Our Wedding

At my bridal shower cracking up
I was nothing but a ball of excitement the day before [spinning around the house, getting my nails and toes done, answering 6/14 questions about Rashan incorrectly LOLOL (Newlywed game-type stuff i.e. fave song, fave food), asking my mom if I could get married Thursday instead of Friday].  Also, our moms met Thursday and they got to see how much Rashan's mom & grandma love me!  It was so cute. :)

Our wedding was AWESOME!  Yes, I was slightly irritated by the fact that some of the 7/100 details I cared about didn't happen (or when after Rashan & I walked out for a moment alone, I looked around and said "Who left a bottle of water next to the flowers!?" and Rashan said, "That's mine." What?? LOLOL) but overall, I LOVED OUR DAY!!!! 

 Rashan came to see me when he got into town Thursday and it was AWESOME!!  I was so excited to see him!  Actually it was 12:02 a.m. on Friday.  I had to kick him out after an hour and a half because I was so sleepy and there was still plenty of stuff to do!! Friday morning I was awakened four hours after I went to sleep by my mom's grass man CUTTING THE GRASS AT 6:45 AM!!!!  I WAS HOT!!!  What fresh heck?  There is absolutely NO reason to cut the grass on the day of my wedding or at that time EVER!!  Stace and I woke up and started our daily trash talk and stayed awake.  I had breakfast courtesy of mom (bacon, eggs, cheese grits & toast) and decided I wanted to be a bridezilla for the first and only time.  But it's not in my nature so it didn't work.  Bummer.

Stace was AWESOME!!! There was a point during the pre-wedding detail questions that I was able to say, " I don't care, make an executive decision" and know that she would do exactly what I needed her to and that she would make it amazing!  She helped decide the altar arrangements and did all the flower arranging. 
 One of the altar arrangements
My bouquet
I was fine getting my (awesome) make-up done by my new sister-in-law.  She said most people want minimal wedding day makeup.  I said, I want a dramatic eye and she got excited like all make-up people do.  LOL.  

My eyes matched my earrings and everyone was so excited!  It looked AWESOME!!  I was wincing getting my hair done.  My sister shoved every manner of pin directly into my scalp.  My photographer made me take that shot of the dress on the hanger before I put it on.  I never understand that shot.  But he had me take a bunch of shots I didn't understand at the time and then afterward, either everyone else or I was like, OMG that's AWESOME!!  This post is a mix of his pics, mine, and pics Stace, my dad, sister or Rashan took.

Then I put my dress on.  I was okay when they got it on, especially after no one could get the buttons buttoned.  LOL  It took Rashan a good five minutes after the wedding.  I was like, "Can I get a magazine or something?"  LOLOLOL 
Anyway, back to before, everyone was running around, then when I put my veil on and I was standing in my dress (for a good 40 minutes before), everyone just stopped and stared.  It was like the room stopped.  And I was still okay for about 5 minutes.  Then I started thinking about what was happening and I looked at my sister and we both started crying.  LOL 

Everyone staring at me like it was the most amazing thing ever was making me feel like I was gonna cry so I yelled, "Stop staring at me!"  They all made up things to do.  LOL.  Except then my SIL kept staring at me going, "Awwwww!"  Ma'am!  I'm trying NOT to cry. Thaaaanks!

My mom was running around trying to organize and host.  At one point I was like tell her to come in here and let somebody else do that.  I think she enjoyed herself, though.  She didn't cry which shocked us all but she said we cried enough for everybody.  LOLOL  Also did I mention we had a photographer (who did an AMAZING job!!) & a videographer & our videographer had 3 cameras set up?  AWESOME!!  I LOVE THAT OUR WEDDING WAS A THREE-CAMERA SHOOT!!!!  FILMMAKER IN THE HOUSE!!!

When my dad walked into the room before he walked me down the aisle, I was like, OMG!  I almost lost it again.  Then he said something ridiculous and I started laughing. 

