The Fabulosity Is A Bit Tiring

BUT SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Our day starts of course with television. Then we head to the grocery store to get the makings for breakfast and dinner for the next few days. We come back to the crib, cook and eat breakfast while listening to BlackStar on dad's fabulous sound system. I'm looking around and taking inventory and realizing how thoroughly we've taken over this townhouse. Very funny. I was like, I'm kind of glad my dad isn't here because we would have to tame all this fabulous girlness and who wants that? Clearly NO ONE!!

After breakfast, we blog, watch more tv, then head to bed. That's right!! Nap time! You can't take two fabulous ladies who ordinarily wake up insanely early in the morning, and whose body clocks insist on following those patterns as closely as possible regardless of our schedules and expect them to party like rock stars without a nap. Real ballers take naps, kid.

After our naps, we get dressed. She's rockin' the dark denim trousers and black shirt dress. I'm with the black and white tweed with silver metallic threading and black high neck sweater. I accidentally spill the beans on the surprise... her new love is seviche, so that's the name of the place we're going! It's downtown and everyone I asked about it said it's THE hot spot in Pittsburgh right now. We get there and I can absolutely see why. Bright lights, Spanish music, Cuban food. It belongs on South Beach. I order a caipirinha because I've been hearing about them since forever when I came back from Miami and could not get enough of these food styles! I love that fabulous city. That drink is my new second love.

If you like sushi, but have never had seviche, do yourself a favor and get thee some immediately. It's raw fish but "cooked" in an acid, usually lemon or lime juice. I'm a fan of lime juice so I prefer mine with the aforementioned. As soon as I sat down and got my drink I said, "I'm so glad I'm here with you Stace! Everyone couldn't appreciate this restaurant." So true and so us. It was tapas so everything was a small portion designed to be eaten in a few bites. I got the Cuban pulled pork with a Cuban hash and tomatillo and curried mango seviche with hamachi (yellow tail). DELICIOUS!!

Stace got a trio with sangria blanco (one of her fave drinks) (read about it here) and loved it, especially the Asian Tartare with ahi tuna. Wanna know why? Read the description. "Seasoned with soy sauce, scallions, sesame oil and capers. Served on sushi rice and nori rolls with white truffle oil wasabi mayonnaise and Tobiko caviar." Yeah. Get there. Love in your mouth. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to escape from Pittsburgh. We were so enthralled that we ordered another trio to share. This time with ahi, langostino which the restaurant industry bills as miniature lobster but really isn't. It was a very uninspiring taste. The preparation was delightful. I'm not a fan of langostino.

I also got a strawberry mimosa champagne mojito. First, that name is redundant. Mimosas have champagne. That's part of the definition. Then our silly waitress, whatever her name was, decided to say, "You know that has champagne in it, right?" Really? Why do people always try me? I looked at her like, "Duh stupid." And she says, "I'm just making sure." Please go get my drink. I didn't think you could get better than a mojito, champagne and strawberry puree. I was wrong. Not tasty at all. Blech. I should've gotten a regular mojito. Overall, a fabulous experience and atmosphere. Stace took most of the pics here so you'll have to wait a bit on those.

Next, we head to the AndyWarholMuseum. I know I like museums and I know I like art but seriously? I did not expect to be so utterly and completely awed in there. Stace and I were slack jawed through all 7 floors. A.MA.ZING. The feature was work from RonMueck with larger than life-sized, extremely detailed people. You definitely want to click on those links and, if you get a chance, see it in person. Fantastic. I can't even describe it. There was a room with neon lights which was insane. My eyes were not a fan. "100LiveAndDie" was the only one I liked enough to look at more than 3 seconds, if that. Stace, aka person with the attention span of a gnat, was in love. All the flashing lights had her beatific. Let me not forget the quote on the B.ody/Booty exhibit. "I don't think you're ready for this jelly. I don't think you're ready for this 'cause my body's too bootylicious for ya babe." Are you serious? I can't even escape Beyoncizzle at a museum!?! Sigh.

After theWarhol we really could've ended our night because those two things were just. so. sigh. Love, love, love. Instead of heading home, we dropped in the bar S.oho. We walked in, didn't even get in the door because we could see there weren't any fabulous people in there. Next! I drove Stace around the North Shore so she could see HeinzField where the S.teelers play and PNCPark where the P.irates play. She loved both. Plus they're right on one of Pittsburgh's 3 rivers so there's a fantastic view. Next up, OliveOrTwist Martini Bar. We look around. Completely devoid of color. Not a black, brown or other face in the space. The music in the upstairs lounge was kind of hot and the decor was up to par, but it was utterly barren (maybe because it was only about 10:15) so we left. Next! (How fabulous is all the bar hopping? Don't you love it?)

