is fab. can't wait to see dawn & q!!! so is that an invite to o-town??? you gonna show us around??

adei... over you.. so much. ralph better come out of the house!! that's all i know!!!! we will show the A what's what! i haven't heard him call her mommy. i bet its hilarious. hahahahaha.

So...Wise...Sista said...


That's all I got. :)