Monday Mindspacing Vol. 63

1) I hate #teamfollowback on twitter.  I will never, not ever be a part of it.  I don't need millions of followers, nor do I want to follow millions.  The absolute worst are those shout outs to all the new followers that take up an entire page on my timeline.  You are now deleted.
2) However, I don't see twitter as something to take personally.  I may like you in life/on your blog/on facebook and find you utterly irritating on twitter.  Follow me or don't and vice versa.  We'll all be okay.  I promise.
3) I feel weird when I'm around Rashan and we don't watch "Family Guy."  He loves that show.  It now reminds me of him.  Sometimes I watch it when he's not around and I'm missing him. (vomit)  The other show that he loves but that I can't stomach?  SouthPark.  Those children are too awful.
4) When people talk about starting to read the bible, they talk about all the "begats," the recitation of lineage of the earliest people, in Genesis as difficult to finish.  For me, the detailed description of the temple and priests adornment in Exodus was far more tedious.
5) It's been so long since I was a cursing machine that it feels weird when I curse.  Sometimes I unconsciously cringe when other people curse.  That's mostly because it wasn't easy for me to stop and hearing it a lot sometimes makes me want to start again.  It's not a constant struggle but it's a struggle nonetheless.
6) I bought this Marc Jacobs necklace at his Savannah store.  It was cute and a great price... until it broke the first time I wore it. :/
7) I love the phrase, "Give us a kiss."  I think it's so cute! :)
8) I seriously don't know how Meredith Viera keeps a straight face on "Millionaire."  This guy had to phone a friend on where are Rocky's parents from...... Kansas & Kenya.  None of the answers looked close enough to it to be confusing.  If you don't know Kansas, you have to know Kenya.  Come on, man!!  Other choices were like Tennessee & Tanzania.  HELLO!!!  How do people not know the president's heri... willful ignorance.  But it just cost you money.  On second thought, he described himself as a 'degenerate gambler' & I know they don't have tvs on the floor.  Carry on.  Go lose your money on the craps table.
9) It annoys me that cows are SUPPOSED TO EAT GRASS but because they are so often fed corn, you have to pay a premium for grass-fed beef.  Problem.  Scowl.
10) Which brings me to another point that Rashan is overjoyed to hear: I'm so tired of spending a huge amount of (his) money on a "fancy" meal that may or may not be good.  The worst part?  The most fancy part of it is that the ingredients are local.  Local is not cheaper when it comes to restaurants.  They use it as a badge of make you pay too much money.  But your $14 meatloaf?  Makes me want to eternally avoid your whole chain restaurant menu in a "local" restaurant name.  And be angry about it.
11) Make people stop telling me about their delightful plantation visits, please.
12) Birthdays on facebook are the best ever!!!  That is HANDS DOWN the best day on facebook!!  *personal dance party*
13) Me & Rashan wanna know why bacon's so hard to open.  Do people steal single slices of bacon??  So of course this thought brought others.  When you put it in other packages what happened?  Does it NEED to be stacked in an array so that every slice is visible???  Is this how you prove no slices have been pilfered?  WHAT'S THE DEAL, BACON HEADS?!?!?!?!


Naima said...

#6. Boo hiss!! Do better, Marc!
#13. I literally just laughed out loud at my desk. Loudly. Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Not so Anonymous said...

1&2 - I just can't get into twitter. I don't need another thing to be addicted to (blogging and fb have me at my limit).
5. I'm doing better with my bad words, but they aren't completely gone. Despite that , I almost always cringe when other people curse, especially when they use "big" bad words, lol.
9. I hate that too.

Nerd Girl said...

1. I still don't get twitter. LOL!
4. You speaketh the truth! I feel like I could build a temple or sew a priestly garment with as much as I know about curtain rods, cubits, acacia wood and ephods.
9. Hahahahaha! That amuses me. Thank you.
13. Hahahahaha! That too amuses me. I thought about that this weekend when I wanted to rip the bacon (turkey!) package open with my teeth. But didn't for fear of death by salmonella. But I wanted to! Oh, how I wanted to.

Sparkling Red said...

4) Agreed. Exodus reads like the instructions for flat-pack furniture.
5) I stopped cursing when I started going to church, which was around the same time that a few of my closest friends had kids, so they stopped too. Now when I hear my little sister's sailor-mouth I cringe. But I used to be just like that.
9) Have you read The Omnivore's Dilemma? If not, I recommend it.

K. Rock said...

1. I don't even know how twitter works so I dunno what you're talking about.
6. That's sucks. NO expensive jewlery for me for that same reason.
10. Restaurants are looking for any reason to upcharge these days. And yes the food could be good or bad.

Ladynay said...

Ok so the bacon thing at the end made me laugh out loud! HA!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

3. Awwwww I hated FG at first but now when I watch it I die! It's stupid Funny! My fav is when Brian owed Stewie money. Where's my money man? Bwhahahahaha!
4. Yeah those parts are so boring to me. I have yet to fully read through it.
5. I stopped cursing. Then started back and now I'm sorta trying to stop again. Since I started back people that had stopped cursing around me just curse all willy nilly. I now have the nerve to be offended again *shrug* but will curse when they do?!
6. Whaat??? I'm so upset for you!Did you take it back? Get it fixed? I expect WAY more from designer stuff! Hmph!
11. Bwhahahahaha that is sooooo crazy. *DEAD* I mean what are you supposed to say to that? *side eye* to the offender!
13. LOL! As a confirmed Bacon Head. Bacon is so hard to open because the air is sucked out the package so it can stay fresh. Air can spoil bacon fast. Remember the tuna on Top chef it looked whack but was still edible. Bacon can do the same thing but ain't nobody eating no gray bacon!

Anonymous said...

1. I just can't get with twitter. High five @ Not so Anonymous - I have no time for anymore online stuff.

6. Please tell me you called and told them about the necklace. They'll be needing to make that right.

13. Thanks GP for explaining about the bacon packaging so that I don't have to type it out! *lol*

Elaine said...

Hhahaaha, you are so funny. I'm the same with twitter - some people are so annoying! that's why I only follow 45..

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Nobody not really... said...

I read this like "Rocky's parents were from Kansas and Kenya? I don't remember that from the movie..."

I felt dumb when it finally hit me. geesh

Jameil said...

nai... 6) RIGHT!?!
13) LOL

nsa... I've been doing it for so long I can't imagine not doing twitter.
5) LOLOL! I feel you!
9) Grrrr

nerd... 1) lol. i don't get when people say they don't get twitter.
4) ROTFDL!!!!!! ME TOO!!!
9) You're welcome!
13) I feel you!!

5) MY LITTLE SISTER, TOO!! I automatically say, "Language" when she gets too vulgar. A string of curse words? Come on.
9) No... but I've thought about it.

k... 1) lololol
6) It wasn't even that expensive! It was so THE PRINCIPLE!

lady... LOLOL

gp... 3) we say, "That's what happens man" ALLLLL THE TIME!! LOLOLOL Also "Cool WHip."
4) I feel you!
5) lolol!! EXACTLY!!
6) Ugh. I didn't. I bought it in Savannah.
11) I usually stare at them, grunt non-commitally then change the subject. Not cool. It's like they forget I'm black. Or are so caught up in the beauty they don't realize I never don't remember the original purpose.

MrsTDJ 1) lol. there's always more time.
6) I WISH. ugh.
13) Oh hush! Over here high fivin and thankin! Havin a good ol time! Lol

elaine... it's so ridiculous!

nobody... lolol. i actually thought, hmmm... some of them don't know WHO i'm talking about! that was my campaign nickname for him. rocky & shelly.