Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

My name's Jameil!  So I decided at the very last moment of August 1st to join this challenge I just learned about blogging for 30 days with a daily pre-set topic!  Y'all know I love a challenge so NerdGirl SO failed me on this one!!

Since it's August, let me let you in on a non-secret: I LOVE AUGUST!!  I was born August 23rd & I love my birthday.  The countdown ordinarily begins July 23rd which drives my mother absolutely bat guano!!  She HATES the countdowns and that she'll be hearing them the rest of her life because of me!  Oh yeah!!  Girl 22 days until 28!  Last year I had a late-20s crisis over turning 27.  That sounded and still sounds SO INCREDIBLY OLD to be my age!!  I felt ancient and had the crying temper tantrums to prove it.  It was beyond ridiculous and I had to apologize to my love & my best friend for acting out like that!  But I was seriously angsting.  This year?  I'm gonna be a grown-up!  I'm gonna pull on my big girl panties and embrace 28 and all the magic and wonderment and delightful events it will bring.  2010 and 28 are my years!!  I CAN'T WAIT, IT'S SO ON!!

I'm generally a very happy person but I can flip it on you.  I'm controlling and I like things to go my way.  I like to plan things and I'm not very easy going when plans are changed.  I'm working on this, but I'm well-aware that I'm a work in progress.  We all are and I'm actually kind of delighted by that!  Each day is another day to work on being a better person.  I love life, especially right now that some things are settling down and working themselves out with a little help from me.  Single black female working on her addiction to retail... loving the journey through cooking I'm currently on.  It's so cool!  I tried 11 new recipes last week!!!!!  My goal is 3/week and I hit 11.  Amazing and exciting.  Check it out on my food blog, The Record Dish.  So that's day one: introduction.


Not so Anonymous said...

I never get to your other blog enough. I know there are some goodies over there that I need to try.

I've seen some other bloggers doing the challenge, too. I think I'm going to use this for the month of September.

Adei von K said...

I remember your 27th... we also have pictures to prove your crisis. You were assaulting me at Tijuana Flats #sadface

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWENTY TEN, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I've seen this challenge too. Hmmm maybe Sept or Oct.I have commitment issues. LOL!!

I was wondering when you were going to except the challenge being that I read some past blog posts and noticed your competitive side LOL! Good Luck!

Sorry 27 caused you so much angst. It's so weird how certain ages get us. You're doing fine!! If you don't realize it you are doing GREAT as far as pursuing your education and getting it done! That's SO impressive!!!!!

Jameil said...

nsa... there are! mmmm. i'm picking and choosing what i want & when I want and it may stretch into september.

adei... oh hush. it wasn't TF. that was my 26th, loser & i loved that one. 2010 for the win!

gp... lol! COMMIT COMMIT!! very competitive over here!! very weird how certain ages are. i'm definitely looking at what's going well and not what's not!

MrsTDJ said...

I'm happy to read all the folks that are doing this challenge for August, but I'm soooo happy that I didn't try to commit to it. The pressure to blog everyday would likely kill me! *lol*

Good to hear that you are embracing 28 and not fretting as you did for 27. Older, wiser and better!

Jeremy said...

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