Mindspacing Vol. 7

Pretty sure there are way more than that but it's the 7th post I could find which specifically mentioned mindspacing i.e. flying through my mind rapid fire just grabbing everything there.

* Still didn't hear back on that apartment with the hardwood floor. Pretty sure I need it and will be stalking the rental company.
* Errands to run tomorrow include: picking up altered pants and dry cleaning, buying last minute packing stuff and buying something (but what???) to bring with me to my co-worker's burger night tomorrow.
* Watching Project Runway "The 5th Season of Fabulous" as Heidi christened it. YAY! The latest ep. doesn't come on until 7. The guy who got cut first is delusional. You do not make beautiful clothes. You make ax murderer chic. Pretty sure there's not a market for that. "A pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic park???" TIM!! LOL.
* My co-worker bought me a giant cookie for my going away. I hacked away at it indiscriminately today taking care not to eat any of the frosting flowers. You know how I feel about frosting. It's synonymous with cake. Ew.
* Stop referring to yourself in 3rd person, Suede. It's annoying. And dumb. (PR again) Shhh to all of you curling your tongue to call me a hypocrite.
* Tonight I don't have to work and get to talk to Rashan for hours and hours and hours! Yay!!
* If my dad doesn't have a date tonight I think we'll have our last daddy daughter day. Pretty sure I can also get him to cancel his date to hang out with me since he calls them, direct quote, "The date from hell." That's his "girlfriend" of about 5 years who has 2 young children-- 6 and 8. Don't get me started on that. And no, they're not his kids! Lol. He wasn't in Pittsburgh then.
* He bought a case of Yuengling. But after drinking the last two days in celebration, I'm good on additional alcohol.
* Tired of this whiny weird garbage bag woman which means at least 3 more episodes of her and her awful voice. Great. (PR)
* I need to work out. Pretty sure I can get my dad to go to the park with me tomorrow. That works because I need to recycle my old InStyle mags. I'm not carting them across the country. Mad sad right? I know.
* I want one of those Mood bags from Project Runway. Pretty sure I need this mug for my birthday (22 DAYS!! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE COUNTDOWNS!!) even though I don't drink coffee or its by products (which my (FORMER!!) coworkers consider a miracle as I work(ed!!!) overnights). I still like mugs SOMETIMES.
* I also want this long-sleeved Gator tee! Ooh and this tank top! But this is hideous!! People. You don't need a gator on everything. I'm on the fence with the pink line... I need to see it on me. I'm not big on logos from companies on my clothes.
* Tim Gunn used the phrase "hot mess" as a descriptor. Somewhere PCS is celebrating!!
* I need to pack my face off! But I haven't today at all. I just haven't felt like it. I could've probably been done but ehhh that's no fun!
* Team Ugly Brown fabric = hilarity! Love the phrase from one of the designers. We're watching PR together and D said, "It just jumps out at you and scares you." Hahahahahaha. We're discussing all the outfits. Fab.
* My dad's ringer is the loudest possible. Turns out he has no date tonight and is already on beer number 2. I think I'm gonna order pizza and wings. It's our old standby. Pizza and wings ordered.
* My pointer finger is itching.
* I know I should be washing clothes... I should do that now... yeah? Yeah. Especially the things that need to hang to dry...
* 48 hours from now I will be in CHARLOTTE!! And I should have my new computer!!
* Why did I spend $449 at the car shop? Stupid brakes and rotors. At least I had the money.
* I know a few other things I want for my birthday but I don't feel like linking to it right now. I think I need another nap.


Rashan Jamal said...

I need you to get that apartment. Wanna me to call some people to give you stalking lessons? LOL

Rashan thinks that 3rd person is dumb unless Rashan is talking about Rashan in which case Rashan thinks it's awesome much like Rashan!

I hate the phrase "hot mess." You already know that, but I just felt like reiterating. LOL

Its not a pointer finger, its an index finger.

What are you getting me for your birthday? LOL

Open Grove Claudia said...

So am I within the bounds to say what a cutie that guy is? (I put him down twice!) But it's an index finger.

First, thank you for the dark type on white. So much easier to read. It makes me very happy. I had to read your blog on Google Reader then come over... the things I do.

I am very excited for you - as you know. I hope you take my blessings on your journey from moment to moment.

the joy said...

Lessee... If I counted right, you have the same b day as my marine bro! Yay!
Wait til you hear Tim say "holla at ya boy." hilarity!
How do you hack at something yet take care at the same?

dreamyj said...

lol, love the randomness! so much to do, so little time! let's get to it!

p_nami said...

Hey Jameil!

Girl...I'm scared! 449?! I think I need new ones too!

I cannot stand that garbage bag lady from PR! And I did not like that dress made by Suede. But whatever.

Jameil said...

rj... i'm thinking maybe i don't need that apartment. like this may portend future problems getting prompt responses from them. nah mean? on 3rd person: eye roll... and HOT MESS!!! hahahahaha. pointer finger in your face. i'm getting you the same thing i got you for my bday last year but in green. i know you like green.

claud... which guy? what is it w/you and rah w/index finger? why is that important and what's the difference? why was the white and dark hard to read? yay journey!!

joy... aug 23rd?? tim saying that was hilarity!!!! you are right!! careful hacking no? lol.

dreamy... yay!! hahahaha. girl don't remind me!

doll... hey! yeah don't go to the dealership. rip off city. they are getting the side eye. garbage bag is wack and suede's dress was not at all cute. i didn't understand ep. 3 winner, either. i thought the girl who almost went home last week who had the black separates w/pleats that looked like a dress should've won.

Adei von K said...

"A pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic park???" is THE BEST quote so far!!

The long sleeve tee looks like you're on the Cycling team.

The tank top is straight

That purse is the SECOND ugliest thing I've ever seen in my whole life. I saw some shoes at CJPenny... *shudder*