Pop, pop!

We have new neighbors... I'm not exactly comfortable with them. I'm hearing pops right now that made me go upstairs and ask my dad what they were. He assumes firecrackers since it's near the 4th. Okay good. Because I don't know what gunshots sound like and I'd rather not find out when there's one lodged in my back.

My aunt is from Florida, the state, not the university, and she hooked me up with her friend's daughter who went to UF. She's giving me tips about churches and the MEXICAN restaurants in WALKING DISTANCE from campus. STOP. IT!!!! I did a happy dance off of both of those! LOVE IT! And the pastor's even on youtube so I can research him before I get to the G. That's what I'm talking about! These are the days that make me yell out, "I LOVE THE INTERNET!" Oh that interweb. Lol.

I made my requisite, and unanswered, call to UF for the day, then went to sleep at 12:30 this afternoon and didn't wake up until 10 when my alarm went off. I surely could've slept even longer w/o the alarm. Craziness. I got up, made a few phone calls, talked to my mom for a while (I let her off the hook at 32 minutes instead of the full hour (I really wish she would stop listening to Michael B.aisden. His show is such garbage.)), ironed a shirt I don't think I've worn in the 3 years since I've been here for precisely that reason. Though I like to iron, I don't do it very often. I don't wear a lot of clothes that require ironing because I like to get up 30 minutes before it's time to go, shower, throw something on and walk out the door. I like to sleep as long as possible. Low maintenance hair ROCKS!!

I found this crazy picture of me and my sister the day before my college graduation. I don't know why we were making faces. We have a tendency to do that when we're together and cameras are around. Hahahahaha.


Adei von K said...

ugh. mike baisden. the bane of my existence.

that pic is toooooo funny!

Sandy C. said...

Ugh, we're hearing "firecrackers" in the distance as well this week. I can't help but duck from the windows for some reason :(

Love those pouty faces ;)

magnoliapeach said...

I have had extensive research in gunology, due to the shots that I contiously hear around here and I still can't tell, so I stop, drop, and roll whenever the feeling strikes.

The faces are priceless!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm a need you to not look like some stole yo bike in that picture. LOL

Baisd.en sucks...

You love to iron? That's odd.

You know you love the interweb every day.

Vdizzle said...

Maybe one of the Mexican restaurant owners has a gorgeous brown son with an MBA about to take over for him.

And you and your sister look like you two are about to kill someone with your thoughts.

Opinionated Diva said...

Dressed in 30 minutes? I wish!!

That pic...were you two mad at the picture taker???

what happened to the rest of the list???

jameil1922 said...

adei... word! idk what we were doing!

sandy... see! that's what i'm sayin! don't encourage us! lol.

mp... not gunology! lol. stop drop and roll is so necessary! i was feelin around my torso for bullet holes JIC i didn't feel it from shock or whatever.

rj... stop hatin on the pic! mike is that garbage. ironing is fun! i do love the interweb!

v... heeeeeeeey hot mex chef! me and the baby are super hot.

diva... get up on that guh! didn't i say i don't know why we were makin those faces? next list installment at 5:04 pm.

1969 said...

I can't deal with Mr. Baisden. UGH.

What's with the pouty faces??

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i think people popping firecrackers are sooooooo rude! i mean, why not just tap dance on my headboard? you and your sister are twins...and both equally depressed (looking) in that pic...turn those frowns upside down!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u wild
and u and sis
look like yawl gone jack somebody lol

Sha Boogie said...

I know what that face is for..you realized that rotisserre chicken in the caf was actually pigeons, HAA!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Love the photo! What a great lip you have there. You give some real service to "she gave me some lip!" lol!

Oh.... hurray for your efforts. It's so hard, so very hard, to be in between. Hang in there!

I read this quote that really helps me. Joseph Campbell said, "If you can see the path clearly, it's not your path."

jameil1922 said...


1969... indeed!!

pcd... it just scared the crap outta me!!

sha... behave!!! lolol.

claud... lol. thanks... i guess. lol. SO HARD!! i'm trying!!!

Sparkling Red said...

Hurray for Mexican restaurants! (Taco Bell doesn't count.)