Resolved: A Look Back

We're nearing that time of year again. So I thought I'd go back and look at the resolutions I made in 2007 and where we stand on those. Last year will be italicized. The results with be real text. Here goes nothin!

1) continue working out. I'm in the rhythm now and paying too much money a month to let it go to waste. I will need to start switching my routine up a little though because my eyes are starting to glaze. I reallly (count the l's) need a workout partner. I did it!! I mean look at all those posts about the gym! I didn't do it halfway, either! Muy fabulosa! And sans gym partner, though I still wouldn't mind having one of those. I did get two workout offers. One wasn't creepy because the guy was cute and around my age. And he goes to my church. AND he remembered my name. Oh my word! How is it that I've never posted about this!?

I have this thing about people remembering my name. That is the jump off point for whether or not you get my number. If you ask my name, chat me up, then ask my number but can't remember the name, you do not get the number. UNLESS you are really cute. What? Lol. Ok that doesn't even work anymore. I'm a grown up. If you can't remember my name 5 minutes later, there's really no point. Excuse yourself.

2) as a result of the aforementioned fitness, buy a Rosa Cha bikini because I only have about 3 years to wear it. Go to collections, Summer 2007. 2nd on the left, 3rd on the right. I would prefer them in other colors. Something to make my skin pop but those are the styles that caught my eye. Her 2006 collection was ick. (No, I don't want to be THAT skinny). Yes I will have to do some strategic placement to make either of those work with my Black woman body. Done! Love you Miami! I bet you want to see this bikini body, don't you? Nope!

3) get somewhere to wear #2. clearly i can't go to va beach or rhode island (right t?) w/that on. I'll get arrested and that will NOT be a resolution. Never been to the Carribbean. I'm overdue. Didn't go to the Carribbean, but Miami is very willing to be my place so I think I shall rock it there next time I go. I bought it too late in the trip to wear it. Close enough. Consider it done!

4) Go to Canada!!! Geez! Its ridiculous that I'm this close for a year and a half and have never been to Canada. It's something crazy like 2 hours or less away. So field trip for me. Erm. Not so much. Still didn't make it there. And by the time I really thought about it again in October, it was already too cold there. Canada has that arctic air and I prefer not to freeze any more than necessary i.e. not at all.

5) Save $3000. This starts with nine west. sigh. I just bought 2 pairs of shoes. They were on sale, but they will be my last for a while. Ugh. Why did the sales lady show me a pair of white slouch booties? *shudddddder!!!* WTF are you thinkin about? White shoes? And booties at that??? *vomitttttt!!!* Why don't you just spit on me? Absolutely not. These shoes were so ugly I can't even find them on the website. Not that the site is AT ALL easy to navigate but still. I saved $6,000 via my 401k. I contribute 11%. I'm not-so-secretly terrified I will be old and broke and I really don't want that. I plan to live a long time and I want to make sure I'm prepared in the event God allows me to do so. (My great-grandfather died at 95, so living long in my family is not unheard of.)

6) Budget. I'm already a step ahead b/c I've written down all of my bills, including food, entertainment and gas. Now implementation is the key. My first test is Friday when I get paid again. Uhhh... about that... Better luck next year?

7) Promotion. I've made August 23rd (my birthday) the promotion deadline for each year as long as I'm at a relatively entry-level position. Not quite entry-level, but still not in a job I would want to keep for more than a year. 23rd birthday, got the associate producer job, promoted to weekend morning producer by 24th birthday. 25th, I don't know what it will be, but not weekend mornings. Onward and upward people, onward and upward. Hmmm... not quite.

8) Meet a blogger. This is ridiculous. I'm sick of y'all comin to Pittsburgh, or me going to your city and suddenly we're unable to connect. FINE!! Don't meet me!! You smell like feet anyway. Yes! And I met 2. Dreamy and Duck. Duck I expected because she's from here. Dreamy I did not because she's from Cali! Oh wait. She hipped me to the game. She told me people from there don't say Cali. Wait. I'm not from there. Cali Cali CALI!! Lololol.

So I'm sure you're wondering my overall disposition considering I didn't exactly fulfill all my goals. I'm okay with that. They're benchmarks. Totally off topic... I love Lauren & Brody!! Partially because he is gooooorgeous. I'll take him off your hands, girl. Don't even worry about that! I do not like my coworker and all the bloggers who got me to start watching this show (the Hills). That is okay though!

*New fave Christmas song: "Home" by Ne-Yo.


the joy said...

I think you did a great job. I don't even remember if I did resolutions last year... You're good at goals.

Yes! Lauren and brody! Down with the devil Spencer! He's a douche!

dreamyj said...

LOL! you're a mess girl. Good job with meeting the goals you met! Strive for the others and some more next year!

CNEL said...

Good job on setting goals and achieving them.

Up with doing 4 u.

Up with 401K's and promotions, that's the type of growth I'm talking about.

Momisodes said...

This is such a great idea. Writing these down and looking back makes you accountable and is a great reminder. I'd say you did pretty good. Can't wait to read what they'll be this year :)

BTW, the Hills, yea...my guilty pleasure too *sigh*

So...Wise...Sista said...

OMG Brody is delicious!! With the long curly hair, or the buzz or the slick Ken doll hair. Dreamy! (I'm sorry...did Joy say DOUCHE! hahaha)

Good for you with the resolutions. The point is never to folo them exactly by the letter but to be guided by them and not stay stagnant. (stated in my best Oprah & Friends radio voice)

But Toronto stays with a summer festival which is a great time to visit. Go forth!

Rashan Jamal said...

I never keep any of my resolutions.. I don't even try anymore.

How do you forget your name within 5 minutes? That just ain't applying yourself.

I want to see that bikini body. Lemme stop before you call me a stalker again. LOL

Jameil said...

joy... thx! l&b fab. s is for super bad. and not in a good way.

dreamy... thx!

cnel... wheeee!!

sandy... it does! and thx! i might not make any this year. i soo knew i was gonna get another confession out of you!! hahahaha

wise... up w/brody!! thx o&friends! lololol. i like that. that will soo be my explanation. "wise said in her o&friends voice... and she knows... cuz she's wise..." toronto or bust!

rj... this is what i'm sayin! you can't remember for 5 mins, i can't remember to give you my number. too late. staaaaaaaalkeeeeeer!

1969 said...

You did well on the resolutions. **soul claps**

Better than most folks! Congrats.