Monday Mindspacing Vol. 62


1) I can't wait to see what magical, mysterious things my people have up their sleeves for me this year!  WOOHOO!!!
2) In just a few days I begin teaching my first college course!  THAT IS SO EXCITING!!  I feel like such an adult!  I've been working really hard for weeks preparing my syllabus.  I want this class to be a challenge and something they come away KNOWING they learned something.  Then I want them to intern somewhere so it can become immediately apparent just how much they learned!  :)
3) I see I need to repeat this missive.  STOP serving bad lemonade.  The idea of lemonade from a powder or that is neon yellow is almost as bad as the taste.  I just can't.  If you can't have fresh, you can at least open up a can of concentrate.  It's really not that hard, people.
4) Also, if you own a restaurant with southern or southern-style food, kill yourself for not serving lemonade.  That is not acceptable.
5) I had bbq twice in a week... Then I had leftovers for 2 days... I'm now over it.  I don't really need to eat bbq again for quite a while.  It helps that I have about 15 (non-bbq) restaurant recommendations!  GUESS WHO'S EXCITED ABOUT THAT??!!  MEEEEE!!
6) It amuses me when people don't know which of the president's daughters is which.  I remember because to me Malia seems like a grown up name and Sasha seems like a cute playful name.  There ya go!  You're welcome & may you never forget!
7) I hate that the media has us so primed with the idea of childmolesters on every corner that a man can't genuinely like children without there being an inkling of a thought that he should be careful lest someone mistake him for something he's not.
8) I've been so immersed in Civil Rights Movement-era books and films for the last 2 years (and before, but really in the last 2 years) that I find Negro appropriate in those contexts and get slightly annoyed when the writer amends, "as they were called in those days."  Like, DUH!  I know that's for those people who will inevitably write about how offensive it is to use that term because they didn't know or whatever their reason is.  *eye roll*
9) Who knew Jethro was something other than a country name?  Not me!  Or I'd forgotten.  He was Moses's father-in-law who gave him wise counsel to seek help.  That's really cool.  It's my uncle's middle name.  I still won't be naming any children Jethro.
10) Whenever I dream about guns directed at me, I always either escape the bullets by dodging them or am somehow magically able to wrest the gun from the (usually male) person's hands or direct the shot they get off away from me or other people.  Very strange.  And I clearly watch way too much tv.
11) I went to an event recently where servers were handing plates ACROSS THE TABLE.  Hol' up.  You are serving food in a bow tie and you're reaching across centerpieces to hand me my food??? Unacceptable.
12) I've already started composing my 35 Before 35 and 40 Before 40 lists...  That is so Aretha of me.  LOL.
13) This is rude.  I don't understand vegetarians who aren't skinny.  If I'm going to be abstaining meat, I'd better have 0 weight issues.  Or my issue should be I can't gain weight.  Can you believe this is the same person who wants to try 2 vegetarian meals per week?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday lady!!! I hope you have a the most fabulous of birthdays!!

10) Yep, you've clearly watched the Matrix too many times! *lol*

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Good luck on your new teaching gig!!! :-)

Sparkling Red said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And have a super-wonderful year.

Lemonade from powder? Why go to all the trouble? I'd rather drink plain water.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You know its a song right?
1. Me too!! post about it!
2. You are so lucky! Again this is my dream!!! I've been preparing syllabus' and I have boxes of things I want to teach and essays to assign. LOL! You are pushing me to get it together!
3.OMG so true! watered down M Maid from the fountain is the WORST. How could you(they) even bring this out? Take it back!
4. Wow Yeah totally unacceptable! Do better!
6. Yeah that is odd to me too!
7.I have mixed emotions about this one.
8.On a past paper a professor wrote "negro" should be in quotes because it's such a dated term. Excuse me is the not History from 1865 - present? *eye roll* If it's not appropriate here then where?
9. Yeah I knew about Jethro and laughed when I first read it. How did his name make it to the BHillBillies?
10.Bwhahaha! You're a super shero!
13. I said the same thing! Why are you fat? How is it possible? You should stop eating whatever you are eating immediately, and don't tell another soul you are a vegetarian! I equated vegan with healthy. I guess we're both wrong LOL!

Not So Anonymous said...

HAPPPPY Birthday!!!

6. They both look like their names to me.

SincerelyGo said...

Happy Birthday! Yes I hate artificially flavored Lemonade and Tea. My mom thinks every man is a child molester seems like....
Congrats on teaching your first college class. Hopefully by the end of my 5 year goal I'll be doing the same. I wonder If I'll have to take education courses along with my Architecture classes. Guess I need to talk to my counselor. Anywho...Have a great Birthday.

Nerd Girl said...

Happy birthday to you! I had a tasty glass of fresh squeezed lemonade in your honor :)

K. Rock said...

Aww man. I missed it.
Happy birthday Jameil!!!

2. Sound official.
5. I can barely do bbq leftovers for 1 day. It's just not one of those things you can eat for days (like lasagna)
6. I am one of those people. I will use this hint. Thanks.
13. Thank you! And they better be able to run faster than me too.

Trish said...

Happy Belated Jameil!! I hope you had a great day.

3. I love fresh lemonade. I buy lemons and make my own at home often.

13. I have someone like this in my family. The problem is overloading on carbs to fill the void of meat.

AR Gal said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Jameil said...

mrs.t... thanks!! LOL! i've only seen it once!

thanks miss b!!

red... merci!! i'd prefer it, too!!

gp... lol. idk that song!
1) i will!
2) thanks! you go do it!
3) gro.dy! i'm gonna start sending it back instead of grimacing while choking it down.
7) awareness is key. but i hate that normal men who just like children for the same reasons a woman wouldn't be thought of twice are slotted with the sickos.
8) eye roll for real.
9) lololol i have no idea.
10) i really am!
13) right!?! lol

nsa... thanks!!
6) there you go!

go... sooo gross!! re: molesters there are so many like her. Thanks on teaching and you can totally do it! i recommend education classes and practicums so you can get experience doing instead of just learning about doing.

nerd. lol! thanks!

k... it's okay! for the first time this year, i am un-stank-ly accepting late wishes!
2) i will!
5) i know what you mean!
6) my mom is, too! you're welcome!
13) yes!!! lolol

trish... thanks!!
3) ME TOO!! i use from concentrate but when I get a juicer, I'm totally going the fresh lemon route.
13) or they eat a ton of dessert b/c that's the only tasty thing to eat after mashed potatoes and corn.

ar gal... thanks! :)

Adei von K said...

I know a vegetarian who eats a LOT of pasta... and doesn't exercise. Carbs and no activity? weight gain.

Jameil said...

adei...hmmmm.... who would you be talking about?