Thursday 13: I'm Not Picky... I Just Know What I like

13 Strange Bizarre Complex Things About Me

1) I love ketchup but only Heinz. If Heinz, I can eat mounds and mounds of ketchup. 6 packs per container of fries. Yes, I counted. Delmonte is ok. If Hunt's or God forbid that super sweet, watery one with the S name. Ugh!!! I can't stand it. I can't remember what it is but if I ever saw it again it is IMMEDIATELY out the door. IMMEDIATELY.

2) I don't like white bread but wheat bread? All day.

3) I like tomatoes. But only if they're perfectly fresh. Not too ripe and not too underripe. Over or under results in me making the vomit face and not so gently ripping it out of my sandwich or burger and making a note to contact the purveyor of these "vegetables."

4) I like lettuce. But not those white outer leaves WENDY'S always seems to use. They're awful!!! Every single Wendy's I've been to around the country uses this lettuce. It must be the cheapest. I don't even like iceberg lettuce that much and they make me want to throw the baby (lettuce) out with the bath water!! Horrendous. To the point that I refuse lettuce at Wendy's. I eat lettuce at BK, McD's and sometimes Arby's (they're hit or miss) but Wendy's? Never.

5) I like onions but only when thoroughly mixed in my food. Like chili or inside the burger. Raw onions I will not eat especially in a ring. Disgusting. I can't walk around tasting my breath for the rest of the day. Nasty.

6) I like nuts but not in my food. Nuts must only be eaten solo. Nuts mixed in or on top of anything will be picked out. I will ABSOLUTELY pick out every single almond in my bowl when eating Honey Bunches of Oats w/Almonds when my dad buys it. I've told him but he doesn't remember always that I don't like nuts in my food. So I slowly pour so I can eliminate all slivers and pieces of almond. I pretty much like all nuts enough to eat a handful. But not in my food.

7) I don't really like Chinese food (because I used to eat it once a week. I'm sick of it). But I LOVE egg rolls.

8) I love cranberry juice. But only 100% juice. It can be mixed with raspberry or grape but nothing else. I can't stand blueberry or pomegranate. Shuddering now.

9) I LOVE salsa. But not the pureed kind. It needs to be a bit chunky and definitely a bit hot. If it's not hot it will sit in my refrigerator like the stone that the builders rejected... except it won't become the corner stone. I might throw it in some random dish with some jalepenos. So maybe it does become the corner stone... hmmm....

10) I love hair. I think it's so pretty. But my own annoys me to no end. I fantasize about taking a razor and shaving it at least once a week.

11) I love learning but I am annoyed by what you get at the "end" of it. A sheet of paper and a horrid ceremony.

12) I like dogs. But not those little yappy lap dogs. I want a REAL dog. Not a toy or a rat.

13) I like getting gifts but I like giving them, too. I know that makes it fun for everyone! And I'm okay with that! Yay for gifts!


inkognegro said...

Reading about how pic...errr particular you are makes me wish I had a baby Brother. Something about knowing all a woman's idiosyncrasies just makes life worth living.

Me? My wife keeps trying to give me eggs.


1. If it ain't Heinz, it aint Ketchup. It's Tomato Spread

2. White Bread is the Devil. Not only do I only eat Wheat bread, I now only eat 100% Wheat bread. That enriched stuff is just white bread colored brown.

3. White.Cranberry.Juice. The perfect beverage.

Los Angelista said...

You do like tomatoes, don't you! Ketchup, tomatoes, salsa! LOL! But too bad that unless you buy organic ketchup, you're just eating tomatoes and high fructose corn syrup. :(

Opinionated Diva said...

1) I will only eat Heinz ketchup...that other stuff will make me gag.

2) I like white bread, but go out of my way NOT to eat it. There's so many healthier and tastier choices.

6) LOL - you are a nut!

10) Are you still getting locks?

12) As a kid, we had so many different dogs and cats and fish and hamsters and frogs. As an adult...I do not do pets...at all.

