Thanksgiving... Less bah and looking up!

The Thanksgiving outlook is improved just a few days since I re-iterated the plan. Since Ashli essentially told me to suck it up and quit whining, I bought my ticket to Virginia for much cheaper than it was originally listed. Originally listed at $292, I bought mine for $177. See airlines? I will not allow thee to steal all my money from me. Unfortunately, I will be flying Northwest which I hate b/c no matter where you go in the nation, you have to fly to Detroit first. WTF Northwest? That can't be cost efficient. Instead of flying me direct to Hartford or Norfolk, it makes more sense to fly me to Detroit, THEN to my final destination? I'm going with no. Stop being stupid.

Anyway. Back to Detroit Wayne I go. I have about an hour and a 1/2 layover so I'm going to try to set up an appointment for a pedicure and try to relax since when I get off the plane...


I'm meeting the bf's mother for the first time. I'M SO NERVOUS!! I don't know what to wear. Come on guys!! You knew that would be one of the first things I would think. So I'm trying to figure out what to wear right? I looked at the feng shui fashion guide just because it was on AOL's front page. I would like to let the author know she was NO HELP!! Thanks for nothing Stephanie!

An excerpt:
"Pink – Soothing and nurturing, pink is a great color for putting people at ease. This color also dissipates anger, so it’s a great choice when you want to kiss and make up. Avoid pink if you want to be seen as decisive and bold, however, as it conveys softness.
Brown – Whenever you feel scared or insecure, wear brown. This grounding color has an effect that is most comforting. Wear it when you want others to put their faith in you. Avoid brown, however, when you are in a rut or dealing with stubborn people.
White – Nothing inspires trust like the color white. Wear this color when you want to appear detailed, efficient and faultless. Keep away from white when you want to convey a relaxed, easygoing image. White can also promote anxiety, so use it carefully."

Erm... so are you saying I should go naked? Because obviously while each color has some redeeming qualities, if I'm feeling the slightest bit unsure (which HELLO I will likely be b/c I'm meeting mom!!), then I will spiral rapidly into a quagmire of depression never to resurface. And THEN what would his mom think of me? She would tell him to get far, far away from that psycho girl! And that would be no good!

*Deep breath and soothing thoughts* I'll be staying at my homie Wynel's house which she offered to me and the bf for a date night on Wednesday. How sweet is she? She actually was a part of the bf and me meeting freshman year. At least that's what I think. We were friends for so long before we became more that I don't even know how we met, let alone when, other than it was freshman year.

I have no idea what Wynel and I will be doing on Thanksgiving day but I'm sure we'll have fun... I'll let you know how it goes!


Madam DLBG said...

There you go, put on that "Thanksgiving is great" smile!

Mmmm, meeting **old english accent voice** "Thee Mother for thee first time are we?" Well, I think you should wear colors that cmpliment your skin tone so that your personality pops out. Example, my skin tone, I'd wear reds, oranges, golds and browns. What colors make ur skin tone POP?

Also, what about a wonderfule sweat with jeans or skirt? Then some sweater toned boots? This could be a great and simple start to teh outfit :-)

Madam DLBG said...

**not "sweat" but sweater**

Dreamlover said...

ooh, goodluck meeting mum, that will be a bit scary i'm sure!!

No idea what you should wear! Sorry!


the joy said...

at least youre not meeting her at a gas station like i did. also if you go naked you'll still be wearing brown:)

way to turn the frown upsidedown.

Karamale said...

dtw sucks. northwest couldn't have picked a shittier hub. oh yeh, i'm back. stop on thoo fo a spell.

Jameil said...

madam... not ye olde english voice!! hahahahaha. i'm thinking cashmere. i need cashmere. i already have my shoe choice narrowed down to two-- either brown suede wedges or gray flannel pumps with a little white fluffball, both nine west of course. i'm leaning more toward the brown b/c i think the gray would come off a little pretentious... but if she's a shoe person, she would love them. hmmmmmmm... more research needed.

glad you weren't telling me to bring sweats!!!

dream... no help!!! lol

joy... hahahaha! not the gas station! oh the hilarity! love it. yay brown!

kara!! for real this time? oh how i've missed thee.

