Monday Mindspacing Vol. 80

1) I give back my work computer this week.  Let's have a moment of silence for all those games I've gotten addicted to...
2) The other day my momma said she was ready for Christmas to be over.  CHILE BYE!!!!  How dare you say that to me!!!
3) My mom said she doesn't feel comfortable selecting clothes for me.  Yay for that!  I hate getting clothes from people.  I'm way too old for that and my style is ever evolving.
4) I had lost my Boyz II Men Christmas cd AGAIN until YESTERDAY!!  I was ready to play it over and over again!  PattiLabelle's Christmas = AWFUL!!  That 1983 sound for a cd made in 2004 #fail.
5) My reader got up to 119 while I was internet-less in Mississippi!!  There are usually about 30 per day.  It's now clear & I hope I never have to let it get that bad again!!  My cousin lives in a dead zone where she can't get internet. . . . . Yes, I know the whole state isn't like that but son...
6) My aunt moved out to our family land in the country 32 years ago.  She didn't have a telephone and the water company had to dig a line to her house to get water.  Everyone else in the area had wells.  I. can't.
7) My mom and I visited my grandfather's grave yesterday morning.  By the time we were leaving, people were pulling up and we accidentally met some cousins my mom hadn't seen since her childhood!  That is hilarious and weird!  This church is literally in the middle of nowhere!!!  But the graveyard is full of relatives including 4 great-grandparents, multiple great-aunts and uncles, some of whom died before my mom was born.
8) My grandma is a really unhappy woman... but I don't think she knows she's unhappy most of the time.  She thinks her lonely existence is normal.  It's really crazy and interviewing her was infuriating.  She was revising history not remembering the things she's told me before and having no clue the things other people told me.
9) Why did I ask Rashan's mom if I could help with Christmas dinner to have her reply I don't have any plans, you can plan the meal.  O_O  . . . . Da heezy!?  How we make that giant leap??
10) I'm a little worried about how long it will take me to lose the Mississippi accent I pick up when talking to my mom and all of these people down there.
11) Y'all, my momma is the MOST unsentimental person.  It's so crazy.  But then I hear these stories about my family and marvel that she's as normal as she is.
12) If you didn't know, I'm making a film about the grandfather I never met.  He died 40 years ago in February and participated in the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.  I got some great interviews and some not so great ones.  To be expected, I'm sure.  Some will turn out to be better than I thought in the editing room.


pserendipity said...

First of all, I was so worried that you wouldn't be back in time for Monday mindspacing!

2. O_O
4. Score! I love finding old stuff. And I heard the Ledisi Christmas was the bomb dot com. Patti LaBelle? Seriously, can't believe you fell for that.
5. Please advise of that location so I'll never end up there. No internet = epicfail
6. What? Wells are fun. Until one of the kids falls in it. And what's with everyone else not demanding a water line??
9. You know you wanted to.

Glad you made it home safely!

Not so Anonymous said...

4. I love thier christmas CD!
5. A dead zone? It's 2010...for real?
7. That's cool!
8. During my granny's 2.5 month stay here I learned the same thing. I already kinda knew it, but I was in denial...it's sad. I may blog about it one day.
9. LOL. You'll do a fine job!
12. What an awesome film topic.

Anonymous said...

2) Ready for it to be over??????? Boo to Jamiel's lovely mommy! *lol*

4) Love the BIIM CD. The only song on the Patti CD I like is "That's What Christmas Is To Me"

9) So, what'cha having??

K. Rock said...

The documentary sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. *bows head and pours out*
2.The horror!! did she not remember who she was talking too??
3. MAN!! I already commented about the matching leatherette jackets my mother ordered for us off the TV on mrstdj blog. Can you imagine?? O_O
4. Loves the BIIM Christmas! *swoon*
5. Wow!! ya'll were out in the country?? No hate. My peeps from Jackson. My mom is always saying the country this or that and I look at her cause it's ALL country to me. LOL!
6. Dude! We have family land too. I can't, won't and will not! But 6 peeps have. O_o
7.Wow that was weird.
9. Dang! Well get busy and WOW! em They's about to be family now!
10.OMG I'm dying!!! I talk country for about a week after.LOLOLOLOL!
12. That should be very interesting!

Nerd Girl said...

2. Do what?!?
4. Sigh. I need y'all to move past all this Christmas music!
5. Come on now...
6. Well water smells like sulfur. Blech.
9. You know you're thrilled!
10. Keep it!

Sparkling Red said...

1) (...)
3) My mom still tries to select clothes and accessories for me. Thank goodness she believes in gift receipts. Example: a brown corduroy purse, with RUFFLES. FAIL!
5) and 6) People live like that voluntarily? No comprendez.

Liz Dwyer said...

4) We have that Boyz II Men CD on repeat up in here. I'll be ready for it to retire for the year. ;)
5) Somebody needs to start a petition to get the internet out there.
6)Wow, that's some serious country.
7) Serendipity bringing y'all together. Must be for a bigger purpose. Coincidences like that don't just happen.
8) Got those in my family too. Their version of what went down in the past is SO revisionist history and they can't admit it.
12)SO glad you're telling this story!

Jameil said...

pseren... 1 LOLOL! I'm glad I was back to give you something to do wiht your life!
4) Meeee toooo!!! I don't generally like Ledisi but I'm willing to give her a shot. I owned Patti, gave it to my mom b/c of the awfulness, she made me give it a chance. By song 2 I was in deep deep hate.
5) Stonewall!
6) LOLOLOL. It's always fun until someone dies. Everyone else was used to it and probably didn't think demanding one was an option.
9) I really didn't...

nsa... 4) ME TOO!!
7) I know!
8) Wow. but at least you can have a pleasant relationship with her. Mine makes it really really hard. Most of my cousins live in MS and still never see her... some in the same city.
9) :(
12) Thanks!

mrstdj... 2) FOR REAL!!!
4) IT IS THE BEST! Patti gets no more chances ever.
9) Posted!

k... thanks!

gp... 1) THANK YOU!!!
5) Girl Jackson is for real city by comparison to where my country fam lives.
6) Yeah... I'ma pass. It all looks exactly the same to me.
7) Lol but kinda cool.
9) They already know I can cook. I helped at Thanksgiving last year.
10) LOLOL. i refuse!! I think I'm already back!
12) :)

Nerd... 2) EXACTLY!!!
5) I can't.
6) I don't think I've ever had it.
9) I'm really not though. I wanted calm and to handle two or three things.
10) PASS!!!

red... 1) THANK YOU!!
3) Stop. That's not real. WHyyyyyyy??? But at least she gives you receipts!
5 & 6) Yes.

l.a.... 4) yay for repeat! i don't retire Christmas music! LOL
5) I mean seriously!!
6) Who are you tellin?
7) Interesting. I'm definitely wondering.
8) Such a mess.
12) Thank you!!