We're down to my final hours in Pittsburgh. And by the time most of you read this I will be gone. YAY! As you know, it's a bit bittersweet, but it's been real kids. It's time to go. Life is full of seasons. It was a bit weird saying goodbye to my coworkers because most of them are from this area. I was given this odd look when I said I had no intentions of moving back (I'M NOT FROM HERE!! WHY WOULD I????) and that I was leaving in the first place. I know Pittsburgh is an insular city and people here are often in their own little worlds, believing this is the best city in the world and why would anyone want to leave but it still made me give them the raised eyebrow, head tilt and slightly audible sigh. It's quite alright. Someone asked me if I was coming back for something next month. Dear hearts. I cannot presently imagine why I would be coming back to Pittsburgh in the near future even for a visit. And no, that is not a request for a reason. There will come a time, I'm sure, but I will be quite alright if that's years away.

Now I'm going to get back on my packing grind after spending all day on the phone. I was able to pack and talk and get other things done but I need to have a singular focus right now. You know how when you're moving you feel like you're never going to be done? Yeah... that's exactly how I feel right now. And I'm not looking forward to moving into my mom's house which is packed with her stuff, my stuff and my sister's stuff from the last 28, 26 and 24 years, respectively. Not quite 26 years for me but in 20 days!! August 23rd baby!

Oh yes and I'm pretty sure I need these shoes in a 7.5 narrow. Lol. I know I'm short, but I love flats!!

I also need Tye Tribbett's latest. And his first since that was stolen. And the first two 112 albums, also stolen. I need this Spike Lee box set. HOT! And how about NewsRadio? That show CRACKS ME UP!! You want something not media-related? How about paying off my car? Or paying for my insurance every month? Ooh! Or paying my rent. Still never found that benefactor. Lololol. And if you'd like to buy my computer, who am I to stop you? Discuss amongst yourselves... hahahahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

She made it out.

Well done.

As one of the MILLIONS of Ex-Pittsburghers who love the city fondly from a distance, allow me to attempt to explain why people think Pittsburgh is the most wonderful place on earth.


I will never forget a conversation i overheard between two Black Yinzers in the Shakespeare Giant Eagle (this was back when it was still in East Liberty and Shadyside hadn't conquered it)

A: when was the last time you saw my cousin?

B: Sheeit. I aint seen him in 12 yrs....he moved all the way to da Norside. You know I dont go over there for nothing.

(for the benefit of the unPittsburghed....the estimated driving time from the East Side to the North Side is about 25 minutes)


shani-o said...

I'm seriously happy for you. I remember reading this blog last year or the year before (back when it was Mindspace, lol), when you were just NOT. FEELING. IT. And now you're gone.

Amazing. Thanks for bringing us on the journey with you. Can't wait to see what school holds for you.


Desy said...

yeh for moving day! i love change (because i so rarely do it)... 12.5 hours?!?!? now that's what i call a record... *standing o*...

so when r u heading down to Gainsville?

p_nami said...

Those shoes are hot! And your personality is big enough for you pull off wearing flats.

Hope you have a safe trip!

Southerner in Suomi said...

If you think they are stupid for wanting to stay in Pittsburgh. Think about all these losers down here who want to spend their whole life in damn Lake Charles, La.

Really? *face*

Jazzy said...

wow...you're out huh?

talk about change...it will be so weird not hearing you complain about leaving The Pitts...weird hearing you NOT complain about your craptastic work schedule or the eye stalking dude at your gym. i'm looking forward to hearing the new stuff though...whatever it is, i'm sure you'll make it interesting!

Rashan Jamal said...

Well, by now you've made it home. But quit fronting, you know you totally cried when you left Pittsburgh!

New phase in life starts now! It's an exciting time!

What's up with the random gift solicitations? LOL

magnoliapeach said...

This must be so exciting for you, love it!!!! Can't wait to hear about all your new adventures.

Oh, and consider the gift blog stolen, that is all.

Sparkling Red said...

Time sure does fly. This day always seemed so far off. Happy trails! I'll look forward to hearing the next chapter.

Adei von K said...

do you really like those shoes?? so... glittery.

OMG, I can't believe you're gone!! How awesome is that?

Liz Dwyer said...

Congrats on getting it all packed up and out. Even though I've enjoyed living vicariously in Pittsburg through you, somehow I think life in Gainesville is gonna be so much better and more interesting. Safe travels!

Ms.Honey said...

When you find that benefactor let me know if he has a twin :)

Man packing sucks....unpacking is even worse lol

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

nice shoes, i had a goood time in Pitt last time i was there

Momisodes said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly :) So excited for you.

p.s. LOVE those flats

Unknown said...

have a safe trip!!!

btw cute shoes!!