We hit BossaNova and instantly know this is the place. We see non-regular-looking black folk and a good mix. Then I start recognizing faces. There are about 25 S.teelers in there. Because I'm work in news and am constantly cutting sound bites with these guys, I know all their names and faces. It's quite bizarre. Especially because I'M A PANTHERS FAN!! Sigh. At least I don't have to cover the P.atriots. That would turn me into a cutter. In the cold and surrounded by the most obnoxious team and fans in professional sports. What a slow, painful death.

Anyway so in this bar we walk past the players and get a bit of attention "Hey." "Ooh." "Alright." Whatever. We move past to a space on the bar. It's right next to the table where the backup quarterback Charl.ieBatc.h is set up with 4 or 5 girls who instantly grill us. Girl please. It's never that serious. If you have to do all that, you don't have him. Remember the horrid fake Louis from Thursday night? The woman's monogram bag with metallic flower embroidery more than made up for that one. I don't even really like monogram bags but it was insanely gorgeous. If I were to carry one it would likely look like that. I order a strawberry margarita. Looks pretty but not delicious. Stace gets a chocolate martini and loves it. She orders another. I get a mojito. Sigh. Don't have it on your menu if your bartenders don't know how to make it. The mint wasn't properly muddled and after one sip, I realized he'd left out the sugar. Not acceptable. I kept getting nearly whole mint leaves through my straw. He left one of our drinks off of our tab. Yeah. You needed to. Nice guy, not the best drinks.

We leave and decide to head to the job so she can see it. My two fave job homies are there working away as I introduce around. We walk around and she's awestruck by all the tvs and computers. She made me sit down and stage actual work. Lol. She took a few pics, on the set, and in front of the chroma key, which most people call "the green screen." She's so funny. After that we head home and watch BadBoys2 as I cook french fries. Mmmm. Fantastic night!! Today is just a chill day. Relaxing at the house watching a ProjectRunway marathon!!!!!!!!! right now with a belly full of breakfast (looove breakfast). Heaven. Too bad I'm still limping from all the work I put in on the dance floor Thursday. Lol.


Southern Girl said...

Your Fabulousness slays me!! You gals live it up...love that!!
I love Ron Mueck...we went to the Modern in Ft.Worth when his exhibit was here to see it...see...get to Dallas J..we would have too much fun!! Happy New Year girlie!!

Rell said...

Hey, this is totally off topic, but I always wanted to thank you for ALWAYS reading the blog.

Everytime you comment I smile. Thanks so much and I'm going to do a better job of coming here and commenting -- you have a great blog.

Happy New Years!

kennyking78 said...

Okay, girl, you give me TOO much fierceness! I ABSOLUTELY love it!


JayBee said...

I hate when people don't know how to make drinks properly. I usually ask the server who the bartender on duty is and if s/he is good. I came this close to trying sushi once, but I chickened out and went for a safe reliable hamburger...oh well.

1969 said...

You do know that I am living vicariously through you and Stace...

the joy said...

Lmao beyonce is following you! I wanna go to the museum! Sounds like tons of fun. Sans beyonce.

I'll have what Stace is having. delicious.

Jameil said...

Southern... yay! wasn't it amazing?! i'm going to houston in march most likely. texans need to mentally prepare!!

rell... you're welcome! happy new year!

kenny... lol. thx. welcome.

jay... what a lovely policy!! lmao @ burger over sushi. i love burgers but i've had a few bad ones lately. that is annoying. sushi isn't bad but you should go w/someone who knows sushi so they can show you the ropes.

1969... yay!!

joy... she is! make her stop! check museum sites for when they have discounted nights. not a fan of chocolate... hence the reason i passed on that martini.

Rashan Jamal said...

caipirinha and mojitos? I should have put those on my top drinks list for the year. I go to this Cuban spot quite often and partake in tapas and those drinks. Its the only frilly drink I will be seen in public with. LOL

The place is actually quite similar to that spot, minus the seviche

You guys are really doing it big. I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

I could never drink with you. You expensive. You would break my pockets with them expensive ass drinks. Im a college student. Give me 10 cent drafts and 50 cent wells and Ima be good on like 4 dollars.

Jameil said...

rj... delish! looooove both drinks & cuban food. have you been to versailles in miami? that restaurant is love in a building. and thx! you should've already known!

epsi... please try to remember i went to hampton. i can't stand well drinks. and if those 10cent drafts are coors or rolling rock or something, i might have to pass. plus i'm not in college. to still be drinking like that is so bad for the fab. i need real drinks. when you taste actual alcohol not made in someone's bathtub, you will never want to go back.