There was a kids camp going on at the church so there were random adults walking around telling me I looked great.  One girl also said, "I'm jealous."  Ma'am... not the time.  So ridiculous!  I felt very conspicuous walking around like that.  (Also, afterward the kids were in the family life center as I walked through and a little girl did a double take at me.  It was SO CUTE!!!) 
 We walked up to the church, dad & his girls, Elaina (my sister), fluffed my train right before I walked in to John Coltrane's "In A Sentimental Mood." 
WE LOVE THAT SONG!!  If we'd had a first dance, it would've been to that!  I boohooed the whole way down the aisle.  When my dad & I got to the end, Rashan was wiping his eyes and I was reaching for tissues from my dad.
Rashan's sister did a reading from the Old Testament (Genesis 2 on the creation of Eve).  Then my sister did the New Testament (John on love) reading.  My sister is apparently a crybaby. 
"I looked at you and you looked beautiful & I know you love each other and I was inspired.  I probably would've been okay if I hadn't looked at you."  Then she said she started talking to herself, "Okay get it together because I make fun of people like you."  HAHAHA!!  As do I!  Then she said, "I read 'God is love' and I was like, "Yes he is!" and started crying again."  LOLOL And let me tell you what the groom thought and said to me when he heard 'God is Love.'  You already know.  'Rev. Run.'  I HATE HIM!!  I started giggling.  He said he had more jokes in his head but when I started giggling, he didn't say any more.  LOL
I started crying again as we exchanged our vows.  Then he said, "It's okay" and I calmed down.  When we exchanged vows, Rashan held my right hand, per the minister's instructions, and when the minister said, you can let her hand go, Rashan said, "Do I have to?"  & everybody said, "Awwww!"  So we didn't.  He so disobedient!!  LOLOL  And then he kissed my hand.  AWWWWWWW!  I loved the ring ceremony.  With this ring... I thee wed.  When the minister pronounced us, he said "Mr .& Mrs. Rashan & Jameil Wellington" and everyone shouted out our correct last name.  LOL.  We recessed out and hugged and chatted in the vestibule. 
Then we went back in and had the signing of the marriage license, greeted our guests and took pictures.  And my dad made a big show of reading the license before signing the license.  LOLOL Ye olde hater.

And we had to take a self-shot!

Then we had our Mexican fiesta!!!  Y'all.  The food was FABULOUS!!  We had delicious guac and delicious chicken nachos for an appetizer. 

Then we had two kinds of enchiladas for our entree, endless margaritas to drink and to finish it, we had cuatro leches cake topped with fresh whipped cream and a strawberry. 

You know we don't like cake... SO GOOD!  We both liked the cake.  Yay!!! :)  Rashan was quite impressed with my decision to have us eat there.  Wheeeee!  Overall, I'm overjoyed to be Rashan's wife!! 
 That pic of Stace? She decided to have Elaina take a picture of her.  I snuck up behind her and photo bombed! LOLOLOL!!!  IT WAS SO HILARIOUS!!  Then me and Rah posed in front of the restaurant.

Our first weekend together as Mr. & Mrs. "Wellington" was awesome!  We had 5 consecutive delicious meals together as our first meals as man and wife.  We stayed at a beautiful uptown hotel, got free chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne.


I love my husband!  But I'm still not joining that fb group... LOL


akima said...

It looks like you all had SO much fun!! You looked beautiful and congratulations to you both again!

Babs said...

So awesome. I love every aspect of your day but I especially love that you had mexican food for the reception! Congrats, Mrs. Wellington. ;-)

Sparkling Red said...

Wonderful! You are so gorgeous. I love the dramatic eye makeup. I love all the tears of joy too! All the best to you two adorable lovebirds!!

Not So Anonymous said...

You looked stunning! All of the pictures are great! Congratulations again on the start to forever with your love!

Anonymous said...

This was great. I'm glad everything worked out so awesomely. You looked amazing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What shadow is that on your eyes- so pretty. Love that you all had the wedding that you wanted - not what someone else said you should have.

Monique said...

You looked beautiful! Congrats to you both.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a cry baby. God is Love (wah), Rev. Run


onefromphilly said...

Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom! Looks like everything turned out wonderfully. Congratulations again.

krissy said...

You looked beautiful! Ah. . . Black love! Makes me feel some kinda way lol. Congrats to you and your hubby.

Naima said...

I love love love it!! You got me silly grinning at my desk at work now!

Awwwwww, all of those thug tears! LoL! That's awesome! I'm so very happy for you two, congratulations!!

