Monday Mindspacing Vol. 78

Oops.  I just realized I hadn't posted this yet... Some of you are at work cursin me!

1) Ironic tweet: Someone called "Blessed & Highly Favored" said, "We just fried an egg with vodka! Oh snap!"  Why ironic?  Because I know too many people who spew blessings and cursings from the same mouth.  I have a hard-earned skepticism for people who call themselves things like that.  Plus can we talk about how gross that sounds?  Yuck.
2) I realized I'd rather buy food and go on trips than pay for a wedding.  No, I'm not engaged yet but the closer I get to it, the less I want the drama associated with the day.  A big or even moderate wedding?  I'm talking 75+.  It's not gonna happen.  I'm not gonna be stressed out about inviting a bunch of people I don't want there or all these details over EIGHT HOURS!!  MAX!  I just can't.  I'm not that person.  I want a party and a pretty dress.  But most of all I want a successful marriage.
3) I went to the dinner party from Hades the other night.  Beautiful restaurant, the menu looked like it was up to my food snob standards (turns out the execution wasn't that great...), my sister and I looked great, AWFUL company.  We were surrounded by people she knew marginally who acted like they had never eaten anywhere better than GoldenCorral.  Complaining about the menu, asking for a menu in English (IT WAS IN ENGLISH, PEOPLE!!!), complaining about gratuity included in the check when there were 15 people there~~~  For real?  Just tacky.  I hated being seen with them.
4) Please don't let me eat cooked salmon anymore.  I just don't like it.  Smoked?  All over it.  Raw?  I can take it.  Cooked?  Blech.
5) My mom thinks I'm crazy for all the goals I have (30 Before 30, 35 Before 35, 40 Before 40, monthly, yearly).  Rashan's just amused by it.  I feel like I have the type of personality that needs something to keep me on track.  Otherwise I just look up weeks later and can't say I've contributed anything to my personal, professional or spiritual development.  If I create just a few goals, I can get a lot more out of life.
6) Why is this MM so detailed?
7) People who use their first initial intrigue me.  I always want to know what's behind that.  Is your first name too hideous or too pedestrian?  You just want to intrigue me?  Success.  Now tell me the deal.
8) I was thinking the other day about how unfair it is that women's lives get put completely on hold when they get pregnant and men's don't.  If I had gotten pregnant in grad school (not possible so don't go there) and was due during the semester, it would be a problem.  I would have to put all my plans on hold.  And God forbid I was on bed rest.  Complete plan ruination.  A guy?  He's as empathetic as a he can be but he gets to continue his life pretty much the same.  I know there's nuance but I'm really thinking about the people in my program who are married.  This may not even be their reality but it's what I'm projecting.
9) Rashan hates when I speak in Spanish at Mexican restaurants.  I can't say gracias???  That's straight up hate!  He just doesn't want me to find my Mexican chef husband.  HATE, I say!
10) I have 7 more days standing between me and the end of the semester!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I was thoroughly entertained.

I feel the same about the first initial of people's names. Having come across so many names in my work and some having an initial only, I wonder too.

#1 - I can relate to what you're saying. (And Illl!)

Raw Salmon? Really? hmmm. I don't think I could

K. Rock said...

1. You totally have to be favored to have liquor over an open flame and walk away with your eyebrows. So leave them alone.
2. I totally agree. I can't figure out the concept. Whay am I spending all this money on y'all? This is my day!
3.What are you talking about? There is nothing better than Golden Corral.
4. Salmon is my favorite fish. Only cooked. I can't eat it in any other form. I gets nasty when it is overcooked so I will assume you dont like OVERcooked salmon.
7. So I DO intrigue you? Good....very good....
8. I totally agree. I was just talking about this. That's why it's out job to groan about it. They have to sacrifice something too!!!
9. I think I would hate that too.
10. Yeah!! Party over here!!

Adei von K said...

2. was that a "#subtweet"????? LOL

3. that for real sounds like HELL. I did LOL at "golden corral" and I pictured farm animals at a trough.

4. OMG, cooked salmon is the worst. UGH! I think it's worse than an over hard hard egg...

7. i know a a first initial. her first name is def too ghetto to get anywhere in life. what was momma thinking?!

Mrs Count said...