13) I love buying gifts for people too.

dejanae said...

love cranberry juice too
used to eat white bread all the time
then got to eating whole wheat
now things just aint the same

jameil1922 said...

ink... lol. i LOVE eggs. not tomato spread. white bread is nasty. i check the fiber content. has to have at least 2g of fiber per slice to have any sort of healthful properties. i'm ok w/white cran. i used to love it.

liz... i'm very very tomato picky. organic ketchup huh? that's gotta be like $8/bottle.

diva... right!? white bread is so flavorless to me. i've never liked it. why i gotta be a nut?? lol. i need to call back to resked my appt. stupid crazy work sked. that's a lot of pets!! i'm pet picky. maybe the gift-giving is a virgo thing. are we known for being generous?

dej... white bread is so gross to me.

La said...

LOL! That was my reason for getting Honey. Because she was big. I wanted a dog, not a dish towel.

I'm the same way with salsa! OMG homemade (I make my own) salsa or queso with flour tortilla chips? LOVE.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

aint nothing wrong with that
me a pepper freak

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i am equally picky about tomatoes...especially the musy seeds in the middle-BLEH!

who eats white bread these days?

egg rolls are so yummy, but all are not created equally

i HATE nuts on food, especially desserty things! i'm not a fan of nuts in any forum tho

Sparkling Red said...

I'm with you on the inappropriate use of lettuce. One place I buy lunch sometimes puts the chopped up CORE of the lettuce into their salad. It's a big, heavy chunk that tastes bad and is impossible to chew. (I did try it - I figured it was in the salad so I was supposed to eat it? But no, it's just ugly filler.)

Sarah said...

just stopping by to say i love ur blog

I decided to not be a lurker today. =]

Opinionated Diva said...

Reschedule...no more thoughts of you pulling a britney!

EVERY Virgo I know is generous...or maybe that's just with me...because I'm every one's favorite LOL!

Epsilonicus said...

I feel the exact same way about nuts!! I cannot eat them in food.

Vdizzle said...

No Chinese anymore? Man, I ate once a week all through high school and college and still LOVE it.

I'm a Chinese food snob.

Rashan Jamal said...

Its funny how 9 of these things are about food and beverage.

I'm not a very picky eater. I'm good with anything..except that dreaded canteloupe and canteloupe like melons. Can't even have them in the refrigerator.

White bread is for 4 year olds with pb&j

jameil1922 said...

la... ha! dish towel! small dogs slay me! what is your purpose small thing?? um... you are required to come make that salsa YESTERDAY. GO!

torr... ok pepper freak.

pcd... tomatoes are sooo hit or miss. believe it or not, there are non-foodies who still eat white bread. oh egg rolls. very nut picky am i.


sarah... aww! thanks! and welcome!

diva... come on! just a lil brit?? a baby brit? a mohawk? or a 1/2 head shave? hm! i guess we're just sweet babies.

epsi... there ya go!

v... pass on the chinese. where you been? i've said this a million times.

rj... i started to make them all abt food/beverage. you're funny w/the canteloupe. my 5 yos will have no white bread. i don't eat it, neither will you kid, unless its a veggie/fruit you like, then eat away.

Sha Boogie said...

You are so fantastically hilarious! I am so dead @ you picking nuts out of cereal, and pouring slowly to do it!

Sandy C. said...

Minus the ketchup, Chinese food and tomato thing, we are SO ALIKE!!! I cannot reiterate enough- nuts do not belong in food!

LOVED reading your list :) Sorry so late.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Sorry I missed you yesterday - my head was in a project almost all day. I know... I suck....

Have you had a home grown tomato? They are soooo good - so much better than in the store. mmmmmmm

It's fun to learn more about you!

jameil1922 said...

sha... thanks chica! i do the extra slow pour, too. a few tablespoons at a time. it's kind of soothing to pick the nuts out. nice brainless activity.

sandy... lol. no they don't! glad you like chinese food. people always call me a sellout to my (southern) heritage b/c i don't like greens or iced tea. there's something else... whatever. haters!

claud... it's ok! my mom grew tomatoes one year back when i NEVER ate them so... yeah... hmm... glad you like learning about me! :)