Documentary Diet

As you would imagine, our professors say we need to watch as many documentaries as possible.  That means I've put myself on a documentary diet.  I have to watch at least 10 documentaries each week which I can check out in my department.  I will also record my thoughts and feelings about the craft displayed in each.  This includes student and professional documentaries.  Can't wait.  So far this week I've watched 6.  I checked out 2 more today and will get 2 more tomorrow.  

My faves so far are St.reet Fight about Newark mayor Co.ry Booker's first mayoral run mostly because I was so OUTRAGED by the blatant illegality and lies from the then incumbent.  I didn't like the narration in it at all.  I liked Gir.l Hoo.d because it was about two violent juvenile offenders and their efforts to turn their lives around.  It was a really compelling story.  I checked out "S.icko" though I'm not the biggest M.oore fan.  It's one of those films everyone asks if you've seen so I'd like to be able to say yes.  I also got C.razy Love which I'm sure Rashan would approve of since it's about the crazy psychological issues of this couple.  No, that's not saying anything about our relationship... hahahahaha but more about his obsession with psychos.

I'm also on a mission to get all my reading done this weekend while we're off.  I'm really excited about my books.  They're engaging.  The documentary students all went out last night for dinner/drinks.  It was cool getting to pic the brains of the 2nd years and hear about the progress on their thesis films.  I also got to put some faces and names together and hear about the cohesion in their class and get to know some of my classmates better as well so that was cool.  I will also be reading about 3 newspapers each day.  Unfortunately the internet is not cooperating anymore at my house.  But it forces me to go to campus to get my videos.  I also don't have a tv because I thought I could live without one... except it's kind of lonely!  Who knew.  Anyway still working on figuring out my schedule and trying to get a job.  I'm about to stalk this woman who is the gatekeeper for the job I want.  I hope she is prepared.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

those docs sound interesting. i wonder if i could get my hands on them...oh,


1969 said...

No TV? No Project Runway? This is a travesty that must be rectified IMMEDIATELY.

Adei von K said...

10 docs a week!?! WHOA! I guess you don't need a TV; take your mind off of a screen for a few minutes!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Lol. Stalk away dearie.

Also, see if UF has free papers in front of the libraries. At LSU, the three main libraries had a huge spread: school paper, city paper, largest city in Fla. paper and NYTimes.

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm not obsessed with psychos...psychos are obsessed with me. Oh you probably are talking about my love of serial killer tv shows and movies. LOL

Sic.ko was good. Definitely was slanted, but made me want to move to Canada and Europe. Get on your doc grind, Jam!

Momisodes said...

No TV?!?! Whoa!
I traveled down that road while single once. It worked out well. It's amazing how much more quiet things are without one in the house :)

I haven't seen S.icko either.

Sounds like you're really getting your feet wet!

Jazzy said...

I'm with PCD...I'd like to see those docs too...especially the one about the Newark Mayor. Might see if I can download...err...get these from my connect over the weekend. Tee he!

I can't wait to see the documentary YOU create.

Living without TV...so sad. Not so bad if you have an internet connection though.

lmao @ that last paragraph...get it girl!

CNEL said...

Hooray for a doc diet. I wish I could.

Remember to check out Stanley Nelson I've seen a few of his works, and I liked "A Place of Our Own" about blacks on Martha's Vineyard and he also did one on Emmett Till.

Hooray for the job. I hope you get it.

As for no T.V. I don't know if I could do it, though since working I've watched less T.V. than I did in college. I watch the most when I'm at Eps's apartment haha. I guess I could do with just a few staples.

dreamyj said...

lol, sounds like you are settling in. get that job girl! i wish i could work! i don't know about watching 10 documentaries a week, but I respect your craft girl, get it!