It's Thanksgiving Finally

Y'all can stop cursing my name now. Here it goes...

Wednesday after work, I went home, washed my hair, packed the clothes I'd set aside that morning before I left for work, then headed to the airport. I'd spent the day warning all of Pittsburgh (via writing for and producing the morning shows) all of the things they needed to know about "the busiest travel day of the year," including getting to the airport at least 90 minutes in advance and the "3-1-1." That's you may carry containers of liquids of gels in travel-sized containers 3.4 oz or less in one-one quart bag per person. And prepare yourselves for a wait and possible delays. All of this information of course came from TSA and the airport. I get to the airport and there is no line to check-in, then a man directs me to the alternate security point where there are only 4 people in line ahead of me. I'm looking around thinking, this is less time than I've EVER had to wait at the airport.

I get on the plane and its a smooth ride to Detroit. I'd finally calmed down from all the hyperactivity I imposed upon myself about meeting the bf's mom for the first time. I try to get a pedicure at the airport spa (the one good thing about Detroit's airport) but they're all booked. Bah! So I sit and listen to my ipod, call my mom since trying to take a nap wasn't working. I knew this would mean I was ridiculously tired once I got to Norfolk since I'd been up for 15 hours already and it was only 4pm.

I get off the plane in Norfolk looking fabulous of course since I knew the plan was for the bf and his mom to pick me up and for us to go to a restaurant from there. I'm suddenly nervous even though some woman had been talking to me most of the way there, despite the fact that I had my ipod in my ears AND a magazine open on my lap. Wow... that's dedication. I was getting to see the bf, though, for the first time in more than 6 weeks, so I was actually nice. Plus it was her first time flying and she was going to see her grandchildren. How mean can you be to someone like that?

I call Stacey so she can calm me down a little more and to describe the fit. Black tweed blazer with 3/4 length sleeves, black sleeveless shirt w/a ruffle down the front, jeans, black and cream satin polka dot flats, the birthday diamond earrings, black drop earrings, and a black necklace with the Christmas bratch. I get to baggage claim, call the bf, see him, give him a brief hug, take a deep breath, then turn around and meet his mom.

She's tall. She had on heels and I had on flats making me 5'1 and her at least 5'9. I didn't even reach her shoulder. Hahahahaha. I gave her a hug, we got my bags and walked to the car to decide what to eat. He told me his mom had suggested Applebee's but he didn't think I liked it. I cheered and cursed him in my head. Cheered b/c yay! you know me! Cursed b/c clearly if your mom suggests it, the first time we meet, I can't be the picky bitch who says, "Eww! No way!" So I say "Applebee's is fine." It's not that I hate it, it's just nondescript. There's really no reason to eat there. I did want to try some of the stuff Tyler Florence makes there but I wasn't in the mood for any of it.

Once we were there, he left the table twice!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?! The first time, there was silence for at least 2 minutes. That is a long time to be silent. We were both perusing the menu, then she asked what I was going to get and I said I'm not sure and she said, me either, then more silence. He finally returned. We ordered, then he left again to go call one of his friends to tell him we would meet him at the club after we dropped his mom off. This time we sat in silence until I asked what she was cooking for Thanksgiving. That was good, then more silence. SO AWKWARD!!!!

We ate. No one was very impressed with it, then we dropped of his mom and rode around for a while. Then we went to Wynel's house. I put in Robin Thicke and sat on his lap and listened and talked while Wynel did her hair. I started to fall asleep and he kept waking me up. It was around midnight and I had been up for 24 hours by this point. Wynel left the house to us. "2 the Sky" came on and it was a wrap! That song is faaaaaaaaabulous. We were asleep within the hour.

The next day, Wynel and I went to her boyfriend's aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was so yummy. The dressing was offffff the chaiiiiiiiiiiin!! Mmmmmm-MMMMMMMMM! Lol. Then we went to her cousin's house for dinner. Ate more. Here the ham was the bomb. They also had she-crab soup. I wanted to try it but I was too full. I fit right in immediately. As soon as I walked in the door, Wynel's uncle said, "Jameil you gotta be more careful about the company you keep. You can come back anytime, and you don't have to come with Wynel, because if you do, we'll never see you again." Hahahaha. Then he says, "Also, there's a cover charge, you just give the money to me." I said, "Yeah, Wynel said she'll take care of me." He was like, "Naw, that ain't how it work." Hahahahahahahahaha. Just like home. Most of her cousins were around our age so we had a good time. We watched "Lackawanna Blues" (GREAT MOVIE), then "Grey's Anatomy." Man that show is great. Can't wait for this week. The last day of sweeps, too? It's gonna be off the chain.

Then we went to Wynel's college roommate's house. Her dad is a chef. He made some bangin gumbo!! I saw her adorable baby and we watched some more tv and caught up. Then we went back to Wynel's house. I talked to the bf for a little while, then went to sleep. The next day we woke up, ate, talked about our career goals (she was also in the Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications with me and the bf), then got ready to head to the airport.

So that's it. Are you happy now?

What I'm thankful for (in no particular order):
* Benefits!
* Going to the dentist today and having no cavities for the 24 year or however long I've had teeth
* Being able to fly where I want when I want
* My family
* The blog la familia
* Stacey, Ashli and the entire Hampton crew
* Life, health and strength
* Food (I love food!!)
* The bf
* Daddy-Daughter Day

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure now that the Steelers are done...people have stopped watching the news.

glad to see you enjoyed your holiday...

I like the BF...he has a certain nondescript swagger about him..reminds me of me in my younger days.

Southern Girl said...

Sounds like you had a much deserved holdiay honey! Glad for that!! Robin Thicke is what that is!!

