A Change Is Gon Come

Oh yes, I brought out the negro spiritual-esque legendary Sam Cooke song for this one. The whole point of yesterday's ramblings was to say when I leave Pittsburgh and this computer I'm going to be making some changes. The project runway distracted me! As usual... but my dad and I watched it together and critiqued all the clothes. Very funny.

But the point is I'll have to create some new favorites. That means some people will be getting edited off of the list of must reads. I need some new people to read. Non-celeb gossip. I'm really not looking for political stuff either. I mostly like people who talk about their lives. Let me get my nosy, voyeur on. I also added a new section of the blog of the news articles that have caught my eye. I'm looking for a new background. The current one is a temporary change. I wanted something brighter, but not stark white. I played around with the look for a while until I came with something I could live with for a few days. I like Shani's templates but I've not yet found one I really like.

Crackbook is weird to me. It's like Mycrack but different. More elitist. I still don't understand the friend collectors, though. What is the point in asking me to be your friend and we've never spoken in person? Quite odd. And I don't get it. I did find some people I haven't seen or talked to in years who I went to elementary school with. AND remember my old friend I reconnected with a couple of months back? We're gonna do dinner next week. I'm so excited!! Yay!! We haven't seen each other in probably 5 years. I don't think I saw him that year I was living in Charlotte. And I definitely haven't seen him since I was in Pittsburgh and he was in Namibia. So anywhere from 3-5. The Facecrack pictures of him and all the other people I knew back in middle and high school (including my roommate in Europe!! so cool!!) are so amazing! Some people look so different I wouldn't recognize them on the street even after seeing their pictures. Lol. Others look exactly the same and are married and have children. It's so surreal. Does this make us grown-ups? Scary. But change is good.


1969 said...

You better not delete me when you move. I got friends in Florida. Ahem.

Runway....we must discuss.

Jazzy said...

OMG...I clicked the link about the shorts on men. *SIDE EYE* What the heck were the stylists thinking in the first two pics. And dude in the second pic looks like ASHY LARRY!!! Just SMH!

I'm with you on preferring to read about folks lives...it feeds my inner nosiness. Unless they're ALWAYS complaining about stuff, then I just aint able.

Change is definitely good...and necessary in my book.

Jazzy said...

On PR...pricesless moment. Time Gunn saying, "Holla atcha boi!" TOO FUNNY!!! lol

Sparkling Red said...

It's a revolution of fabulosity! I like your new look. White on black was hard to read. This mellow off-white is classy and legible.

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm totally a voyeur when it comes to blogging. But not in a tell all your bedroom stuff way. Some stuff I don't need to know about you.

I went looking for new bloggers awhile back and just gave up. Either people didn't post enough or they were just uninteresting. Good luck with that one!

I thought about crackbook, but quickly realized I dont want anymore people from my past finding me. LOL

Open Grove Claudia said...

I'll be soooooo sad if you stop reading me. I promise never to gossip about celebrities! What if I just gossip about you!?! ;)

I do love that song - it's on my all time favorites.

Jameil said...

1969... lol. you're not in danger. on PR: let's!

diva... i know! horridnessocity! omg the complainers!! i ain't able either!! change is so necessary. and holla @ ya boy was crackin me up!!! when he said it matter of factly as he walked out the door i was on the floor!!

red... lol. thanks. you're the 2nd person to talk abt the white on black... i don't get it but ok. glad you like it.

rj... you? voyeur? w/blogging? never would've guessed... i just know there've gotta be some more good bloggers out there!! yeah as much as you resurrect crazies, you should stay away from crackbook.

claud... you are also not endanger. anyone i read regularly is safe and who comes over here regularly also safe! lol. that song is great!!

Adei von K said...

Soooooooooo the fan of the 'book over the 'space!

Shani's template is the ish.