It's Almost Here!!

Do you realize Christmas is just 13 days away!? That's like nothing! Less than 2 weeks! I can't take it! It's madness! I realized this as my co-workers onlined shopped all around me. So after the gym, I headed to the mall to do a bit of shopping. Guess what? It wasn't that crowded!! Yay!! Now try to get me to the mall on a Saturday. In my old day that would have earned you a stiff, yet dainty, middle finger. Today it will gander a mere smirk. Alright, alright. It depends on the day.

I got a few things, tried on a few things and then my feet yelled and yelped and hollered because I went to work all day, worked out, then went to the mall in cowboy boots. And please do not think that your boy Steve M.adden, the maker of said boots, bothers to put cushioning in any of his shoes-- the reason they are so blasted uncomfortable. Also the reason I rarely buy them. I cracked that day because I'd been searching for the perfect cowboy boots that weren't too expensive for the entire year preceeding the actual purchase. Speaking of which, I've been looking for a red coat for at least 2 years, maybe 3. I'm allergic to full price. That's definitely part of the problem.

Sooo... I kind of have a date. It's a gym date, but remember the guy from the last post? Cute, goes to my gym, and my church? Him. Normally I would be all "Ooh! What am I gonna wear!?" But since it's the gym and he's clearly seen all of my gym clothes, I really don't care. I always match and never wear ugly clothes. Not a problem. Roycee said wait until 7 months to date back when I posted about forgiveness. I can't believe it's been 7 months. Yesterday I happened upon my recounting of it to Jamar via instant messenger and was sad for who I was then, but a bit detached. It was so strange. I knew I would get here, but to be here is odd to say the least. Watching "Down with Love" which is quite hilarious.

*Today's Christmas selection is super fab: "Christmas Time Is Here" by Dianne Reeves.


1969 said...

A date? How exciting. And he works out and goes to church?

Me likey already. There is no pressure. Just go out and enjoy yourself. You have earned it after 7 months.

proacTiff said...

"Earned you a stiff, yet dainty, middle finger." I heart you. I truly believe you have earned your "fabulous" name! Move the fugg over Kimora, now there's someone whose neck is less meatier! *Smacking myself on the hand for not resisting*

*Doing the got yo'self a date two-step, walkin' it out and the cupid shuffle on out of here* Want details. Oh gosh, the details from the likes of you are what I live for. You a riot!

La said...

bah humbug.

*off to finish my own online shopping*

(But YAY! A date!!!)

Momisodes said...

oooooooh...a date! ;) I love living vicariously through others..shopping included.

Jameil said...

sixty... lol. thx for the no pressure. :) i'm pretty calm about the whole thing.

pro... awww! i heart you too! NOT the two step walk it out cupid shuffle!! oh the hilarity.

la... behave. i know its hard but you really only have 13 more days.

sandy... lol. yay! what is blogging w/o living vicariously?? a waste, that's what!!

Adei von K said...

9 west has red coats. red with khaki buttons. they also come in black.

yay on the gym date :-) tre cute

yet another black guy said...

"stiff, yet dainty middle finger" ROTHFLMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liz Dwyer said...

I'm about to head out the door to get the presents for my boy's teachers. UGH.

And a date with the gym guy is awesome!

Jameil said...

stace... oh dear stace... i need a REAL coat. not a trench coat. you'll see soon enough. I've ordered up cold weather for you for your time here. Leave the trench at home honey. Pea coats and bubbles.

yet... lolol. you even threw in some extra letters i'm not sure of the meaning! hilarious.

liz... i bet teachers get millions upon millions of bath kits. they probably have to give them to old folks homes or something.