Lists, Lists, Lists!!

My head is spinning with lists. there's still quite a bit to do and what am I doing right now? That's right. Blogging. I did go to the grocery store and gas up so I did get something accomplished. Let me get a hallelujah, amen for that! I also started cleaning out the refrigerator and am cooking myself lunch. I produced the noon again today. I think I may go to sleep now because my body is crashing. Then wake up whenever and get my life together. I'm JUST. SO. TIRED!! I did just start a load of clothes. Baby steps!! Lol.

So! I'm muy excitedo because Stace comes TOMORROW!!!! Tooomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow! You're only a day aaaawaaaaaaaaaay!! I'll stop there. My itinerary also has the weather at the top. I showed it to one of the meteorologists at work (along with several other people so they could help me come up with spots) and he said, "Where did you get these numbers?" LMAO!! They are so sensitive. Weather.com, homie. You weren't around. OOH! The travel forecast included Charlotte today, like it did for Thanksgiving. Yay!!! I think they do it so I'll celebrate... so I celebrate so they'll keep doing it. Lolol. Fab!

Now that I have my egg nog. Mmmm. Actual convo b/t me and Stace. Even though I know her crazy dislike for spilled milk, she actually likes milk, as long as it doesn't spill. I'll have to tell that story one day. Here's her explanation of her psychosis. Despite that I asked her if she like egg nog. Slim chance but I asked.

"Ew. I'm about to throw up. That is disgusting. What is egg nog anyway? Egg and what?"
"Well, its egg..."
"And nog."
"Ok. But what is nog..."
*snickering gives way to raucous laughter. You should see me right now nearly convulsing with laughter, rocking in my seat. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"*
"What? Oh.. *sucks teeth* Nog is not an ingredient."
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LOVE HER!! BTW who cares what's in it?! (Egg yolks, sugar, nutmeg, milk and cream since I know someone will be a stickler) It's just delightful!

La Itineraryo (still working on the Espanol.)
Retrieve the child from the aeropuerto, eat, sleep.

Work, gym, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University (this will be a ride by because there's not really much to see), Fuel and Fuddle, see the Great Debaters. (She doesn't like movies, so this may have to wait until she's gone).

Pamela's, Work, Ross Park Mall, The Mattress Factory museum, Mount Washington, Kiku (sushi restaurant), South Side Works (shopping).

Thursday Night:
Diesel, Town Tavern, Jack's, Carson City Saloon. (All bars/clubs)
Tom's Diner: late night/early am breakfast.

Cook breakfast, hang out at el cribbo, other forms of recovery.

Friday Afternoon/Night:
Ice Skating @ PPG Rink Downtown.
Chick Downtown (boutique), Saks.
Surprise! The place I shan't tell her about but have heard fab things about from everyone.
7-9 Drinks @ the Andy Warhol museum (we did a group project on him sophomore year in the worst class ever aka Humanities!!!!!!!! Wait... Stace were you in our group or were you in a different section 2nd semester?), Olive or Twist, Bossa Nova, Six Penn Kitchen, SoHo.

Cook brekky, North Shore (Heinz Field, PNC Park), Strip District, the Church Brew Works, Ludic (hmmm... there's a Kappa party that night. I'm not a fan. I hear this is the place to be so we'll see. If it's 18+, that's an absolutely not on that one.) Privilege.

(This day is dependent on whether my coworker can work for me)
Church, Square Cafe, Shadyside (did you see that scary dude who popped up!?! Crazy!!)

Work, lunch (IDK where or what), back to aeropuerto!

Phew. I'm tired already. Maybe we won't do any of that and will just sit in the house and chill. Lol. I didn't mention read InStyle but that's a given!!

ADDENDUM!! I just realized I left out Mad Mex!! That's so my fave place here. I don't care if we go nowhere else but there. WE HAVE TO GO TO MAD MEX!!


the joy said...

Oh my God I'm gonna teach you Spanish. First lesson: la= suffix a, el= suffix o. Lol. But your Jameil version works too. You guys are gonna have fun! Yay!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm tired just reading that. you got lots of fun stuff planned. But er umm, Mattress Factory? Sounds a little strange. And before you ask, no I didnt click the link b/c you have 50,000 of them in this post. LOL

1969 said...

My gift to you:

Punch-A-Cream Recipe

1 1/2 cups pasteurized egg product (or 8 egg yolks)
3 cans sweetened condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
1 bottle (3/4 liter) Jamaican over-proof rum
1 tablespoon Angostura Bitters (optional)
freshly grated nutmeg

Combine the pasteurized egg product, the sweetened condensed milk and the evaporated milk in a large mixing bowl and beat them together well, until the mixture is frothy.

Add the rum (and the Angostura Bitters if you choose to use them) to the egg and milk mixture and combine all of the ingredients thoroughly.

Pour the Punch-A-Cream into clean glass bottles and refrigerate for at least an hour - the flavor improves the longer it rests.

Serve Punch-A-Cream over ice or in small punch glasses with a dusting of fresh nutmeg.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Egg Nog but I do like Boiled Custard and there is a difference! Sounds like so much fun ... and Im happy to see you planned it all out ... I hate goin to visit folk and they say well we'll just play it by ear... I know that mean boring! Enjoy yourself!!!

the joy said...

Oh my God Stace is a nutty nut! I just clicked her quirky link. Ah! I thought you were kidding about the milk!

Southerner in Suomi said...

LMAO @ "el cribbo" and "cook brekky"

And me want some Mad Mex!!!!

Jameil said...

thank you joy! my years of spanish in 3rd-6th grade didn't stick as well as i would've liked tho my spanish teachers always loooved me. i covered it with 3 yrs of french in h.s. that means my spanish is EXTRA horrid. EL itineraryo! lolol.

rj... me too!! well i was tryin to help y'all understand what we were doin!! did you happen to notice it was called mattress factory MUSEUM??? b/c that's what it is nutso. mostly modern art.

1969... awwwwwwww!! aren't you super sweet!!! i'm confused by pasteurized egg product tho!! please believe if i make that, i want the official version WITH the bitters!!

cali... never even heard of that. it scares me. i don't like custards.

joy... HAHAHA!! this is what i'm sayin!! you have to see it in person! its sooo funny!!

v... come on cletus!! we'll have a ball!!

dreamyj said...

girl, i've been away way too long. i missed her entire visit. sounds like you had a plan full of fun. i hope you enjoyed her!