August Goals

As you see, I'm doing these challenge days when I want to!  Hmph.  What I ate today?  That's silliness.  But for the record, (yesterday) I ate Mexican for lunch (an enchilada, a taco & a chile relleno) with a delicious lime margarita on the rocks with salt.  For dinner, Rashan & I went to the Vortex with Bakima (they are so fun!!).  I had fried dill pickle spears & a chili cheese burger with tater tots & it was delicious.  But today's discussion will be about my goals for August!!!

Here's what I set out to accomplish in August in keeping with my yearly goals and my 30 Before 30 goals and what I have planned for August.

1) Work on my relationship with God.  I surpassed my goal of 120 total chapters in the bible, reading 135 chapters.  My goal for August is to get to 185.  That originally included the approximately 20 chapters I had remaining in Genesis to complete the book but the end was so good, I read at least 10 chapters in one day and finished it before I could get this on the blog!  Here's how I reach my numbers: I estimate an additional 50 chapters knowing there will be some days I can't stop at 1 or 2 because it's too interesting... which I love!  And actually happened!!  Also, I will visit at least 2 churches in my new city this month via bible study or a Sunday service.  I like bible study first as an intro to the church.  If a pastor can't really open up a passage there, at least I've only lost an hour instead of 3.

2) Start my next film.  Wow...  WOW!!  We completed our 40-minute short as you know but seeing super shorts at the film festival in June made me want to complete a film that's 20 minutes or shorter.  I really can't wait.  I feel like there are some great possibilities right around the corner.

3) Take the next step in my career.  There was a significant step in July that I should be able to tell you about by Monday.  :)

4) Try new restaurants.  I just did okay on this but since I'm moving TOMORROW, I'm sure I'll try at least 3 new restaurants in my new city this month.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I am STILL BACK!!!  I TRIED 11 RECIPES LAST WEEK ALONE!!!  I still really, REALLY like when people ask me for food advice or try recipes I recommended.  Recipes and reviews with pictures are up on my food blog, The Record Dish, including my favorites this month, layered vegetable torte, green chile burgers with tomatillo-lime salsa, Italian flag pasta & falafel.  I really liked almost everything I cooked this month.  For August I want to try at least 2 vegetarian recipes each week.  I really enjoy getting something new out of vegetables and not missing meat in my meals.  Plus some of my vegetarian homies are starting to request it!

6) Watch more movies.  I still have plenty of time to get to 300 movies by the end of the year but I need to pick up the pace.  Honestly, this month I don't even feel like I have time to watch movies and I'm not really in the mood.  If I can watch 10 movies this month, it will be a miracle.  So far I've watched one.

7) Workout more.  I was shooting for 3xs a week.  I did 3-4xs a week 3 weeks of the month and 2 days one week.  Best so far but in August I want 3xs a week EVERY WEEK!  Can't wait to make that happen!!

8) Statecations.  For July, I had no statecation goal.  This month I want to go wine tasting for my birthday!  I think that will be awesome!  I would also be okay with a helicopter ride!  :)

9) Contact my grandma once a month.  I was supposed to finally send her a package of my stuff from graduation & screening.... I didn't do that or call her.  I should fix that.

10) Do FAFSA.  ............ DONE!!  And my financial aid package is nice.


Not so Anonymous said...

You're doing great on your goals!!! I need to take a page out of your dedication manual, lol.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I'm curious, so with the reading the bible goal do you find yourself feeling more spirtual? Is your relationship with God improving? Do you feel closer?

I'm with you on the working out. My walking partner flaked out and since its been so freakin cold I started treadmilling again. So as you struggle to get in 3x know I'm doing the same trying to get in 4x.

All for the NICE financials LOL! Good for you. It's cool to be able to study without stressing on cash flow!

Great goals!

Jameil said...

nsa... thank you!! you know you're my goal inspiration so i'm delighted to hear you say that!

gp... I definitely feel more spiritual and calmer! I can feel a difference in myself w/o that biblical injection. I have more chats with God throughout the day which makes me feel closer to him and like we have a better relationship.

Cold?? Wow... every time you say that I do a mental double take. I'm starting to feel like 3xs is no longer good enough and I need to get to 4. It takes way more work for the same results already!! Ugh. Working out in your 30s and 40s is going to be every bit as frustrating as Liz & 1969 say it is. i just know it!!!

seriously... i could not focus if i didn't know where my money was coming from. thanks!