Goin' Gator

I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF TO DO!! And for some reason, I haven't gotten very much paperwork. Read: NOTHING! I got my acceptance letter and a packet that looked like information you would send to a prospective, not incoming student. None of it was stuff that needed to be signed or returned. There was a map and some other random stuff. Of course that made me SUPER wary. Like wait, what? I like lists. I need order and things I can check off. This is done, this is done, this is done. Thanks. Know what I mean? And I keep waiting for more and getting nothing. WHERE IS MY INFO! I NEED SOME LISTS!!! The type A controller in me is going a bit nuts.

And then there's the procrastinator in me who is like it'll all fall into place eventually. Oh this chick gets on my nerves. WE GOT STUFF TO DO!! NOW MOVE!! The baby sister is gone (she's only 19 months younger but it feels like a lot more most of the time) now. She left a little less than an hour ago. But first I put my fave hood chick and my fave current boy band on the iTunes! Ow! Oh yeah! She also packed up all my books for me. I have them separated into three boxes-- one box for the books I don't need to bring to Florida which includes the crappy chick lit I buy for plane rides (nothing serious for those things, please!!) and other books I don't necessarily love that can stay in Pittsburgh until my dad comes down or if I have room, can stay at my mom's house. Then there are two boxes for the spiritual books, speaking of spiritual, Red has an amazing testimony!, journalism and political books, black consciousness books, non-fiction and amusing books, but mostly stuff that makes me look smart!!! Hahahaha. Those are all going to Florida. My sister was like, "Stop lyin." What? They are actually books I own. Stop hatin cause I'm deep. "Hey, jealousy! How you doin girl?!"

She also did the typical college thing: steal stuff we won't notice until it's gone unless you happen to see it leaving. YOU GRADUATED!! STOP DOING THIS!!! I've been telling her for years if she asks, she can have it. When she just takes it, even if I don't want it anymore I'm stealing it back off GP. I can't help that I'm a thug. *snickering* I couldn't even get that out without collapsing into giggles. I should take a picture of my neighborhood entrance in the burbs where we grew up so you could even more fully understand the hilarity of that statement!! You should see my sister and I giving my mom the side eye when she says something about the 'hood. Really mom? The hood? Ok PK, never lived in the hood a day in your life! Cracking me up!! She doesn't get why I do this (again, I'm the thug, she's not). Her thing is why make a big deal if you don't care if I have it? GP, GUH!! STOP STEALIN PEOPLE'S STUFF!! I DON'T CARE IF IT'S FAMILY!! I can see some younger children defending her actions right now. Brats. I used to have so much fun calling her a brat because she'd get so mad. Good times, good times (read the section about Bill-- HILARIOUS!!!).

Son. How about we didn't go to the restaurant I wanted to go to last night. My sister looked at the menu and was like, "I don't like food like that." I CAN'T STAND UNADVENTUROUS EATERS!!!! DRIVES ME BANANAS!!! I didn't want her ruining the experience for me by turning up her nose (speaking of noses, last night my dad says to my sister, "How can you breathe out of that nose? It's so little." DEAD!!!) or making faces or picking at it (YOU'D PROBABLY LIKE IT IF YOU'D JUST TRY!!!) so I was like, no, we're going to Johnny's (for some reason it's called Johnny C.arino's here... hilarious. Have to make it palatable for the y.inzers huh?). It's actually really good. I had an Italian margarita-- LOVE THOSE!!, Italian chili, and eggplant Parmigiana which I'd never had before but loved. It's also preceded by some really good bread. It was all delightful but you know I was looking at them like you people... Whatev. I also refused to pop the bottle last night. Guess I'll just take it to the head by myself or me and D will drink it when we really celebrate Daddy Daughter night before I leave. Sigh. I've been saving this bottle for 3 months. I said I'd pop it when I found out I was getting my get out of steel (makes more sense than dodge in this case) card. That's alright. I LOVE delayed gratification. Do you know how great things can be when you build it up? All that "wantin and wantin and wantin, woo! Make ya head blow!" Name that movie! But seriously, if it's something good and worth waiting for, I LOVE a good build-up. I'm the queen of countdowns. Speaking of which-- 30 more days of work for the kid. 30! That's one month of days! Wheeeee! Then I'm bouncing from the burgh! Ow!

And now a confession... I don't like orange. Like at all. If you know anything about UF, you know this is a problem. I used to hate it. I've allowed it to be accepted in my life in small bits and pieces. Like some SMALL spots of orange in a tapestry. But just straight up orange? No. Elaina (the baby) likes my least favorite orange-- TRAFFIC CONE!! UGH!! HIDEOUS!!! It's one of her fave colors. She once had this satin, traffic cone orange bubble coat. FACE. I could never keep a straight one. It was always the ug mug when she wore it. Matter of fact, I think she still has it... So while my sister and I were shopping, I was trying to get myself orange acclimated since I'm apparently going to be surrounded by it only slightly less than if I went here-- I can't lie, that website made me visibly blanch right now. My sister was trying on clothes. She opened the dressing room door and caught me touching an orange shirt and looking at it disgustedly. She was like, "Stop looking at that shirt like that." Oops. Hahaha. So I've decided the way I will survive is to wear gray, white, black or blue shirts with splashes of orange. NO ORANGE SHIRTS! All of those, free or not, will go to the fam. I'm not even wearing a free orange shirt. Yes, I'm serious.