CNEL said...

1) Yay for less expensive airfare. You were right when you said to me stay in school to soak up free trips, and less responsibilities.
2) NW is a little screwy if every flight has to go through the D.
3) Meeting the mom's has to be both nerve wracking and exciting. Just think of it this way, it's a necessary step forward. All you have to do is show her that you love her son, and not only will she like you, but hopefully you'll earn her respect. Now you know parents don't just want to cause hell for their children's sig other, they just want to make sure that someone else can treat them like the person they were raised to be. It's a test that you'll pass with flying colors.
4) As for fashion just be tasteful, and wear something that reflects you.

Have a great holiday if we don't blog converse b4.

Anonymous said...

you've already done something right if youre meeting the mom ... so dont stress it too much... my advice on outfits is always make sure they're complete... but not overdone... and well you can never go wrong with a pair of nine west pumps no matter which pair you pick! Good Luck!

Adei von K said...

wear pink. not saying you don't want to be seen as decisive and bold, but the redeeming qualities outweigh the 'softness' factor. you're a girl, be feminine for momma's baby boy =)

4EverJennayNay said...

good luck girlie!

I'm hesitant about meeting the parents and I'm hesitant to intro the sig other to the fam too... I did it once and it went okay, but I was sweating bullets the entire time.

Marvelous said...

Ok chica.. One thing I've learned: when we worry toooo much about something, NOTHING absolutely NOTHING goes wrong! Instead.. everything is so pleasant. *english accent* You and mum will just sit in for a cup of tea and converse about good ol' times with the son. LOL..
Seriously, you gotta go dressed comfortably but classy. Showing you're a Great Woman and no insecurities. OH OOH And be helpful, always a major plus!

Jameil said...

cnel.. hunny i'm always right! its a gift. lololol. i despise nw but i'll take it if i have to... and more and more frequently its the cheapest. bah humbug. "tasteful, and wear something that reflects you?!?!?!" cnel?! that helps not at all!! sigh. thanks for tryin sweetie. lol

ai... you know both of my possibilities were nine west girl!! hahahahaha. now i've added another possibility (also nine west) so we'll see.

stace... sigh. still riding the fence. i think i just want to wear something i like that way i'll be comfortable. if i feel fly i'll relax.

jenn.. he met my dad and was very nervous. when he met my mom he was relaxed b/c we were just friends back then. he has a great relationship w/his mom so it just makes me a little nervous.

marv... THAT IS THE MOST HELPFUL THING ANYONE HAS SAID!!!!! BY FAR!! thanks. i actually visibly relaxed when i read that. we're going out to dinner wed. night so i won't get to be helpful but i'll just try to relax.

So...Wise...Sista said...

1. Wear something slutty...wait you're meeting his MOM? Oh. Ok, um...Dress to compliement The Boy. That way the mom will see that you're perfect together. lol

2. kayak.com for travel searching.

3. Date night? Nice!

Sherlon Christie said...

I don't get Northwest either for the fact you have to connect in Detroit no matter where your final destination is in the U.S. Doesn't the airline have a nother hub somewhere?

Sherlon Christie said...

You'll be fine with moms...it souns like you have great chemistry with the bf and his mom will see that. I'm sure about that.

Ladynay said...

I am no good with fashion stuff. I hoped you ended up picking a hot outfit! Can wait to "hear" how it went.

La said...

Bah humbug bitches.

Jameil said...

wise... hahahaha!! i was thinking mini skirt, stripper "glass" (lucite) slippers, fishnets, red and blue streaked weave, tongue ring, seethru shirt w/a red bra (to match the weave of course).

sp...i have no clue abt northwest's other hubs. dtw is the worst. to have soooo many gates you would think there would be more entertainment.

lady... :D

la... hahahahaha. this is why we love you.