Me & Wills

This is the weirdest parallel with a person I don't know. It's the story of me and Prince William. (I have a secret obsession with royals. I don't need celeb gossip-type info on them if they're alive. That bores me. I like the dead ones most of all but royalty fascinates me.) My mom pointed out the similarity to me & I've kept it going. Here's why me & Wills are basically twins.

1981: Parents marry (his with a bit more fanfare)
1982: BIRTH YEAR!!!! The world rejoiced at both of our births.
1984: Younger sibling born
2011: Married a hottie
2013: Expecting first child with said hottie

Our parents also divorced in the late 90s but thankfully our unhappy dates don't match. Let's live a good long time, shan't we, Wills? And two more children, yes? Great! Let's do twins next time! I'm also running my first marathon next year. Allow me to inspire you.


gradydoctor said...

Okay. This is hilarious. Hope you and the anonymous-gender baby are doing well!

Sparkling Red said...

That's crazy! My younger bubbe styles her hair like the queen of England, but otherwise I can't claim any connection to royalty. Although I am old enough to remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding on TV the day that it actually happened.

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Unknown said...


Just stopping by to see how the family and the baby to be were doing. Still curious as whether the baby was a boy or a girl buttttttttt I think HE is the correct term. so........ :)

Unknown said...

You really have a wide imagination…funny though! So are you also a good looking man like Prince William? Just curious. Anyways, have a good family life. Will be expecting from you soon. Congratulations!
Greetings from a webmaster

All Over said...

You're creepy.