Monday Mindspacing Vol. 58

1) What do I do to my feet when I sleep that I wake up with aching toes at least 3 times a week??? It's so bizarre.  A few toes on either foot hurt like I was sleeping standing on relev√©.
2) I almost killed blogger when I typed a long response to last week's MM and it told me it ate it!!!  I went back and it was published.  Yeah... THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, BLOGGER!!!  Lol.
3) Y'all give the TeaParty too much attention.  Why get mad over their every move?  Mobilize.  And quit whinin.
4) I have way too much time on my hands.  I need to stop squandering it.  I hate summer around this time every year because it's at this point that it feels too long and my life has no point.  Horrible, I know.
5) 27 is too young to be lying about your age.  Get it together.  So is 30.  Really, why lie?  You just end up like Samantha on SATC surrounded by people gasping at how old you really are when they find out.
6) I'm still obsessed with aprons.  I WANT ANOTHER APRON!!!
7) Where did y'all find these new fb games? *scowl* *hide* Wait.  No I deleted you and your games.  You're crazy anyway.
8) I know you love your husband and you have no secrets (o_O) ...  But there's no reason for you to share a fb profile.  #cmonson  (It's amusing to me that I referenced fb on my blog and did a twitter hashtag. Oh interweb. Lol)
9) I never understood the appeal of books on tape until Rashan put one in and I was so into it!!!  Why won't he let me finish it???
10) There are only 8 Mexican restaurant names: Monterrey, El Norteno, El Azteca, Las Margaritas, El Amigo.  You name the other 3.
11) Why do the people who are cussin and fussin every other day of the week grab hold of Jesus Sunday morning and afternoon then release him by midnight?  Holy ghost pumpkins.
12) I don't understand expectant mother talk any more than I understand parent talk.  Really?  You have 16 weeks left in your pregnancy?  That's what us normal people call 4 months.  Your baby's also not 24 months.  He's 2.
13) Today is the first day of my new Wake Forest calendar!!!  Woohoo!!!!  I'm using this new calendar to turn over a new leaf re: number 4!


Not so Anonymous said...

1. That is bizarre...maybe you should video yourself while sleeping, lol.

3. The tea party makes me sick.

6. I saw some cute aprons the other day and wanted to buy one, but I didn't...oh well.

7. You used the word "y'all" twice so far...just thought I'd point that out, lol.

8. share a fb profile?? Are you kidding me, that's ridiculous.

9. I hate books on tape. The reader always talks to slowly, and I can't imagine the story in my head properly if I'm not reading. AND, I have to have the book in my hands...these audio and electronic books just aren't right...smh, lol.

11. Those people are no different than the ones fornicating, committing adultery, or just plain lying all the time and acting holy on sundays. Inconsistency when it comes to the Lord is all the same imho.

12. LOL...I hate when people do that.

Sparkling Red said...

1) Ooh, foot tension. Interesting. I usually wake up with knots in my shoulders. I'm trying to decide if I would trade that in for foot pain, if given the choice. It's a tough call.
5) Yes! Don't people realize that if you say you're younger than you are, you just look old for your age? For example, if I said I was 20, people would be all "Ew, I don't know about that - she's awfully old looking for 20!" but if I said I was 50 people would say "OMG you look so YOUNG!" and they'd be all favourably impressed. Plus they'd assume that I was wise. Much better to lie older than younger, I think.

Anonymous said...

2) Yeah, blogger got me good about a year ago and that's when I made the jump to wordpress.

9) I love books on tape/CD. I used to listen to them every day on my commute from DC to Baltimore. I'd get to the parking lot at work and not want to get out in the middle of scene/chapter. Good ish!

12) LOL! I was like that too and then I had a baby. **smh** Man, the doctors and other mother MAKE you talk like that. I still hate it, but I do use it. My son is 18 months now and I've officially decided to start saying "he's almost 2".

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

And now for the longest response ever! LOL!

1. So are you doing ballet in your sleep???? That sleep video would be interesting. LOL!

2. Blogger OMG! It did the same to me twice but the posts were gone. You are tough got blogger all scared and stuff! LOL!

