Monday Mindspacing Vol. 59

I'M SO HAPPY IT'S AUGUST!!!  Birth.day.month. Birth.day.month!!  So even though I'm doing the daily blogging challenge, I couldn't leave you without Monday Mindspacing!  It also helps that I didn't want to blog about my first love.  I thought I already had but apparently not.  He was my high school sweetheart.  It ended badly when I was in college, we've both moved on.  Lol.
1) I've recently become enamored with style blogs.  Love em!  My criteria is they can't be too self-deprecating (see: skinny girls insinuating they need a diet), they have to feature clothes I would actually want to wear and the poster must be funny!  Right now, my fave is Kendi.  Soon I will be getting all of you in joining me in the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge!  Here is the advice (it'll be more convenient when I put them on the blog).
2) I don't guess I can get mad about spoiler alerts for season 1 of a show that started in 2002, huh?  Lol.
3) Lotion & lipgloss.  I need these two things for my happiness!!
4) My hair is at this weird length right now where it's long enough for a few ponytails but not one.  To lotion my shoulders I need a low pony.  To put on moisturizer I need a high pony.  Workout also requires a high pony.  But I like the ponies!  I just don't wear them out.  I'm also amazed by how much my hair has grown in just the last 2 months.  So cool!  :)  Can't wait til there's just one pony!
5) I think I want my next cookbook to be from Ina Garten!  Mmmm!  I suggest Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics: Fabulous Flavors from Simple Ingredients.
6) Rashan said to me, "I like kids, I don't merely tolerate them."  I thought about this intended slight toward me, trying to brook my instinct to be offended, and said, "You're right. They're not mine."  They go directly in the tolerate category.  I don't know any kids on a personal level so they're cute to me from a distance.  One of Rashan's many nephews is actually my fave child.  He's cute and little, polite and well-behaved.  My favorite kind of child.  He also loves fruit.  That's cute.
7) I really wish Rashan would become a chef.  I'm not saying I'll never cook.  I'm just saying it would be great to have the HH I always wanted.  Even if he won't be my Hispanic (Mexican Chef) Hubby or let me go meet him, can he at least TRY to substitute???
8) I need more dresses and skirts.  Hmmm....
9) Why do people in fashion/on fashion blogs stand with their toes pointing slightly (or not so slightly) in?  When did that become sexy?
10) In middle school, my friends and I would meet in the cafeteria for breakfast sometimes.  One of them used to eat doughnuts WITH SYRUP!!!  Shockingly, she's not currently a diabetic and still weighs outrageously close to her middle school weight after having a child.  Lol.  (And she actually WANTS to gain weight but has insane metabolism.)
11) It's a really good thing I wasn't a teenage mom... because my daughter's name would've been Nautica Alexis.  No ma'am.  I also threw around Sydney Ellen (Ellen's my mom's name).  Ironically, fave roomie's daughter's Sydnee D.  Her daughter's middle name is fave roomie's mom's name.  How weird is THAT???
12) Rashan offered to dye the tips of my locks bright red for me... with KoolAid... then admitted he was going to use FlavorAde.  Hold up.  First you want to use non-dye, then Koolaid, then admit to some random off-brand DRANK on my luscious locks???  No sir.  I'ma have to get him together!!
13) I'm gonna have to ban blackberry photos until y'all can start showing something my eyes can see!!  DOWN WITH BLUR!!!  FAIL!!  GET IT TOGETHER!!!  (I have some mild feelings about this.)


Not so Anonymous said...

1. I went to check out the fashion blog you and the 30 for 30 remix sounds super cool. I also like her style of writing...you've made me an instant fan. thanks!

3. Lipgloss and mascara...I need these to survive, lol.

6. I'm the same way with tolerating kids...and half the time I don't even tolerate them. The thing is, I have the best kid in the world, so why would I want to deal with other children?? I don't.

8. Ditto. I wore all dresses and or skirt suits to work last week...and I noticed that I need many more options.

11. LOL...now that's hillarious. Thank goodness there is no baby Nautica running around.

SincerelyGo said...

I love your Monday Mindspacing post, I don't like the length of my hair. Its not short or long, which makes me feel like a soccer mom or something. I'm true to the Ponytail these days.

I use to watch fashion youtubers. I couldn't find anyone that dressed similar to my style. I found a lot of bubble gummers so I just stick to my instyle magazine subscription.

I told my friends if I were one to have dreads I would dye my hair fire engine red. I think that would be hot. Maybe next life time.

My ex use to be really helpful. We split that task 50/50.

In high school I wanted to name my daughter Alize. So yes maam. Same for me on that one. LOL



Nerd Girl said...

1. I'm going to check Kendi out. I read a lot of style blogs, but none of them are my style, so maybe I just like looking at pretty pictures.
4. My hair is at a standstill. Hence my recent urge to cut it all off.
6. I like my kid and a handful of others. The rest? Eh.
12. Bwahahahahahaha! Why the bootleg flavor packet Rashan? Why???

Sha Boogie said...

You and Rashan are my fave couple, the hilariousness you all produce! Flavoraid?? HAHAAA!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

3. Lipgloss and lotion and mascara and eyeshadow and blush and... LOL!!
4. Yaay!! for hair growth!!! Before you know it you'll have that ponytail.
7. You guys should take a cooking class together. A mexican cooking class. Then get tough with him like you did with blogger. He'll learn. LOL!!
8. Well know is the perfect time to stock up due to all the end of summer clearance sales everywhere!
9. Is it supposed to make your hips look smaller?
10. Never heard that one. She's very lucky with the weight and health thing. My cousin eats his donuts with melted American cheese on top. I tried it once. Not bad
11. Okay I was totally in love with the name Sydney!!! I played around with different spellings. Cydnee Symone insert last name here____LOL!
12. I heard that really works! I have no words for the Flavoraid tho.
13. I see. Too funny LOL!

