Hey Life! Yeah YOU, Life!!

You're boring me.

Like a lot.

I had the most boring day ever. I stacked my show (put the majority of the stories in there for the noon) and had most of it written by 10:30 this morning. That's even taking a 10 or so minute break. Boring, boring, boring. It's not that I want breaking news this week or next or the next. Lol. I just don't understand the point in getting there so incredibly early to put that show together. It's half an hour with 3 live shots. It doesn't take all that.

The point: I'm tired of going to bed in the middle of the day, waking up in the middle of the night, and doing little to nothing in between. I went to the gym today and saw a mildly cute guy but he seemed 22. Bah. There are these 3 guys who work there who take turns staring and/or orbiting me. You're getting on my nerves. Hello and good-bye. You say hello I say good-bye. At least it was less crowded than usual. Most of the morning crowd was gone. This woman said to me last time I went, "You're coming from work? I commend you for your dedication!" Lol. How sweet. I worked it out today so hopefully I'll have some of that good soreness tomorrow.

I'm currently the poster child for the young and the restless being that I am both.



Opinionated Diva said...


Awwwwww poor Chica! Maybe you need that guy La ran into to come and make it Juicy for YOU. LOL!

I'm mad at you for trying to auction me off with Rah for 38 cents!!! *side eye*

Opinionated Diva said...

PS: the three guys taking turns to stare at you...creepy!

Sparkling Red said...

I know those days, when you wake up and start your living and then you're like, wait a minute, I've seen this day before. This is a RERUN! I was promised "all new" in the listings! Who do I write to to complain?

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

the pitts.

life shouldn't be 'wash, rinse, repeat'. we need some lights, camera, ACTION 'round this piece!!

shani-o said...

LOL, oh Jam! Go... read a book, child.

La said...

LMFAO @ Diva! NOBODY needs that ma'am, lol

This is the story of my life right now. I feel like I am so wasting being 24 years old, lol

CNEL said...

What's wrong with 22? I'm just saying dang. Maybe he's ready for an upgrade.

I feel ya pain on that schedule though, but it could be that you're just good, and other folks need til 11:57 to get their house in order.

Desy said...

rofl!!! dang...it's like that?!?!... i can say that i've been there from time to time... i don't know which i prefer... the bored state or the super busy one... where is the balance... i mean really?!?! why can't there just be 'just right' days...sigh

Claudia said...

ARG!! I am sorry you are bored. I think boredom is deadly - absolutely deadly!

What new challenge could you add to your life?

Vdizzle said...

Staring, orbiting workers need to be screamed at one or two times.
That'll take care of that.

I'm with on the bored outta my mind feeling right now. Which is why I'm going bother La. Also I don't have to use my vacay time to go see the fam, so I need to make a big trip.

Rashan Jamal said...

Stop being bored right now!!!!

Now, wasn't that easy.

LOL @ hello-goodbye. Stop being so stuck up in the gym. LOL

Jocelyn said...

You totally are taking me back to my pre-sole-wage-earner for a family of four, kidless days...ah, my twenties. Damn, but I watched a lot of tv.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

oooooooh, your schedule sounds rough! well, hate to break it to you, but i don't feel for you...know why? cuz even tho you may feel bored now, you and stace have had (and i'm sure will continue to have) fabulous travel gatherings with great food, fun, dancing and the works...so you have to build up to those...this is a building time :-P

Sha Boogie said...

Nothing sucks monkey toes like being bored, but at least you have a life to be bored with...and who doesn't like sleeping in the middle of the day, I mean come on!..lol

jameil1922 said...

diva... he was short-esque remember? pretty sure he will do no good. act right and i'll remove you from auction. and the creeps? they shall be flogged.

red... EXACTLY!! I QUIT!! is what i wanna yell sometimes.

stace... exactly.

shani... i do that every single night. hasn't helped.

la... no they don't! and i'm wasting 25 after thoroughly ill-using up 24.

cnel... i'm abt to be 26. if i wanted a child i'd get married and make that happen. what does my ability have to do w/anything?

desy... pretty much. when i'm busy i know how to say yeah no i'm getting off this ride for a minute. when i'm bored esp. in pittsburgh there is no getting off this STUPID RIDE!!

claud. it's horrendous. re: deadly see next post. challenge? idk. that's a good one.

v... i'd rather not scream at people. i'm the one who ends up looking crazy and i have to go there several times a week. PLEASE TAKE ME!!!!

rj... was it easy? do you like comcast cuz it's fast sheep boy? i'll keep being stuck up. i think it's effective.

jocelyn... welcome... i watch probably 70hrs of tv a week. partly b/c i work in tv and i'm there 49 or so hrs/wk.

jameil1922 said...

pcd... i didn't expect you to feel for me. you're a pretty well-documented hater. our 2 fab travels to see each other make up for 3 years of banality? what exactly am i building?

sha... at least i have a life. i was contemplating sanctity of life vs. quality of life today. just like i did on the debate team in 10th grade. that was one of my fave topics. sleeping in the middle of the day is fun when it's not sandwiched between work. never any fun on the other of that sleep. which makes it just irritating.

DollFace said...

Well what are you going to do then?