1. sigh. I want to talk about this all the time, but it would be soooo offensive and judgmental, lol
2.Having 250 people tell me I looked awesome was the only thing that made all that dang wedding work worth it
8. You have no idea. Have you considered that your fetus may hate Mexican food? Or eggs? (maniacal laughter ensues

Not so Anonymous said...

1. Yeah, I share the same skepticism.
2. I try to refrain from making all kinds of comments and asking questions when you mention getting married/engaged. But, Awwww shucks...I can't wait until you tell us that Rashan popped the questioned and you said YES, and then in how ever many years, you tell us that you're preggers, and then you start blogging all about Baby Ra-Meil. LMBO. Yes, I said Ra-meil.
4. Who are you?? What type of self respecting food lover doesn't like cooked salmon??
5. I feel the same way...it just helps my life...even if I don't always meet all of them.
7. A few (maybe several) years ago when people started talking about name discrimination when reviewing resumes and job applications, my mother called me up and told me that I should start using my first initial. And, somewhere in the conversation she apologized for my name. Stunned.

9. That's the best place to speak spanish, lol.


1969 said...

#9....Mr. 1969 does that and I hate it too. If you don't normally speak Spanish, don't try it out around the natives. LOL

Anonymous said...

3) Gawd! I'm not a food snob, but get a clue people. Wait, I kinda am a food snob. Moving on!

4) What did cooked salmon ever do to you? I had a delightful herb encrusted filet today for lunch.

&) Yes, first initial intrigue to as well.

Sparkling Red said...

It is a law of the universe that wedding plans ALWAYS grow and multiply beyond your control. There is no use fighting it. Just accept it and conserve your energy for the implementation. Besides, don't you know that traditional Mexican chef husbands always demand two days of celebrations for at least 500 guests? ;-)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. I'm mad at you for calling them out like that Bwhahahahhaha! And ewww an egg in vodka?????
2. Amen! to the successful marriage!
3.Ooooo looks lovely! Food snob here! Nooo not the GC! Bwhahahaha! iDied@I hated being seen with them!
4. I don't like salmon either! Taste like fish BOOOOOOOOOO! Thinking about trying it fried! LOL!
5. Hmmmmm
6. You had a lot to get off your chest! LOL!
7. Probably hideous like Tiberius
8. Ruination??????? I can't!
10. WooooHoooooo!

Jameil said...

Janeen... LOL. You're welcome! Wonder wonder! Raw salmon in sushi? Much better than cooked!

k... 1) LOLOLOL
2) Right!? How did you get married?
3) ......
4) Really??? I HATE overcooked salmon. Even well-cooked I'm not really a fan. I hate that it's always paired with dill.
8) Ha! Punish them!!
9) Porque?? Hater-o!
10) Yeahhhhh!!

adei.... 2) Not even!
3) AWFUL!! Disgruntled bratty animals at the trough!

mrs. c... 1) lolol i'm sure
2) lololol! i love it! and i surely love to go to big weddings! if everyone invited me, i would send them all fabulous presents even if i couldn't come! i absolutely LOVE, LOOOOOVE looking at registries and sending stuff!!
8) i would jiggle that fetus for 9 months if it decided either of those were verbotten!!!

nsa... 1) lol
2) y'all are so sweet. but we won't be naming our kids anything horrid like that. see no. 7.
4) ugh. so gross.
5) yay! i knew you would get it! you're even more goal-oriented than me!!
7) ROTFL @ her apologizing! My mom has most certainly never done that & I've never wanted that. But that is hilarity!
9) RIGHT!?!? YOU ROCK!! Wheeee!

1969... I SAY GRACIAS AND HOLA ALL THE TIME!!!! Y'all are such haters! He doesn't like me pronouncing things Spanishly either. What. a. PAIR. of. jerks! KEEP HOPE ALIVE MR. 1969!!!

mrstdj... 3) Such a mess!!
4) Grossed me out? Yeah...
7) Why????

red... I'M FIGHTING IT!! If I have a Mexican chef who can afford all that, I'll take it!

2) :)
3) Lovely until your company is a hot mess. It was awful.
4) Fried? Ick.
6) I really always do...
7) WHY!? Where did you get that name from? I bet that's your real name...
8) Hmph!