Thursday 13: Things I WON'T Miss About Pittsburgh

1) "I'M TRYING TO SAVE LIVES HERE!!"* The news "emergencies." Trust and believe whatever you're doing that has to go on the air RIGHT NOW is not going to save any lives. It's true. It's not brain surgery.

2) Being in the booth for hours and hours and hours for one show. I'm gonna have to pass on that one forever. I don't ever want to sit in a box-sized room watching the same show for 5 hours again in life. Like no for real EVER. I might pay people to make sure that doesn't happen again.

3) 11-hour weekend workdays. Yeah. Again. Straight on that ever. Though I can see myself working on docs for far longer than that and not caring because I love it. Very different.

4) Never-ending parkway east closures. KILL ME NOW PLEASE!! These closures are nightmarish, hideous and horrendous. They shut down THE ENTIRE ROADWAY in one direction forcing massive delays and ridiculous detours. EVERY. WEEKEND!!! AAAAHHHH!! I can't even begin to describe how overjoyed I am to not have to deal with that again. Seriously I need to know who shuts down an entire highway for a weekend?!?!?!?!?! WHO DOES THIS??? Hate.

5) Bad directions. I am well-aware that most of the people who live in Pittsburgh are from there. This does not excuse every request for directions ending with something like, "You know where the old post office is?" Is that a joke? Don't you think if I knew where the old post office was I would know how to get to my destination without requesting your poor excuse for assistance? Man alive.

6) Missing events because they happen in the ratings period. SAYONARA TO THAT!!! Fab.

7) Sleeping during the day because I have to because I work overnights. Peace.

8) Gym stalkers. Gone 'head and search that on the blog.

9) Lack of young professional blacks. Peace to that too!! I'm not under any illusions that there will be professional blacks in Gainesville but at least I'm OUT of the burgh where the blacks seem beaten, downtrodden and defeated. Sorry if that offends you.

10) Steelers coverage. Let me tell you what I don't need ever again. Breaking news about a kicker's injury. Except Gainesville probably won't be much different judging by the most popular stories on their newspaper's website-- all UF, all the time. It's crazy. But at least I won't have anything to do with that. SCORE!!

11) No proximity to my friends. This was TORTURE!! Now I'll have multiple homies within a 5 hour drive. PARTY OVER HERE!!!

12) COLD WEATHER, SNOW and... ugly sweaters. Hopefully the warm weather will deter this. One can only hope...

13) I know you've heard me talk about this for ever and ever! So this one is reader's choice. What will I not miss about Pittsburgh that I left off the list...?

*Copyright Joy 2008. HILARITY!!*


Monie said...

Holy smokes, will I be the first to comment????

Monie said...


Anyway, J, I'm all caught up.

Let me just say there were a couple posts where I felt like you were completely insane but I still loved it. The play by play of last season's PR? Beautiful. You really made me remember some hilarious episodes.

Congrats on grad school. That's awesome.

Um...ooh, maybe I missed it but did you have no comment about Tim Gunn saying "Holla at ya boy". Wow!!!!

Ok, blog roll add. My eyes need time to rest.

dejanae said...


Open Grove Claudia said...

YES. I will miss all your snarky comments but am sure there will be some snark in your new life!

Congratulations on making real change, taking real risks! YAY!

Anonymous said...


I got it.

The men.

You wont miss the men.