Monday Mindspacing Vol. 56

I decided to skip Monday Mindspacing last week because how many of you were reading on Monday anyway?

1) No, really.  Can people stop cross posting on fb & twitter?  You know there's too much overlap in your audiences.  Thanks.
2) Sometimes coming home is stressful.  I spend way too much money.  This time I was watching my money and I STILL spent more than I wanted to.  Much less than I ordinarily would but still more than I wanted.
3) My mom's fancy birthday dinner was roasted cauliflower soup & a shrimp, bacon tomato white bean watercress salad made by Stace & me!  So good!!
4) I feel almost naked with one color on.  I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS!!
5) In case you were wondering, it's still weird to me that people are shocked by my age.  I know I look young... but... I guess you would really be scandalized if you realized I will be 28 next month.  Good thing I only told you 27, huh?  Lol.
6) The other day this dude said, "I can't keep doing this everyday so happy birthday to everyone in July and August."   Nobody told you to have 934 friends.
7) Have you ever smelled rice flower & shea??  OMG!!!  GROSS!!  It's like vanilla procreated with something even more disgusting-smelling and had a nasty baby.  Just a reminder, love the TASTE of vanilla, almost nauseated by the smell of vanilla-scented soaps, candles, sprays, lotions. 
8) You do know that word is CORNROWS, NOT cornROLLS, right?  I thought so...
9) I did my FAFSA... oh shiggedy!  Clearly so easy it should've been done literally MONTHS ago.
10) When people join dozens of facebook groups & like thousands of fb pages, what do they get out of it?  This girl I went to elementary school with likes 10-25 new pages A DAY!!  825 and counting...  Rashan's niece and nephew I get.  They're a preteen & teen.  You're 28, dog...


Anonymous said...

If I had a nickel for every time someone said or wrote "cornrolls", I'd be rich and lounging on a private island with Tupac!

pserendipity said...

I read on Mondays!! Perhaps you'd know that if I commented.

1. That's one reason I stopped twittering after my one week stint.

4. I'm prone to darker hues.

5. When I was pregnant, I was 30. You shoulda seen the looks I got from the old ladys who thought I was teenage pregnancy.

6. I don't do it.

7. The only Vanilla I like is from Bed, Bath, and Body Works. Yes, thiers smells better than everyone elses.

10. Clearly, your old friend is a loser.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Ahh my inspiration. Of course I'm reading! *smile*
4. I like colors too but I only wear one when I do.
5. Looking younger than you are is GREAT!!
7.Now this is interesting. Are you refering to the one at B&BW? I like that scent. I liked it more until somebody said I smelled like their mom. I don't want to smell like a mom. I gave it to theCaptains mom she LOVED it! she's 58! But I don't like vanilla scented things either. Your reaction is Too funny!
8. Cornrolls???? I can't!
9. Yaay!!

Ladynay said...

Your mom's dinner sounds yummy!

Yeah you could pass for early 20's. It's a great thing!

YAY for getting the FAFSA done!

I never understood why folks would join groups they don't plan on participating in. There is no point.

Jazzy said...

i don't think i ever paid attention to corn rolls or corn rows...so glad I just say braids lol

bout time you did the fafsa!!

i don't get the point of joining fb groups and fb pages. i think those people are little off and have WAY too much time on their hands.

Nerd Girl said...

1. I read on Mondays - holidays or not.
3. I'll definitely be trying the cauliflower soup. I love soup!
4. Do tan and black count as bright colors? If so - me too!
7. That stuff STANKS!

Sha Boogie said...

LMAO@ 8 & 10! love it.. this is me lurking. ok, thank you.. buh-bye.

Sparkling Red said...

Your Monday Mindspacings are my favourite! Please don't be skipping them.

I never heard cornrows being referred to as cornrolls. Cornrolls sound delicious, and I would rather eat some than have them stuck into my hair.

Jameil said...

mrs.t... you better start collectin nickels! tupac is callin! lolol

pseren... mayhaps!
1) well amen to that!
4) :(
5) lolol! old ladies are such haters!
6) you're so mean!
7) i don't like any of them.
10) burn!!

gp... that makes 2 of you! lol
4) i like lots and lots!
5) it still throws me sometimes, tho. i look fresh outta h.s.???
7) that's the one. yuck! but lol @ your mom loving it and you getting rid of it.
9) Yippeee!!

lady... it was so good! i'm not saying it's a bad thing it's just not not weird to me yet. yay FAFSA! idk...

jazzy... stick to braids! hush on the fafsa!!! not off! lol

nerd... 1) and then there were 3!
3) so good!
4) lolol!! absolutely not!
7) don't it????

sha... you're welcome, au revoir!

red... yay!! i'll do better! idk abt these people who call them rolls. foolishness.