Movies 2010, Weeks 31 & 32

August 15-21, 2010
165) Expelled.  Ben Stein's documentary about the treatment of those who present intelligent design as a theory for the start of life.  Incredibly, annoyingly kitschy in its presentation.  Unfocused.  High production values.  The way the story was laid out was not pleasant.  The combative, slanted point-of-view is one I do not favor.  There was an entire section on theHolocaust that really could've been left out or much shorter.  When you infer and show it for 20 seconds, we get it.   This should have been at least 15 minutes shorter.  Corniest ending ever.  Dropped it even lower.  2.9 stars
166) Monster Camp. A documentary about live-action role players.  We get a look at their lives in play and out of play.  I had trouble suspending my disdain for some people... like the ones who are too busy with games to finish high school after 4 or 5 years as a senior.  There were interesting parts but I think this film would have been much more cohesive as a short.  3.3 stars
167) The FBI's War on Black America.  This documentary included some really amazing archival footage.  It was pretty riveting based on that.  Oh music... not awesome.  A traditional story line didn't exactly exist either.  It started as a rather rudimentary introduction to the topic then went into some detail.  3.4 stars (Mostly for the archival footage)
168) The African Queen. Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn star as two opposite-minded people trying to get out of Africa just as the first World War has started... through German territory.  There was some great tension between the two.  Clearly the phrase, "I never been shot in the head neither." is one of the best ever.  Lol.  I don't know who did the sound on the dvd but all of the natural sound & music was way louder than the dialogue so multiple times I had to turn the volume up or down.  Annoying.   I mean... what kind of ending was that???  It was an insane plan that had me like, "And then what??"  Satisfactorily dissatisfactory.  3.9 stars

August 22-28, 2010
Birthday's are so fun! :)  Nope, that does not have anything to do with movies I watched!
169) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town.  Great Frank Capra-directed movie about a small-town tuba player (Gary Cooper) who inherits $20 million from a long-lost relative and attracts the wolves, including a pretty newspaper woman in Jean Arthur.  The original version of the Adam Sandler film.  Very cute.  4.4 stars

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