Next Step

There's a lot of stuff going on in my life right now.
  • I'm going to Wake Forest tomorrow to try to find housing.
  • In 10 days, Rashan and I will have been together for 2 years.  :)  You know what I want, right?  A fancy dinner!!  Let's do it Top Chef-style!  :)  I'd also like for him to get back to blogging but I doubt that's going to happen.  I've removed him from my blog roll again.  I'm so romantic.
  • It's almost time to have a talk with my cousin where I bluntly tell her I haven't contacted her even though we've been in the same city for weeks because none of my extended family came to my film screening or graduation (not that I really thought they would) then they all went to Florida 2 weeks later and didn't bother to tell me.  I saw it on facebook.
  • I just got called for jury duty for the 4th time.  For real?????  I hope I get picked on a 7-day case.  I'd like that money as little as it is (it's almost decent after the 5th day (for a student).
  • (Obviously) I need a job.
  • I kind of like budgeting.  It gives me the courage to turn down things I think are not a good deal but I would ordinarily go along with.  I also like seeing how little I can spend in a one-week period.  HOWEVER I need to not spend the balance the following week.  #babysteps


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Umm wake forest sounds like a cemetary. *smile*
2. Congrats!!!! and Yaaay!
3.That was hurtful! Shame on them! Yep that be family.
4. Four times is a lot. I do like jury duty. I'm so nosey!
6. I hate to budget. I do it but I hate it. My dreams of being rich kick in when I can't just get it cause I want it.

Adei von K said...

Whew! Get it Shawty!

Budgeting is cool. I started when I bought my car. Being focused is good for someone like me (dee dee dee!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your up coming Anniversary! Do you have a local restaurant in mind?

I am weird in that I also LOVE serving jury duty!! I haven't been called in almost two years and I want to call the darn courthouse. "Yoo who, ya'll haven't called me. I'm here and anxious to serve!"

Trish said...

Whoa, two years already, doesn' time fly when you're having fun?!

A nice restaurant sounds great!

I have a cousin like that, her priorites are all out of whack.

I am having the hardest time sticking to a budget and the weekends are the worst for me when it coms to spendng :-{

Ladynay said...

Awwwwww Happy Early Anniversary!!!!!!

Sparkling Red said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary! You guys are too cute.

Watch me jinx myself: I've never been called for jury duty. I think it's because I've changed my name 3 times in my adult life. Everytime I get near the top of the list, my name changes, so somehow they don't call on me. That's only a theory.

Jazzy said...

how'd the apt hunt go?

send me a plate of this fancy food plz thnx!

smh @ the fam...how rude not to even call you when they were in town.

Liz Dwyer said...

1) You already know my jealousy knows no bounds on that one! So proud of you! ;)

2) Whoo hooooo!

3) I'm mad at them on your behalf...and that's exactly something my family would do. :(

And budgeting...sigh, I was the queen of it this time last year. I seem to have have let a well-paying job go to my head. I need to slow the retail-therapy roll for real!

Jameil said...

gp... 1) behave over there!
2) yay!! thanks!
3) shame on them for real. and have the nerve to act like I'M in the wrong. okay i know i am. just b/c they're acting ugly doesn't mean i have to join them. le sigh.
4) i like it to an extent but i feel picked on!! lol
6) it's almost like another thing for me to compete with but only with myself. lol.

adei... yeaaaaah! oh look! a nickel!

mrs. t... thanks! there are a couple but i'm supposed to be letting Rashan pick the restaurant so i'm falling back (a little... lol).

lol! they're coming for you!!! how many times have you been called? the first 2xs i REEEEEALLLY wanted to be seated for a case. the last 2xs i'm just flummoxed that I've been called this many times and my 60+ yo aunt's been called 0.

trish... lolol. time does fly! i can't wait for the restaurant! last year wasn't very good. this year let's hope for better. booo cousins!! there's always ONE day a week, doesn't matter which day of the week, but there's ONE day where i blow my entire budget or come close.

lady... .thanks!

red... thanks! that's an interesting theory. my aunt who's never been called has had 3 name changes as well. hmmmmm....

jazzy... lovely! post forthcoming! you'll have to come get your own fancy food! lol. i don't even know what part of florida they were in. doesn't really matter. but allll of you went down TOGETHER and said nada? #familyfail

l.a... 1) :) thanks! 2) yeaaahh!! 3) geez. twin bad families.
Okay miss baller! Lol. Get back on the budgeting wagon! You can do it!