Ladynay said...


Trish said...

Beautiful! It looks like you both had a fabulous day. Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. "Wellington"!!

Anonymous said...

This post makes me happy!


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

What an amazing recap!!! I feel like I was almost there! LOL! The black and white photo of you in your gown gave me pause and I teared up! You truly looked beautiful. :)
I'm not one to give empty compliments...again just GORG!! Awww your sister crying was sooooooo sweet. I remember my sister's day and it was really emotional. You truly look happy. I'm so glad that God is Love and your Love found you!!!!

K. Rock said...

This is the best. Almost got me all teary eyed. I know I would have cried if I were there. You looked amazing! And Rashan was so handsome. Looks like the perfect wedding. Glad it turned out the way you wanted it to. The food looked great too. Congrats on everything!

Nerd Girl said...

I could tell y'all had a great day and I'm glad about it! The pictures are phenomenal and the food looks really good. Four leche cake? Did they invent another leche just for your wedding? Now that's awesome!!

And I am sooooo slow. I "forgot" Rashan had a last name. I killed myself being tickled by your new name - JJ - until I realized that your new name was JW. Oops.

1969 said...

Just beautiful and the wedding details seemed so personal which makes it all the more special. From the eye shadow to the mexican food...I love it because it was a day filled with things you love. Wishing you and your husband every happiness as you begin your life together.

trb said...

i've only been a lurker, but i must say congratulations on your wedding! and lasting happiness for your future!!!

laughing808 said...

thanks for sharing the pics.........

I love the dramatic eyes.......very pretty and the dress......oh my it was simply put ELEGANT!

glad to hear all went well and you two are pleased.

Congrats yet again........

I wish you two a lifetime of love and happiness!!!!

Serenity3-0 said...

Love the photos! You look pretty and the dress was super hot! Congrats and best wishes!

Unknown said...

Awww. I loved this post. I'm still so overjoyed for you both. The pictures are great. Thank so much for sharing. I'm glad I was such an amazing day for you both. So cute that you BOTH cried. Lol

Anonymous said...

Congrats again!!! Loved the photos and the great commentary!

Monica and Whitney said...

So fun, congrats! You chose the most perfect dress for you, you looked incredible!


Tiffany In Houston said...

That last picture is the absolute best! Congratulations!

OAN: I love your dress, you sure made a great choice considering your timeline was tight! Some chicks take forever to make that decision!!!

Jameil said...

akima... thanks! we had a blast!

babs... :) The mexican food was definitely one of our favorite parts!! we were so excited!

red... awww! thank you so much!

nsa... thank you!! :)

janeen... thanks a bunch!

anonymous... omg. i should've known someone would ask me that! i paid 0 attention. lol. i know one of the colors was Mac Freshwater. It's a gorgeous blue. I have no idea what she layered with. We definitely did it our way! :) It really helped that our parents pressured us 0!

monique... thank you!

Elaina... lololol we know!

one... :) It did! Thanks!

krissy... merci!

nai... yay! :) thank you so much!

lady... me either! :))))

trish... we did! thank you!!!

anonymous... thanks!

gp... thanks a bunch! i love that b&w, too! I'm sure I'll be boohooing when she gets married, too! LOL and staring lovingly at Rashan. Maybe mouthing I love you. DTM? LOLOL i was SO happy that day & I still am! :)

k... lolol i think it's so cute when people cry! thank you! :)

ng... we did! it was so fun! you know a foodie must need an extra leche!! omg you are not the first to think my name would be jj!! y'all are such a mess!! lolol

1969... thank you! we really tried to do it our way and were quite pleased with the result! :)

tacita... thanks for delurking to congratulate! :)

laughing... you're welcome! and thank you! :)

serenity... thank you! :)

goddess... thank you! :)

mrstdj... merci!

monica... welcome & thanks!

tih... and i took that one! :) we love it! i felt like the dress process was so overdramatized on tv! i did go to multiple stores but only one bridal shop and it was there that I found exactly what i described!

Newy said...

Congrats! I have been so out of the loop in the blog world I totally missed this! O and I'm MrsNewy now (yep I got married in September) Yay for weddings. Congrats again to you and Rashan!