Funny Feelings

Oh limbo.  As a game, you're FUN!  As my life, you're not.  This period between last school year and next school year is beginning to feel interminable.  Not because I'm not enjoying myself but because there aren't enough things squared away in my next location.  Yes, I HAVE HOUSING!  YAY!!  It was dramatic but it's done.  But I need to know what's going on with my money next year.  I'm also really ready to have stuff in my new place and not really sure how I'm going to get it all there.  I guess that means I should scale down my living in my current location but especially with my kitchen stuff, that's not easy.  I have stuff at Rashan's and at my mom's.  Not awesome. 

I need stability in my life.  This is my 3rd move in as many years (Pittsburgh to Gainesville, across town in Gainesville, Gainesville to NC) and even though the middle move was just up the street, it was still an adjustment to a new area, new bus situation, new apartment complex and rules.  I definitely liked my 2nd place more.  Less hassle and I wasn't also adjusting to new people and a new town.  At least (I was gonna say next year but it's actually in like 3 weeks... gulp) in 3 weeks I won't have to adjust to as many new people.  Since my classmates and 3 professors are coming with me at least I only have 16 new people to meet (14 first years, 1 new 3rd year (I'm a 3rd year), & 1 professor).  That's nothing since I'll have my entourage!  Hahahaha.  I love calling them that.  I was gonna say I can't imagine being the first years and having tons of new people to meet but yeah... that was me my first year!  Lol.  That almost seems like a long time ago and it was only two years.

Yes, I know I'll be fine and I actually feel better just typing this but after Wake, I'll be glad to settle somewhere for at least a few years with my love in tow.  Come on, love!  Lol.


Not so Anonymous said...

Glad you're working it out by typing it out...that way we all get to read!

It's funny that you're ready to be settled and I'm ready to be unsettled right about now. I think I need a job where I'm constantly traveling.

Anyway, this is not about me...yay to your love in tow, lol.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

That's right girl VENT! Blogging it out helps. You are well on your way to a fabulous career and the life of your dreams!!! The process can be uncomfortable but just for a little while.

I'm all for this!!!!

"I'll be glad to settle somewhere for at least a few years with my love in tow. Come on, love! Lol


Trish said...

I have moved every year since 04 and I HATE moving! I definitely feel your pain. I think it's wonderful that Rashan is going to be nearby!

Ladynay said...

Just think how awesome things are gonna be once the dust finally does settle for a bit! :-)

SincerelyGo said...

Of course you'll be fine lady! You are great! So you have stuff just everywhere huh? What size shoe do you wear. I don't mind housing some of your scarfs, jewelry and shoes at my place *hugs*



Jameil said...

nsa... lol! so nosy! i need some stability right about now! yeah love!

gp... blog it out! lol. fabulosity jameil! i'm getting some of my comfort back! yippee!!

trish... daaaanG!!!! moving is such a pain!! i think it's wonderful too!

lady... right?!

go... i know i know.... and about my stuff at your place....... i'm gonna go ahead and pass but thanks so much for your kind offer. lol