Fab.o I Got You!

That's what I think Jee.zy yells at the beginning of a song. "Scott.y's Callin Me." I love youtube.

The only reason I know this song is because my 'bama soror Kia gave me 6 mixtapes full of stuff I would've never heard before. Isn't it only right that I share the love? I think so, too. I can't imagine what she has out now since all the stuff she gave me is from almost a year ago. I do expect to get even more cds when I go back in the late winter/spring!

Speaking of winter/spring. The topic of this post. Oh my dear Stacey. As I type this, she is getting her air conditioner checked. That's right. AIIIIIR CONDITIONER. She lives in south Florida. It's 82 degrees right now there. On December 3rd. And she made some comment I didn't take too kindly to since its 32... that's right a full 50 degrees colder with sustained winds of 18 miles an hour, gusts to 31. Know that that means? It feels like 20. So I said to Stace, "I pray to GOD that it's 10 degrees when you get here." And I really do. I just think it would help her appreciate what she has more! Don't you love how she feels qualified to give winter fashion tips even though she's spent nearly all of her concious life in south Florida? I think she should get the opportunity to really test it out. Did you see the part about unsexy cracked heels? If you can see my heels through the two pairs of socks and heavy boots, you deserve to see what's under there. Plus she looooooves her winter wear so much, she should get to put it to use. I'm only here to help.

BTW she FINALLY bought her ticket so Stace is coming Christmas day to the burgh! Look out world!!! We takin ova! One city at a time!!

We did Tallahassee, Miami, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, all in Florida. Hampton and Norfolk, Virginia. This is only the beginning!!!! "We the best!" (Is there a moratorium on proper English? Just curious. At the very least its an epidemic.)

I was also looking at Nine West. What? I deserve Christmas gifts for myself, too, don't I? That's what I thought. Anyway. You can give a $500 gift card. Do you know what I would do with a $500 Nine West gift card? After drying my happy tears, I would skip the entire 5 miles to the mall, swirling and twirling.


Rashan Jamal said...

$500 gift card? If you got $500 to spend on someone, you should at least personalize it. That's just me, I guess. It was 65 degrees last night when I got home from work. It's now 39. This weather be killing me. (joining the moratorium on proper English)

Anonymous said...

" We The Best"?? You are too bougie to be shouting that ahahahaha!!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Eps...everyone can say "We the Best!!" if they are the best.

And I will take a $500 gift card to just about anywhere. What's great is those general mall gift cards. Heaven!!!

Liz Dwyer said...

Here I am complaining about how cold it was here in LA on Saturday night and it's gonna be 80 degrees again tomorrow! SWEET!

yet another black guy said...

this just sounds like ya'll gon' get into all sorts of trouble!

the joy said...

Lol I love that song! That was back when I thought fabo was fat. He has a fat voice, right?

What I would give to experience some real cold right now. Some snow. Geez... I'm in pain! But stace should quit with the AC stuff.

Zo said...
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Nikita T. Mitchell said...

I started drooling at the thought of a $500 nine west gift card. Why don't we throw in a $500 steve madden. Shoot... $500 nordstrom (or similar department store) too so we can shop all the brands and buy fly handbags while we're at it. Do you know how far that could get us in a sale?!

oh my.

dreamyj said...

Yay for friends! a $500 gift card to nine west would be so ideal! i would be in shoe and handbag heaven!

Momisodes said...

Air conditioning in December? Damn Floridians ;) I have a whole new appreciation for "winter" now that I no longer live there.

Adei von K said...

"After drying my happy tears, I would skip the entire 5 miles to the mall, swirling and twirling."

what made me laugh sooooo hard was that I can see you doing it!!! LOLOLOL

you are such a hater. you know we're not going anywhere if its below 40 right? I'll give you 32. i've been in 32 before.

did we ever do Va Beach together? Las Vegas is next!

Adei von K said...

i just read everyone's comments. i'm down with the steve madden gift card too!!!

in my defense, it wasn't like, "Oh jameil is on the phone so let me MENTION that my air condition is trippin... " Joy...

1969 said...

Oh lawd.....my hubby will be at the Steelers game on the 16th.

Now that is gonna be cold!

Have fun with your girl in the Burgh.....YOU BE THE BEST!

the joy said...

I love you stace! *smooches*

Jameil said...

rj... i disagree, as do la and joy and a host of others as you shall see on this page. we like free money. lol. APPLE. wouldn't someone like to send me 500 free Apple dollars? yes? 39... that's a warm spell right now. the high today: 31. shoot me now please.

epsi... you are a hater of the worst kind. don't call me bougie.

v... thanks! handle my light work!! i can't do anything with a $10 certificate to coldwater creek. have you seen those clothes? *shudder*

liz... DON'T RUB IT IN!!

black... that's the plan!!

joy... hahahaha me too!! lmao @ fat voice. i never ever judge voices anymore. I've met far too many radio personalities and the voices never fit. I have a fabulous voice but it probably doesn't go w/my body, either. How should I know? you know what b/t you and stace, neither is better. one talking abt her AC, the other wishing for cold when I CLEARLY DON'T WANT IT!!

M... not a steve fan but i LOOOOOOVE nordies!!!! oh my is right girl!!! PRAISE HIM!!

Dreamy... I know right!!

sandy... right?!?! this is my wish for her. this is my earnest plea.

stace... hahaha. i soooo knew you would get that!!! you can stay in the townhouse by ya lonesome if you want to. not the kid. PUT THEM COATS TO USE!! and no one wants to hear your AC excuses!! i don't think we did va beach. LMAO @ "joy..." HUHLARIOUS!!!

1969... thanks and that's the plan!! lololol. oh no. my possible steeler game time expired more than a month ago. there is no such thing as voluntary hours long cold weather activity to me. NONE. unless its the super bowl and shouldn't it always be somewhere warm? or indoors? why aren't you coming? :(

joy... but we don't love them... oh. sorry. you know i get carried away sometimes.