Start it Right!

I had a great day today! Can I get a hooray for that?! I'm extra excited. Wanna know why? It's the little things. As I was heading out the door, my father says, "It's not bad out there on the roads (we were expecting a wintry mix), the sidewalks are slippery but that's it. And someone cleaned all the snow and ice off your car." *sticks out cheek and points at it* YAY!!!! THANKS DAD!! That's my dog.

I was about to put on my cute black heels but at the last minute shoved my feet in my adorable rain boots. Good thing because in my cute heels I would've busted my cute head without the traction. Not a cute look. I headed to work jolly about the lack of cracked head and not having to clean the car off. When I got there one of our super zealous interns was already in. He'd decided to take the bus in so he wouldn't be stuck and not be able to get there the next day. So he was there to work. WHAT?!?! Do you mean to tell me I don't have to be pseudo assignment editor tonight?! I did a mental shout and an aloud dance and celebration. It was great.

(Side note: right now D's singing "Iiiin the jungle the miiiighty juuungle, the liiiion sleeeps toniiiight!" along with some doo-wop group on tv. HUHlarious. Even more so because my dad can't carry a tune in a steel bucket. And he's still going. With the falsetto. LMAO!!)

Things did not look as bright, but I did learn one of the worst people I've ever trained is leaving which is always cause for celebration. She's horrible because she doesn't get anything I tell her and asks the same questions every. single. day. And she's leaving willingly because she's gotten a job she wants. That means... I'm not a bad person for celebrating. HAAAAAAALLLLLEEEEEELUUUUUUUUJAAAAAAH!!! I sat around some good singers in church today. On key, in harmony. The whole nine. Thank ya! Because y'all know how I get when I hear people off key.

Between work and church, I asked my co-worker about a restaurant I'd seen as having the best breakfast on citysearch. This place called Pamela's. The Big Lincoln-- skinny pancakes with a crunchy outer edge, 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, and home fries. I usually don't like to mix my carbs AND I'm not the biggest fan of pancakes, but YUM!! I just wanted to sit there all day and love on that food. OH!! AND THE BEST LEMONADE IN PITTSBURGH!! First they dump in a quarter cup of sugar (I know I saw at least that much but I was distracted b/c I was on the phone with Stace), then they squeeze it fresh right in front of you and give it to you with the spoon inside so you can stir that diabetic-inducing sugar up and directly into your blood stream. MMMMMMMMM and I thank ya!

The gym date may not happen this week. I realized I have to produce the noon on Wednesday which means I won't be available at 1030 like I thought. I usually see him on Mondays, too, so I'm hoping I'll be able to let him know tomorrow that we'll either have to push it back or do it another day. If not, he'll be okay. Lol.

My l.s. is back in NC because she's on Christmas break. I can't lie. I did jolly a little bit that the 80 degree weather left before she could get there to enjoy it. What? I didn't get any 80 degree weather!! She needs to share!! She's her sister's keeper!! So I shared my weather with her because I'm the good line sister. Or she brought her Syracuse weather down with her. But of course it shall warm sufficiently in the weeks she's there so she'll get her warmth eventually. I've also been researching places for me and Stace to go-- she'll be here in less than a week!!!!!-- with the help of my co-workers and I CAN'T WAIT!! YAY!!!! 9 days until Christmas and the arrival of MyStace!!!!!!


Sparkling Red said...

Oh my. I am seriously craving that pancake breakfast. I've got to tell you: of all the blogs I've read on the subject of food, none makes me hungrier than your entries!

Also, you are invited to do a meme that I've just posted, if you wish.

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

you def get a Hooray from me. And your joy for Stace's arrival is contagious. I'm getting excited about her arrival too and I don't even know her LOL

Southerner in Suomi said...

Aww I hope you can move your date to Monday.

Yaaaay for Christmas!

Adei von K said...

i love MyStace!! that name is sooo cool!! I can't wait either! i know it'll be cold but I'll be with my jameilionte! ow!

Rashan Jamal said...

Good!!! If I cant have a date, then you cant either!!! I sound like a hater, don't I?

LOL @ you and your jollies.

Jameil said...

Red... it was so delish!! glad i make you hungry! that's totally my goal. lol.

mm... yay!!! excitement for all!!

v... we'll see. yay christmas!!

stace... weeeeeeee!!


La said...

and once again I am hungry, lol

Yay for a good day. I really do think my best good days are the ones where nothing really happened, but all the little things just combined into something magical.

Yay for best friend reunions! Joy is seriously the only reason I'm looking forward to going home. Holiday travel would certainly be a no no if not for her

dreamyj said...

that breakfast sounded on point! yay for friends coming to visit!