3. The Tea Party consists of a bunch of racist, conservative jerks. If they just focused on taxes,no prob. True we do need to mobilize,and The NAACP just does not have the power it had in the past. :( I like to died laughing when I went to their site and a black girl added her pic to their fan page. Clearly a misguided soul.
5. People are doing that? Too funny!
6.I like cute aprons too!
7. I don't know about the new ones but the Farmville people are too serious!
8. That's too much togetherness. Booo!
9. Why won't he let you finish it???? You gotta get tough with him like you did blogger!
10. Girl stop! Out here there are a cazillion Mex rest. What's funny is a couple you named are here too!
Please tell me the other 3?
11. a holyghost pumpkin ?!?bwhahaha!
13. Yaay!

Naima said...

#1: Loves me a well-placed ballet reference!! Yes!

#8: That's weird. And concerning.

#10: Hahahahaha!!! You forgot El Toro!!

Anonymous said...

#10: El Tappitito!

#12: for real, I hate that I have to divide by four to know what the heck they're talking about...who goes by weeks?!!

SincerelyGo said...

Lmao@ NSA video yourself sleeping, which is a great idea. Lmao. FB is good and bad. Your toes hurt..kmsl.

One of my friends recommended a Nook. I'll pass. I do like T.D Jakes Podcast though.

The summer sucks because it's hot, and I'm not working. So yeah.

More mexican resturants, La Casitas, Moraco's, Casa La Vidas...Lmao

Okay I forgot the other ones. LOL

Adei von K said...

1. that is very weird!

4. you have too much time on your hands? find me a furnished apt $700 or less in the Alexandria area, please&thankyou.

5. what does a 27 y.o. say her age is? that *IS* too young to be telling stories. As I get older, I realize I don't want to be younger! Who wants to be 23??

7. FB is a truth serum. you can tell so much about a person based on their profile page.

8. ...
who... shares a FB page? Please tell me!

11. DYING at holy ghost pumpkins!!

Jameil said...

nsa... 1) lol. i'll pass. it hasn't happened in about a week surprisingly.
3) i pay them no attention! but the difference b/t you and most people is you're actually gonna get involved!
6) where???
7) lol thanks y'all!
8) i've seen it at least 3xs. such a mess.
9) lolol. they do speak way too slowly but i still got into it! i read my first e-book and i must say, i did wish for a traditional format.
11) OOOOOH!! You went there! LOL! Yep! The same!
12) This from a mother! Thank you!!!

red... 1) very odd. i'm not trading since if i sleep odd i wake up with an aching neck or shoulders, too!
5) LOL! I actually didn't even think of it like that but that, too! Lololol.

mrs. t... 2) ah man! i thought about it once but I didn't find wordpress easy.
9) I won't say I love them, but if I had a long commute, I could see getting into them.
12) LOLOL. Oh dr.s & moms. I had no idea they were in collusion!

gp... i love long responses!
1) NO VIDEO!! y'all behave! Lol.
2) I did! Blogger knows I mean business!!
3) It could really even just be in helping the candidate opposing the one supported by that party. I just get sick of people complaining all day and not doing anything. Not even voting in primaries!!
5) Such a mess.
6) They're awesome!
7) Most of the gamers are nuts about it.
8) I mean come on.
9) Sniff b/c he's mean. ROTFL @ get tough w/him! I know that's right!!
10) LOL! Those are in every city! It's so crazy!
11) I just call 'em like I see 'em!
13) *cabbage patch*

nai... 1) lol.
8) And lame.
10) YES!! Such a good one!

Happy... 10) Ok I've never seen that one. LOL.
12) exactly! stop making me do math!!

go... terrible idea! i thought about a kindle. i'm likely to go that route more than the nook. i don't get why a bookstore should come out with its own reader. seems counterintuitive but i guess they need to stay relevant so in that case smart move but i don't really want it. so hot. blech. i don't go outdoors in the daytime. I'll give you Las Casitas but I haven't seen the other ones. May Casa La Vidas.

adei... 1) i know...
2) i looked... was that a real request? did you see how expensive housing is there? sheesh.
5) 25. Mess. My aunt says her 30s was her favorite and she would never go back to her 20s-- too much indecision, didn't know who she was.
7) Hmmm... I wonder what people are saying about me based on mine!
8) Apparently nobody you know.
11) Lol