My Sister's Here!!

Are you excited??  I am!  We get along really great for a few days!  Lol.  My sister just told me her ex-bf is moving to West Palm Beach!  Get ready Adei!  He'll have to party with us in the MIA for Labor Day.  My coworkers are so excited for me.  A few were upset because I didn't tell them first... SORRY!!  Their indignation got on my nerves until I realized they just wanted to share in my happy moment.  So sweet.

I also... joined facebook.  Jesus keep me near the cross.  Another interweb crack device.  I did it because that's how my line sister met people in her program at Syracuse before she went.  The previous 2 classes at the DI (Documentary Institute) @ UF had only 10 people so I imagine mine will only have that many as well.  Apparently it's a big deal to get into UF because it's very competitive.  Well then... glad to get in!  It was my second choice.  I didn't get into Berkeley.  After I didn't get in, though, I took a closer look at UF's program and I really like it.  I was a little gun shy mostly because the program is newer (I'll be the in 10th graduating class.)

It's the GRANT HILL episode of Living Single!!  Lol.  I used to be a HUGE Grant Hill fan.  All my friends used to call me every time this episode was on.  I'd turn to the channel and then SCREAM when Khadijah kissed my man!  Hahahaha!  So I've seen it at least 10xs.  Probably more.  Probably much more!!!

Alright.  That's the mini update.  I'm on my sister's mac.  I have to get one of these for school.  if you have some money ideas, I could certainly use those to pay for school... and this $1,800 computer!!


shani-o said...

Friend me!!!! lol

And maybe I'll sign on for the first time in weeks to accept you!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lol i must be a lame i dont have no face book page

Adei von K said...

facebook is AWESOME.

tell your dad this is the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast thing he'll ever have to pay for!! and tell him there's a college discount AND you get a ipod touch!

palm beach, b!tc#! PARTY @ the Beach!! lol

Sparkling Red said...

Everything is coming up roses in your world, lucky girl. :-) Long may it last.

jameil1922 said...

shani... you friend me!! lol. you're funny.

torr... or old.

adei... stop encouraging me. lmao @ laaast. i wonder... maybe i'll try that... you're so funny. he'll probably want the touch for himself so i won't tell him abt that part or i'll give him my nano. even tho it's engraved w/my name... PARTY TIME!!

red... awww! i was thinking abt your testimony again today and getting excited! :)

Sandy C. said...

Oooh, I have several Facebook friend addicts. Good luck with that ;) I've never been able to get hooked (I have too many other online vices).

MIA on Labor day? So jealous...

I used to love Living Single! That show cracked me up :)

Vdizzle said...

Facebook is my CRACK!! I'm searching for you to send a friend request!!

Opinionated Diva said...

lol @ you soliciting money ideas!

Can't be botherd with Facebook...the blog addiction takes up enough time.

Have fun with the baby sis!

the joy said...

Kadijah, I think I need ya! That was the most ig episode, lol. Grant hill has big ears. Is that why you got all defensive when I said tamia had that disease (I can't remember which I said but I was wrong)? Cuz you secretly wanted to be her? Lol.

Los Angelista said...

Have a great time with your sister. I know you all have some extra-extra celebrating to do this time around. Love Facebook. It is very addictive though.

magnoliapeach said...

Have fun with your sister!!

Oh, and if you want some extra money, I may be able to get in contact with Luke, I heard he is doing the Birthday Remix. Yes? No? Just trying to help a sistah out!!! LOL!

1969 said...

I am so proud of my friend. Did you finally watch TOP CHEF?

Sigh...I have a facebook page. Go ahead and friend me (under my real name :)

jameil1922 said...

sandy.... everyone i know is an addict. you have 9,000,343,000 net vices. LOVE MIA!!! crackin me up that you love living single! isn't it hilarious??

v... oh crack. like i need more!!!

diva... you and your addictions! thanks!

joy... so sweet, like a treat!! "i love you ears. they like love handles on your face." lolol. LOVE IT!!! i think you gave her a disease that made her mentally handicapped crazy!!! lol. i want to be no one but myself. he would've been mine if i met him first!!!

liz... thanks! CEEEELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! i don't need more addictions! but hopefully i can meet some UF folk. i need to figure something out... let me tap the baby for help.

mp... thx!!!!!! money MINUS a pole or the corner!!! act right!!

1969... yay! and yes! where you been girl?? everyone wants me to friend them! i need help! can y'all find me please!! instead of me finding 9600 of you??

Miss B said...

I have facebook too!!! I'm going to look you up...