Adei von K said...

I need to get past the weird length with my own hair! or you can cut yours and join me.... *CHEEEEEESE*

I bet Ina's cookbook will be awesome!

you already know iDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIED at the thought of a Nautica Alexis running around here... HAHAHAHAHA! A 7th grader at Meck Middle!! Ow!

Damn, Rah couldn't even spring for the name brand????

Jazzy said...

2 - o_O
4 - funny i was looking at your pic on FB and thinking how much it has grown. Not too long ago you were complaining about shrinkage and look at it now!
5 - I need a friend like the barefoot contessa. I want to attend her dinner parties.
7 - good luck with that! lol You have to admit Rah is definitely cooking more. Before he met you, he survived on instant oatmeal and taco bell or tuna subs!
10 - donuts with syrup...smh...doing too much!
12 - I dyed my sister's Barbie doll hair with bootleg cherry koolaid. Turned her blonde locks a lovely shade of fuschia. My sister was not pleased lol!

Trish said...

There is a fashion blog that I like going to on occasions. I like that while she has high end items, she also adds things regular folks can afford.

I need more skirts too, I have a considerable amount of dresses.

I wish I had a high metabolism sometimes. Then I think of insanely thin people I know who have to work at gaining weight.

My mom would try to be cheap with the flavorade. I don't care what anyone says, it does NOT taste like kool-aid! Rashan knows he is wrong for that, because that mess may make your hair come out!

Elaine said...

Oh, my goodness. You're funny.

1. I love Kendi too!
9. Yes. NOT SEXY. I am guilty...of being not sexy.
10. Jealous of her. I love doughnuts. and syrup. not together.
11. That is some crazy.
12. This was some funny.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

K. Rock said...

2. What's the show?

4. I definitely remember that stage. Jsut stick it out.

5. I luv the Barefoot COntessa. Her food always looks so good and refreshing. I want her to cook for me.

8. I need more pants. I love me some dresses so I am always buying new ones.

12. Ha!!

pserendipity said...

2. No.

3. I never remember to reapply lipgloss or lipstick. Why?

5. I need to go check out your other blog. You've become my food inspiration!

6. I'm with you. I could do without most other people's kids. The kool-aid mom, I am not! I'm getting new neighbors and they have 3 kids. Thanks for giving me one reason I'm glad I'm moving.

7. Why won't he just give you what you want???

11. My Dad's name is Sidney.

12. Rashan is a real man of genious. Stop fighting it.

Jameil said...

nsa... 1) i know! & you're welcome! i can't wait for you to join the remix! :)
3) i feel you!
6) lololol. love it.
8) i keep wearing the same one!
11) lolol. AMEN!!

sincerely go... thanks! hair is so irritating, isn't it?? i can't watch people talk. reading is so much quicker. i had to give up instyle b/c of the incessant celeb love fest. they moved further & further from fashion until i gave up. it's now usweekly w/a sprinkle of clothes. boring!

i feel like i need to make sure i'm going to be or not be in academia before i go that extreme. lol. can you imagine the mean professor w/the bright red locks?? lolol. alize??? LOLOL!!

nerd... 1) oooh! which ones do you read??
4) oh hair.
6) lololol.
12) b/c he's horrid!!

sha... lol. he's a mess!!

gp... 3) dang! all that? lol
4) i know!
7) we are so doing that! i'm getting tougher by the day!
8) i know but i'm on a budget!! and with all the money i spent on my car this summer, i can't afford to break it! unfortunately.
9) lol. i really don't think so. i think one or 2 do it, then 8 more do it until it proliferates ad nauseum.
10) yuck @ cheese on doughnuts. reminds me of disgusting kraft singles. plastic cheese product. she's always trying to gain weight.
11) lol. i gave it up! esp. now that it's fave roomie's daughter's name.
12) lol. it does but i'm gonna pass.
13) drives me mad!!

adei... i won't. i'll just make you jeally w/my pony. *swings it in your face* ina's cookbook will be the best! shut it at Nautica & there's no such thing as meck middle, crazy!! lol. rah is being a cheap jerk!!

jazzy... 2) what? what i do?
4) so cool!
5) right!??! i'm always like hey BC, you need a little color in your life... let me help you!
7) when i'm not here he still lives on that! and chicken breast. lol.
10) for real.
12) hahahahaha!!

trish... i don't like to look at the high end stuff b/c i don't want to be lusting after something i can't afford. lol. skirts! let's go get em! she is SO that person trying anything to gain weight. her dr. once had her on a 3k calorie A MEAL diet. did nothing. WOW. i had flavorade ONCE. never again.

elaine... lol. thanks.
1) she's so amusing!
10) I'll pass on them together, too! That life of super skinniness is never as fun as it seems. She would prefer to be your size.
11) i know!!
12) LOL

k... 2) the wire. lol
4) i will!
5) i know!!
8) it's difficult for me to find dresses that flatter my curves so I don't have many.
12) mess.

FaveRoomie said...

Miss Sydnee's name is Sydnee Denese because my mother named her thinking she (Sydnee)would carry on her legacy. What she DIDN't expect was for Syd's OTHER grandmother's middle name to also be Denise AND for me to change the spelling to DENESE! Talk about HOT! LOL!