On an up note, it's mad hot there!!! I'm SO gettin my blue black (end of 2nd paragraph) on! It's gonna be so hot. I'll be like, "Hey... how you doin?" *insert sexy face* "Aren't I blue black? Don't you love it?" hahahaha

Side note: Listening to Day26 right now... ummm.... in love with this song!


La said...

Wait... they didn't send you info... so you can make lists... and control every tiny detail of this transition? I don't understand that. HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DEAL?!?!?!?


I am better.

Stealing is good for you. Keeps you on your toes. Goooo baby sis! lol

Chris said...

Yeah, like La, I'm wondering why didn't they give you a list to make sure you aren't in Gainesville stressing over something you needed beforehand? Oy Vey.

And you can always wear the blue Florida shirts with the green gator that have as minimal orange as possible. It's small enough to hold off your urge to cringe.

Open Grove Claudia said...

YES! How exciting to finally see things fall into place. Congratulations on all of your hard work. I just know it's all going to work out!

Vdizzle said...

Nutty Professor!!!

Now, do not EVER tell a UF person you don't like the orange. There are a few all blue shirts so you'll be fine.

AND GO TO SOME FOOTBALL GAMES!! At LSU grad students go priority when buying tix. See if they do there.

jameil1922 said...

la... THIS IS WHAT I'M SAYING!! I found some stuff out today just messing around on the site!!! KILLING ME! stalking my mailbox. today: NOTHING!! AND DON'T ENCOURAGE HER!!

chris... sigh. SIGH! and 2nd didn't i say that's what i was gonna wear? PAY ATTN!!

claud... aww! thanks! i just need more to fall into place!!

v... yay!! i'm a uf person and i will tell myself and anyone who wants to listen: I DON'T LIKE ORANGE!! of course i'll go to football games! i missed the season tix sign up by LITERALLY days. i could've screamed!! ugh.

Desy said...

*happy dance*

Congratulations Jameil...I am so excited for you... I know it will be nothing like my program, but I will still forewarn u that grad school is VERY intense... I'm sure you'll be amazing tho... and u'll be so close to Stace... that'll be great

i can't believe they didn't send you proper info... smh... UF needs to get it together and recognize who they are accepting and start getting their ish together in preparation...lol

Anonymous said...

Yinz!?!?!? Yinz?!?!?!?

*angry face*

I would be a little worried that they did not send you anything to sign. You better call up there.

Adei von K said...

damn. i guess i have to return that orange sweatshirt i got for you...

yeah, a big fan of the gray tees with colored college font.

your dad and my dad need to have a competition on who is more amusing!!! TIE!

Sha Boogie said...

Nutty Professor?? Yeah! I am semi-adventurous when it comes to my food, I've eaten fried gator' (yuck). So, I don't blame you for waiting! I am all about the lists, I called my new job today like, 'uh..don't you guys need me to come in to fill anything out??' lol

the joy said...

You said a lot in this post maam. They call it Johnny carinos down here too. Your dad is gonna move to Florida too? How odd. What made him move to Pitts in the first place? And I still contend that "good times" started on Saturday night live. Or that they shared writers.

Rashan Jamal said...

This was funny...

You gonna hold out on the bottle because things didn't go your way? Big Baby!

Although, I had just commented yesterday about unadventurous people.

Orange and Blue is the best!!! Savannah State University, New York Knicks... you better come on in. Embrace your inner orange. LOL

LOL @ Hey jealousy, how you doing, girl!?

Sandy C. said...

Girl, I feel your orange pain. UM colors are green and orange. I rocked the green to death!

jameil1922 said...

desy... thanks! i'm expecting intense. stace is overjoyed you see. I NEED STUFF NOW!! b/c YES it's ME they're accepting.

epsi... oh i love making fun of these folks! i will say it all day every day, YINZ!! you know better than to come over here tryin to run stuff. i have more than one call to make... probably more than 2. ugh.

adei... i can't stand you. don't take it back tho. burn it. i know how you feel abt them thangs. MY DADDY WINS!! PARENT WARS!!

sha... yes! i've had fried gator, too. i imagine i won't eat that again being a gator and all... i heard it's better not fried. it's a bit tough fried. dead @ calling the job like that. too funny.

joy... i know. i couldn't stop talking. that's how much stuff is in my head. it's killing me!! no he's not moving to FL! why would he?? he moved up here for work. newsradio & snl probably shared writers. some of the cast members were shared, why not the writers?

rj... well you know i'm here to amuse you. face. lol. i will absolutely hold out on the bottle. and you won't have any, either, you keep acting in that manner. NO ORANGE!! i'm just sayin. call jealousy when you see her in her green dress.

sandy... THANK YOU gator bait. lol.

Sparkling Red said...

I love the word "brat". It's precisely half insult, half compliment, at least how I read it.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

forget what you heard..day 26 is HOT!!!!!!! my jams!!!!!

X Factor said...

Don't they call it Johnny Carinos everywhere? That's the name of the chain- they have one in Hampton with the BEST chicken nachos.

jameil1922 said...

red... i love it, too! but i don't think it's a compliment most of the time! lol.

pcd... word!!

x... if you look at the website it says johnny nowhere.