Monday Mindspacing Vol. 60

My bad for the delay but I don't have the web in my apartment yet!  So much for that challenge, huh?  Also, the announcement may come tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.  Hold tight!
1) While I know that people have weight issues, it drives me bananas to listen to people talk about theirs when they're not doing anything to change it.  Be happy in your body or make moves.  (There seems to be a theme in these Monday Mindspacings...)  The worst though is when some normal-sized girl complains about not being skinny like some star.  That's a real psychosis???  o_O  Yes, I once had a thigh aspirant (AndieMcDowell-- I wanted my thighs to look like hers when I sat down) but I'm black.  I'm petite and all but my body's design means I'm never going to be stick thin.  I can have a small waist but my lower body will be talking to ya!  And you like it!  Lol.
2) My daily flawless face regimen used to be washing my face with water when I woke up.  I now have to use some sort of cleanser after I work out and moisturizer after I wash my face in the morning.  YO FACE!  Who told you to change on me?!?!  For a minute I had one or two unsightly(ly?) large pimples at all times.  Now that I've switched it up, my face is behaving again.  THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!!!
3) One of my fb friends: "just had the world's oldest and probably sickest dog bark @ me, lol, like 4 more barks and he'll be in the upper room old. I know he wants to scare me, but it ain't worth his life. lol it needs to save it's energy for more important things like breathing."  ROTFL!!!!!
4) When you're a new mom and your baby's first born, are you all delusional thinking your baby's cute?  Or are you like, "Okay... room to grow.  Not cute yet..."  Or are you like, "Please tell me she's gonna look better than that one day!!"?  Because newborns almost always look like aliens to me.  I'm not saying you don't love him/her but...
5) I realize I prided myself on living away from home and now I'm having to swallow that pill called, "You're almost moving back... only 1.5 hours away."  It is a big pill.  The kind my mom used to call horse pills.  The one it takes a mental reckoning and 3 or 4 swallows to get down.  Okay I will really get over it.  Lol.  What brought me to this revelation????
6) I realized I can now stop saying I'm from Charlotte, NC.  People in NC know what Charlotte is!  Lololol.  I have only lived there one year in the last 10 so that will be a random huge adjustment.  (I hate when people ask me if Charlotte is in SC.)
7) Why is my sister friends with the ex-girlfriends (yes, PLURAL) of several of her ex-boyfriends?  Like the only reason they know each other is because they have the same ex.  Weird.  And funny!
8) Ever since Rachael Ray told me you should only keep spices for a year, I can't stand those spice racks that are on everyone's registry.  I just think about how they were probably packaged three years ago and you won't use even one of them up in the next 2 years and it just grosses me out.  Thanks Rach.  You ruined me.
9) I hate when people say 'every since.'  I mean... even 36Mafia says, "Ever since I can remember I been poppin my collar."
10) I don't like the phrase "champagne taste on a beer budget."  First, I don't drink cheap beer.  Second, I don't drink cheap beer.  Wait, I already said that.  Third, it conjures images of plumbers with engorged bellies and exposed cracks.
11) My sister drinks half and half.  That is exactly what it sounds like.  She takes the little containers, shakes them up and drinks them.  I don't know how frequently she does it but she does it.  Gro.dy.  And then she indignantly asked, "Why is that gross?"  Girl please.
12) I want some nude, rounded pointy-toed pumps.  Preferably patent leather.  Ooh!  Or grey!!  Like these!  I wear a 7.5 (narrow if you can find it) and my birthday is August 23rd.  This is a hint... that I want them for my birthday.  You still have time.


Trish said...

1. My BFF and I were just talking about this today. I share this peeve with you. The problem is we're in the instant gratificatin era and people don't want to work hard for weight loss results.

3. LOL! Poor old dog!

4. Someone once told me there's no such thing as an ugly baby..uh...yeah...about that....

8. I had no idea about the spices, now I can thank you for ruining it for me! Lol!

11. Yuck!!!

12. Nice shoes and great price!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.OMG! if this is so my stylist/friend. She complains and complains and complains does nothing does something when others are doing something then stops complains then hates on others oh I could go on but I'll stop!
2. Hmmm getting tough with pimples now?! LOL!
4. Okay I have seen some cute just borns only a few but for the most part noooo! I have a classic Oh look at you with that faaaace *in cute baby voice* LOL!
8. What???? Okay so I had a feeling. I have a spice rack for decoration. And I purchase and use up my other spices.
9. I'm completely irked by bad diction period! I have to constantly resist the urge to correct people so they won't hate me. LOL!
11. What??????
12. Nine West is having free shipping and 20% off and an extra $10 if over 50 Today!

She Draws said...

I want a nice wedge peep toe shoe. Sighs...I like your Monday Mindspacing tweets. For the most part there are newborns and then there are pretty newborns(rare). Girl let's not talk about swallowing pills. Or how I could beat my sisters ass. It's all good though. I've been losing weight since I've been in Cali. I look back at old pictures like wow. But yes I agree.



She Draws said...

Umm I meant "Post" not tweets. Lol

K. Rock said...

4. When Slinky (my youngest) was born, I did not think she was cute. I was a little worried. But I just had to give her some time to develop and now she is officially the cutest little girl ever.

8. I know spices get old and I have had some in my cabinet for like 5-6 years!! I know they probably have NO taste by now.

9. That is one of the many language slips that irks me.

11. That sounds absolutely gross. Like picking up a container of cream and taking it to the head. Blach.

12. Narrows unite!! I wear a 7 narrow but I can never find narrows anymore.

Nerd Girl said...

Poor dog!

I was definitely delusional. LOL! I thought Lovegirl was the prettiest little thing I'd ever seen when I had her. Looking back - she looked JUST like my husband - good look on a grown man, not so cute for a baby girl!!! Even Lovegirl was like "Mama, I thought I was a girl my whole life - why am I am boy in my baby pictures???"

1/2 and 1/2? Ewwwww!

Ladynay said...

LOL@Rachel Ray ruining your spice life.

When you/If you ever birth a child, you will see it as perfect. Cone head and all *cheese*

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about #1 today. A coworker was talking about how diabetes and heart disease run in her family, so she already knows how she's gonna die. But, I'm sure you already guessed it, she can stand to lose about forty pounds. And I'm sure she won't, she'll just complain about it...a lot.

Jameil said...

trish... that and i'm sure regular laziness that all the rest of us deal with.
3) hahahaha!
4) they lied!
8) you're welcome! lol
12) I KNOW!!

gp... 1) lame.
4) iDied at look at you w/that face! lolol!!
8) not decoration! hahahaha!
9) it's such a mess! i used to constantly correct people. i was such a nuisance.
11) girl YES.

she draws... I want a that shoe! I figured what you meant. LOL. Losing weight? Go you!

k.. 4) yessss! mother honesty is the best!
8) lololol. i had to use some 4 yo nutmeg the other week and had the stank face the whole time. my mom and grandma have spices from my childhood, grandma from mom's childhood!! no ma'am.
9) don't get it!
11) exactly!!
12) yeaaaaah! narrows are so hard to find.

nerd... hahaha! he needs to think about self-preservation! dead @ Lovegirl! She's the best!

lady... she really did, tho. k rock told me the truth, ladynay! lol

happy... and you get to listen. OH. JOY.

Sparkling Red said...

4. Newborns look like larvae to me for the first few weeks. Cute little grubs, but larval nonetheless.

10. LOL!

Jameil said...

4. ROTFL!!! What is a cute grub?? Those things are so rarely cute!
10. i know... i'm so bratty.

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