August Babies: We're the Best!!

Are you aware of how close my birthday is???  Have you planned accordingly??? MONDAY!!!  AHHHHH!!  I'M SO EXCITED!!  I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!  I want something A.MA.ZING!!  USE YOUR OPRAH VOICE, PEOPLE!

August has always been a huge month for me when it comes to events and birthdays.  In my family, we roll deep and rep hard for August.

16- A cousin on each side
20- Uncle's birthday (dad's brother)
21- Dad
22- Parents' (former) anniversary
23- MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
26- Older sister's birthday
27- Grandfather's birthday (dad's dad)

When I got to middle school, I knew we were the most awesome crew ever when I heard the birthdays of 5 out of six of us.

3- AR
21- MJ
23- MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
27- SH
30- TJ

In Rashan's family....
6- His brother
31- His oldest niece

Blog la familia
4- Therapeutic Musings!
18- Naima!  She doesn't blog but she tweets & comments!

More August birthdays!!  MORE, MORE!!!  So in case you didn't know, the best people in the world have August birthdays.  My dad & Bill Clinton have the same birthday so he can't be that bad!  Hey JazzKat, I share a birthday with Kobe!  LOLOL


Mrs Count said...

Let's parrttttyyyyy! It's birthday time :) I still need to order you gift, I'm going to do it right now!

August birthdays are theeeeeeee best!

Anonymous said...

Your excitement is contagious!! Keep enjoying all the birthday buildup!

Adei von K said...

I only like one person born in August, Poppa Diddy Pop (Aug 26).

oh, and the parents' anny (Aug 7).

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I feel you on the 23 happiness...from one 23 (9/23) to another....have a great bday month!

Anonymous said...

That just sounds expensive! (Can you tell I'm cheap?)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Just a gratuitous plug for more birthday well wishes. LOL! Okay then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Trish said...

That is toooo many birthdays!!

In September, too many friends and family members have birthdays, I always go broke! Lol!

I'm sure your birthday will be wonderful!

Jameil said...

Mrs. Count... I thought you ordered that weeks ago! LOL.

mrs.t... yeaaaaaah!!!

adei... but really who asked you?

dani... yeaaaaah!! thanks!

happy... lolol. it was back then but now we are all very happy with a phone call only, maybe a card.

gp... YEP!! AND WHAT?!?! LOL

trish... lol. I'm so used to it now. I pay it no attention. We don't really exchange gifts like that among the August bdays so it makes it much better!

SimplyB said...

How could you forget about President Obama!!!

My birthday is August 19th and I just gave birth to my precious daughter on the 21st!!!!

Jameil said...

My bad! I'm the worst! Lolol. Yay AUGUST BABIES!!!