Feeling Better

Yesterday I was homesick. I still am a bit, but I forgot my closest co-workers all have their families nearby, so they like to make sure I don't spend the holidays alone or get too sad. I didn't even tell them how I'm feeling and I'm already feeling better after today. Last night my job held its "holiday party"... at work. None of the early morning people went, of course, but there was a lot of food left over and some "Champayno." I promise it was called that. Yes, that CRACKED ME UP!! No getting drunk at work, I guess, whether working or not, so it was non-alcoholic sparkling whatever. Complete with plastic flutes. Wow...

My homie Cat and I decide we're gonna set the whole spread out and have a party for the two of us and the two editors. Roast beef with mushrooms; pasta with cheese, squash, zucchini and carrots; salad; fruit salad. We make it happen and we tear it up! Complete with a side of Champayno and Rev. Fun. Whooooooooose hoooooooooouuuuuuuuse??? Ruuuuuuuun's Hooooooouse. His daughters were showing off their sample gym bags for their line on I think Episode 7, maybe 8. Whatever it was, I want those bags. Their shoes are a bit too colorful and 8th grade to me, but the bags I can rock. And I don't even do logo bags or logo anything. My mother trained me well. No free advertising. Matter of fact, when I wear logos, I'm essentially paying you to advertise for you. Insanity.

I went to my fave cafe for breakfast and had a breakfast quesadilla with mushrooms, onions, cheese and eggs sprinkled with paprika, a side of salsa and sour cream, and sausage. It was BANGIN!! The first bite, I commenced to dancing. Then I went to church today and the pastor ripped it! I was like, "Get it son!" Yes, I talk in church, AND to God, exactly like I talk on my blog. Why not? It's not like God doesn't know what and how I talk anyway. I might need a copy of that one for the road. You know when I blow this taco stand. The text was on faith, Hebrews 11:32-40.

After that, it's Trader Joe's for lemon and raspberry sorbet (the latter suggested by dreamy), honey smoked turkey, herb foccacia bread, sharp white cheddar cheese and mint cocoa. Can't. Wait. That place is gangsta expensive for some things, but the food just looks so good. It's definitely one of those places you have to know your prices. I wanted to get some limes but they only had big bags of them and there's no way I need that many limes. Guess I'll have to hit up the regular store. 50 cents per lime at least, I'm sure. Maybe $1. Citrus is insane up here.

I also want to thank Pro for adopting me since I'm feeling a bit homesick. The Christmas spirit is not dead!!

*Today's selection: Frank Sinatra's version of "Jingle Bells." Very old school. Very classic. Very jolly. "I want those j-i-n-g-l-e bells. Those holdiay j-i-n-g-l-e b-e-double-l-s. I love those j-i-n-g-l-e bells!" Muy festivo! Feliz navidad! Joyeux Noel!


CNEL said...

Glad you're feeling better.

I'm not a Holiday person but I can do a Holiday party right about now.

Anonymous said...

I love Run's house ... did you see the episode where the youngest daughter got a tatoo?... amen amen and amen on advertising for other folk ... I cant stand that ... whats the point I want my clothes to say me ... no that I bought you ... so you can sell more you to someone else ...glad youre feelin better!

Momisodes said...

I'm such a Run's house addict too...I won't confess beyond that MTV show though ;)

Glad you're on the mend!

Sherlon Christie said...

I got over been homesick with a visit to Masschusetts for Thanksgiving. I'm going back for Christmas too. Hang in there. Have folks come visit you.

Rashan Jamal said...

Glad you feeling a little better. Although I know it was real, I can't take you feeling down. You are the one that keeps the rest of us going.

LOL @ Champayno and you calling the pastor "son"

the joy said...

Love that you linked to a bible site. Glad you're feeling better! I am too. after that rambling post I did earlier things started looking up.

Ima need you to get on the flask train, with that champayno... Then again, if you ARE drinking on the job there's a prob.


Jameil said...

cnel... where do all these non-holiday people come from and what are your major malfunctions?

cali... yes! and i seriously considered getting the same one in the same place.

sandy... yay! oh i watch mtv like a teenager. love it! and thx.

sp... are you here to rub it in or what? b/c you're not helping.

rj... thx homie. i diiiied @ chammpayno!! the hilarity!!

joy... yay! knowing my fabulosity, why would you question my knowlegde of flasks. AND what praytell do i look like bringing a flask to work. i wasn't there for the party. i was there to work. get it together and please pay attention.

Sparkling Red said...

You have been tagged for that meme. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I will not comment on anything Christmas seeing how we know I am a Grinch.

I do love Run's House. That show is hilarious. His fam is special.

proacTiff said...

That spread you mentioned that lasted seemingly throughout one post (I'm sure it was a couple days; your work hours are starting to throw me off and I don't even work them)... Um um um! I would do without the roast beef, but everything else you mentioned... Um um good-sounding. You think it was the food and dance that made you all better? If so, you've put a gangsta-Trader-Joe price tag on comfort food. *Looking at my Subway double chocolate cookies and saying 'This ain't a damn 'nuff to ward off my sadness'* See what adopting! fabulousness will do?

1969 said...

You crack me up....Get It God! LOL

La said...

that quesidilla sounds sooooo good. And I LOVE those bags. I'm considering buying a gym membership just so I can show one off. But I guess the new state of the art facility in my building will have to do, lol

I'm glad you feel better dear. Homesick is such a funny feeling, and sometimes even harder to get over. :-)

(no bah humbug today)

Jameil said...

red... i'm scared. you know i don't like tags. it has to be unique and intriguing. otherwise i can't do it!

epsi... i know! i love them!

pro... the food helped. the company helped, too. cat is my dog. lololol. comfort food is delish. but its better when there's someone to share it with. adopting fabulousness is in itself fabulous!!

1969... :) hahahahahahahaha

la... awww! you're so sweet! thanks for not bah humbuging. the quesadilla was bangin!!!! ummm... can i get up on the free gym?!