Tomorrow's the day I begin teaching my first solo collegiate-level course!  So exciting!  As of right now I have 24 students.  I hope to get a few more to drop so we can have better discourse (and I don't drown in work).  I've planned a tough, but fair approach for the first day so they understand that I have a passion for journalism and won't stand for it being watered down for anyone.  I want them to leave the course knowing they can immediately contribute to a newsroom.  I am empowering the next generation of journalists.  I am also about 9 years older than my youngest student which is hilarious to me.  When did I get this far removed from undergrad? 

Today I had my first class as a student at Wake.  It was very interesting.  I don't have a syllabus yet so I'll reserve judgment.  Tomorrow I have my second class as a student, but with a professor I had at UF so for the most part, I know what to expect.  I look forward to a productive 8.5 months.  After that, I'm Jameil, MFA.  WOW!  Life really speeds right past you.  Even when you're paying attention.  If I'm around less than usual, that's why.  I'm at least 4 recipes behind on posting on the record dish.  But I FINALLY HAVE THE INTERNET AT HOME AGAIN!!!  I was going crazy.  Birthday update coming soon as well.  Adios!


Not So Anonymous said...

Good Luck Today!

Sparkling Red said...

I hope it went really well! 24 is a big class, but not too big, I think.

When I used to teach I had students who were way older than me, adults in their 50's retraining for a second career. It was weird at first, but I got used to it.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I hope you had an absolutely fabulous first day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trish said...

I'm late! Hope it was great! I'm awaiting the birthday details!!

SincerelyGo said...

Yes!!!!I love it. Congratulations and good luck.



Jameil said...

IT WENT WONDERFULLY! Post with a pic of my outfit forthcoming!! :)

nsa... thanks!

red... there were about 5 extras who were trying to get in class. rejected. mine are all in their late teens/early 20s.

gp... i did!

hnb... thanks!

trish... it was! those are coming, too!

go... thanks! :)