Adei von K said...

that's bomb that your wait and flight were smooth despite the fact someone wanted someone to talk to... lol

you know i love that she wore heels right? i think that is HUH-larious! Ole Tall Tina...

dog, so jelly of the feasts. i'm still hungry for thanxgiving dinner =(

p_nami said...

Sounds like you had a fabolous break from "the plantation" Next time you may wanna break out the 4 inch fcuk em heels. LOL

Jameil said...

dp... hahahahaha. thanks. nice to know my job is an exercise in futility. i like the bf too! :D

southern... yes indeed! and i'm takin another one.

stace... tell her to hush please. next week when i fly i won't be as nice. i know i won't. hahaha. not tall tina! lol my grandma is 5'10 barefoot and always wears heels. you should've come to norfolk too. we would've had a ball.

doll... i'm sure his mom will love if i call them that too right? hahahaha. he told me she was at least 6 inches taller than me so i was planning on wearing heels but i def. didn't want to have to walk around airports all day in them. the backup plan was to just pull them out of my bag before i saw her but she came before the bag did so there went that plan. oh well. i'm tiny. its cute.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a pretty good thanksgiving to me... i love love love the robin thicke cd... but really and truly glad to hear u had a good time ... have a good weekend!

Dreamlover said...

Wow, sounds like you had a lot of fun!!

Did you and the mum ever get into any good conversations??

All that food is makimg me hungry hungry, and I am PISSED right now..

Grey's is not on but some stupid IOWA basketball game!!


the joy said...

you and the bf have this cozy sleep thing going. its so cute. you ate so much ma'am. so much!

you wouldnt believe how many people ask me if we carry one quart bags in our shop. damn it, no. dont they grocery shop?

So...Wise...Sista said...

ok, sorry to be the lone dissenter...and you know i love me the BF...but he was WRONG for leaving yall at the damn table. and the second time he was just tryin to be funny. he coulda sent that boy a text! lol

And now that I think about it, he was wrong for bringing her to the airport! Let you get yourself together on terra firma first before you meet the mama. But sounds like you made a valiant 1st impression.

And I'ma need yall not to go another 6 weeks, pls. :)

Madam DLBG said...

Bout dayum time...took you long enough!!

Wait, so you only met the mom at dinner? And only spent one evening with the bf?

Ladynay said...

5'1" in flats? I want to say I knew that but didn't know that! LOL

Yay for a decent meeting of the mama. I am mad at the BF for leaving twice tho'

Jameil said...

ai... yep! pretty good.

dream... alas. never a good convo. so sad. boooooooo iowa!! wth???? that's horrible. they know they could've put that game on espn. did they show it later? i'm so concerned.

joy... i really did eat so much. ick. if hotels were smart, they would have those on hand. people are going to need them. the requests aren't going to stop until the rules are relaxed which could be never.

WISE!!! WE ARE *HERE* i mean really. and then he was like neither of you were being yourselves and i felt like i was carrying the convo. how much of ourselves can we be when we're 1st mtg and don't know each other? carry that convo w/pride!

and i def. needed to get my bearings at the airport. i didn't even get to give him a real hug. it was just like 2 pats, then turn around. NOT COOL!!

don't worry, we'll be seeing each other again dec. 9th! :D

madam... yes to both of those. but it wasn't a waste of a trip b/c i got to see my homie wynel and we had a great time together. she actually invited me and i knew going out there that i wouldn't see him much.

lady... hahaha. yeah i'm short. and yes he was wrong for leaving! well.. the first time was for the bathroom so he gets a pass on that.

La said...

Lol! Awwwwww I love meet the parents stories. I'm sure you were delightful dear. And I'm sure she loved you.

And if she didn't, just lemme know. I know some dudes we can send to her house to "change her mind." Just letting you know you have options.


Unless you really want me to, lmao

So...Wise...Sista said...

Dec 9? Yesss! ;)
The BF's expectations are way too unrealistic. Yes, his 2 women are amazing and charming, yadda yadda...but dayum, HE'S the conduit, not the Appleby's menu!!

CNEL said...

Seems you had a good Thanksgiving Jam.

I'm sure by being you, you impressed the mom's.

HaHa I was thinking of you in Seattle. I'm sitting there eating different foods in Seattle like crumpets: with smoked salmon or pesto sauce and cheese, soups: french onion (I'd never had that before), and stuff from this interesting restaurant named Wild Ginger which was some sort of Asian (Indian cuisine) maybe. Anywho I was stepping outside the comfort zone with my food choices, next outside the box moments come when I go clothes shopping.

Ms.Honey said...

Ok sounds like were stuffed for real I'm surprised you made it back able to sit in one plane seat LOL....

BF sounds cute LOL..funny how he left you at the table...maybe his mom was also worried about what you would think of her LOL...

I love how you describe the fits LOL

Sherlon Christie said...

that sounded brutal with his mother. I hope it gets better.

Anonymous said...

Its about time!!! Sike! I am glad to see that you had a great holiday. Maybe next time you nad his momma can talk a lil more.

Jameil said...

la... hahahahaha! you will not threaten the bf's momma! hilarious girl.

wise... sigh. i know that, YOU know that. we'll work on it.

cnel... yay food!! can't wait! :D

honey.. he's adorable. and he said she WAS worried abt how i would see her, too. that makes me feel better. but i wish i'd known that ahead of time. that would've been far more helpful. leveled the playing field a little.

sp.. brutal?? i wouldn't say all that. she didn't grill me or anything. it was just a little awkward as you'd expect.

epsi... quit hatin. you showin up all late. 7 days after i post talkin bout about time.