You know! The year in review! Yeah right. You know I don't do things true to form. I thought about it. I really really did. But why would I want to relive 2007? I'd rather look forward to 2008 with hope and faith of the joy and contentment that lies ahead for me. I'll be going to Houston in March to hang with fave roomie, her new addition (Sydnee Denise circa January 16, 2008!), La and V. I've never been to Texas so that should be exciting. (I'm thinking Mexican 3xs a day. Yes?) I would also like to get to California (never been there, either) and Miami once again.

Side note:
Stace is a domestic goddess so she's making us breakfast again. For lunch we're going to a Pittsburgh institution: Primant.i's. If anyone ever offers you a Pittsburgh-style sandwich, that means it comes with slaw and french fries... on it. I always pull the fries off. Ordering them on the side is frowned upon. Don't upset the natives and all that. Then I have to take her to l'aeroport. Nooooooooo!! There is only one upside to this. I will finally get some sleep! I've gotten 7 hours in the last 2 days. The only reason I'm as sane as I am (despite the fact that Rashan said all bloggers are crazy. WHO YOU CALLIN CRAZY!?!) is because I regularly get at LEAST 7 hours of sleep nightly. Yeah... And actually I never regularly got that much before in life because I love going to bed late (see: 4 a.m.) and waking up late (see: after noon). The turns life takes. I can't wait to get back on that schedule ever again in life.

Regularly scheduled programming:
I have 3 weddings already so far. A coworker in Vegas in April at the B.ellagio, a cousin in May in H.iltonHead, SC, another cousin in September in Charlotte. This time last year I didn't know about the wedding that was in August so who knows how many more ceremonies I'll accrue in the next 12 months. I also have 2 graduations. My sister from undergrad and my line sister from S.yracuse's journalism school. Sigh.

Have I ever told you guys how much I can't stand graduations? They bore the crap out of me. Long, lots of talking about stuff no one cares about. STOP SPOUTING YOUR PLATITUDES AND GIVE ME MY SHEET OF PAPER!! If you love me, you wouldn't ask me to go to your ceremonies. I talked the entire way through both of mine. It was really bad in college because you know how smaller schools within the university are close knit. The journalism majors had had classes together for at least 3 years. Cuttin. Up. It was actually fun. And our 4-year class dictator president gave the most memorable speech. Good times.

Anyway, the point is, anything could happen in the next year. I'm just glad to be able to see another one should I make it to 2008. No matter what happens, I will learn, grow and love. It will be great. Adios oh-7, Hello oh-8!


Charreah said...

lol. like the not going to recap post:) And Im almost jealous of all those weddings. I LOVE weddings . . .and the receptions with cute guys;)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the no recap :)

Happy New Year!

Erica C. said...

Have a Happy New Year Diva!!!

Momisodes said...

Hallelujah for the 2007 Recap post protest...I've been reading them ALL.DAY! Texas, California, and then Miami??? Are you only going to pack bathing suits?? lol, I would ;)

And I share your loathe for graduations, but mine extend to weddings too...the wedding in Vegas should be fun though! I was married at the Paris ;)

Cheers to oh-8!!

proacTiff said...

I'm tired for YOU. *Snore* This happens because of Negroelepsy due to all that food y'all been indulging in; and the nerve of you to not invite the adoptee blogger.

Happy NewNew Year!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Ahhh, I need some exact dates!!

I shall see you in March miss lady. Up with the new year.

the joy said...

Yeah, no reviews! Just future! Ooh TX! Exclamation points! Lol. Happy new year Jameil.

Liz Dwyer said...

'08 is gonna be so great! I seriouly can't wait.

And you can't recap because you have way too much exciting stuff going on for you.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you, Jameil! Hope you are getting your party on already!

Rashan Jamal said...

Hey, Congratulations for posting every day for 2 months. You probably forgot, since its second nature now.

I said I was (half) kidding about the crazy thing. Stop putting me on blast. LOL


dreamyj said...

YAY for a new year!!!

Jameil said...

Paj... thx!

cj... i refuse!! lol. i like weddings, too when i get to sit back and relax. i think i'm supposed to be a hostess at one of them.

funky... lol. right!? thx!

ec... thx! you too!!

sandy... aren't they annoying?! SHUT UP! i read your blog for the last year so i didn't have to have a recap. i should SO only back bikinis! graduations bite! cheers!

pro... i invited everyone to pittsburgh. your fault for not coming! happy happy to you too!

v... i don't know any yet and i figure i should tell the future mommy first.

joy... lol thx.

liz... yay! the excitement comes in waves. no parties for me. you know i work overnight so yeah...

rj... thx! nope. didn't forget. right. 1/2 kidding. thx!

dreamy.... yep!

Mr. Jones said...

I hate weddings. They annoy me. You better than I am for enduring that.

Adei von K said...

when did you drop this post in!?!?

graduations are the worst, including your own. like that dr. pepper commercial, "mah nah muh nuh"

I am sooooo xcited you're going to Tejas!! Get that good food in girl!

Jameil said...

jones... lol. i haven't actually been to all that many but i usually like them.

stace... i did this while you were making breakfast before you went to the airport. please try to pay attention! yay tejas!! wooooo!! not familiar w/that dr. pepper commercial. lol. graduations are for the birds, tho.

1969 said...

Primanti's is the shizznit!!!!

Jameil said...

1969... really? you like it like that? meh. I just merely think its ok. partly b/c the one i went to (the original in the strip) was quite dirty and smoky. but my homie who came to visit me from charlotte was definitely a fan.