You cannot deprive yourself of sleep for so many consecutive days without your body yelling at you! I also had to get on the floor at work and stretch because my legs were hollering at me. The body rock the body rock I'll make ya body rock. Yesterday me and Stace just chilled at the house. That was the plan for the day because we'd done so much the other days. We made inside out burgers (extra sharp cheddar cheese in the center instead of on top), crinkle cut fries and had chocolate pound cake (thanks Mommy!!) for dessert.

Today after I got off of work, I came back to the crib (after getting a text from Stace saying my dad was here. Uhhh... dad... can you give folk some warning? Because we were show nuff spread out everywhere and using your room! Lol) to get the small one. We head to one of my fave local breakfast spots. Stace got the square breakfast. I got the omelet ranchero-- ham and cheese with salsa, potatoes and wheat toast. Both of us got hot chocolate, too. Yummy.

After that, we headed to the UniversityofP.ittsburgh, CarnegieMel.lonUniversity, and a few city neighborhoods for a drive around. We also drove past Pittsburgh's ridiculously ginormous high school. That thing looks like an institution and has more than 1600 students. It can probably comfortably hold 2500. At least. She leaves tomorrow. Waaaaaaaaaah. This trip made me realize how little (see: nothing) I regularly do. So pitiful. I need to do something with my life other than work, church, and gym. Know what I'm excited about though? The end of 2007!! Good riddance to bad rubbish!


Anonymous said...

My fave breakfast spot is Pamela's. That place be hitting!!

Rashan Jamal said...

You guys sure do a lot of eating to be so small. LOL

You are still young, you don't need sleep yet.

So what you gonna change in 2008, or is that tomorrow's post?

Liz Dwyer said...

I'm with Rashan on that one! And good for you that you do eat instead of starving yourselves like some folks do. Plus all the activity had to have y'all burning some serious calories. You all have had some adventures! So sad that she's leaving.

1969 said...

Aww....the adventures are coming to an end? I'm sad too.

Safe travels Stace!

Adei von K said...

OMG, I love your page sooooo much!!

You know what the thing is? You have to PERSUADE people to make the most out of life! Your young work homies? Take it back to college where you have a ritual (Chili's every Friday) and be young and fabulous! I had a blast with you and I don't want to go back to my mundane life either!

Adei von K said...

P.S. Thanks 1969 :-)

Jameil said...

epsi... yeah that's a good one, too.

rj... show nuf! we live to eat homie! sleep is for the weak! yes, that is the dec 31 post.

liz... yay for eating!! idk how many calories we burned on that dance floor but it had to be a lot! i'm sad she's leaving, too! :(

69... i know!! how interesting was my life these last few days!?

stace... thanks! our skeds don't match. i would like it if they did. we would've been on that like we used to do back in the day. we've tried it multiple times and then our skeds get all shifted. boo mundane lives!!

So...Wise...Sista said...

Uh oh...a friend visit leads to realization of individual mundanity (not a word? uh, guess again)...

Dammit, code blue! code blue!

Classic Loser Week symptoms. Holler if you need rehab, girls. I'm here for you.

Jameil said...

wise... HELP!!