You Sniveling Little...

I'm watching "Return to Fat Camp." MTV's fake docs are so fun. Maybe this is a series, IDK (my BFF Jill). I loooooooove fitness shows. I like them more when I can get some tips. "The Biggest Loser" and "Celebrity Fit Club" are so fab. This is more about crying teenagers. Sooo annoying. Grow up!! I don't like criers. I've never been one and I don't understand tears. Okay, you're crying in church. Fine, you're crying when someone dies. But you're crying because that commercial was just.so.BEAUTIFUL!!! I must draw the line. I had a friend in college it would be like, AGAIN!?!?! STOP THE MADNESS!! Do we cry for everything? Makes me so weary. I won't say I never cry. It usually comes from being really pissed off or frustrated. I'm definitely more weepy than I used to be, but still not what you could consider a crier.

I couldn't stop blogging. Aren't you glad? I kind of want to see how long I can go. I finished another book last night. I think it was called "Delirious Summer". Something like that. I felt like I always do when I finish a book, defeated. This is why I always checked out at least 7 books at a time when I went to the library. As soon as I finish one, I have to get to the next. You know what I love? When I'm late on a series and don't have to wait until the next one comes out because the next THREE are already out. That's hot. I'm very wary of things everyone else likes. So the books. It made me realize why I like blogs. Because when you finish a good book, you always wonder what happens next. With blogs, its like a never ending story. I've been all up in La's business for the last 2 years. She's trippin right now but whatever.

It's also disgustingly cold here. High today 36. Before you say it's the north. The average high this time of year is around 45. Jameil wants average or higher!! MAYBE a few degrees cooler. But 9? No. Let's talk about how it was 21 and the wind chill was 13 this am. Not cute. What's even less cute? The fact that the HIGH is 30 on Tuesday. And it will sleet and snow overnight. BOOOOOOOO!!

I went to the gym today. I understand now why people join all women's gyms. I never did before because I've always been boy crazy. I like being around testosterone... when it's controlled. Creepy guy makes me not want to go. I go anyway, but I always give myself a pep talk before I get in there so if he's there I can be my usual assertive self and let him know it's not going down like that!! It's Jameil snitches!! He wasn't there today but eh.

I want my new Instyle. I haven't finished the last one yet because I like to read them in stages. That way it doesn't feel like I have years until I get the next issue. You should see me when I see the mags in the mailbox. I get sooo gassed. Squealing, etc. Super girly. And adorable. You know how I do. I'm sooo bored. My right hand kind of hurts. You'd think I would stop typing. You'd be wrong. Well, actually, I guess you'd be right because I'm kind of sleepy and like I said, bored. Adios muchachas. (What does that mean? Bye what?)


GreatWhyte said...


Minerva Exertion said...

LOL. I would love to see snow and ice here in the QC. We haven't had significant snowfall in like 3 or four years.

Minerva Exertion said...

p.s I think I am going to strive or 12 posts this month. Naw, fugg that, I'm going for 15!

the joy said...

Oh my God! That chick who got lice and had to toss all her hair bows and cried for the rest of the damn show! I love that her counselor said, "if you had cancer I'd feel bad for you." seriously, shut up lil girl!

I'm watching "true life: I'm having an arranged marriage. I am so into it! I love MTV docs. I would wanna be in one but I don't have an aspect of my life that's deep like that.

Rashan Jamal said...

So you just gonna keep on posting? Okay, I gotcha. I can do that.

I can't watch reality or faux reality shows, which is weird because I love documentaries. I guess because it seems like all the drama is manufactured to me. And the crying for no reason is just annoying to me.

Momisodes said...

Good for you....I was starting to feel a bit of withdrawal already today from posting. I'm glad you're continuing to post :)

I'm right there with you with the cold. This is our 2nd real winter ever since moving from CA and FL....it's 15 degrees outside, windy, and forecasting 1 foot of snow...HELP ME!

Jameil said...

X... hahahaha. on Project Runway, tho the dudes are the ones who won't stop crying!!!

minerva... TAKE IT!! TAKE OUR SNOW!! ooh 15 posts!! you can do it!

joy... lmao! i know!! i wanted to fight her. the arranged marriage one was esp. fab. the drug addicts i had to turn b/c they're shooting up. i can't watch all the needles. when i give blood i can't watch them putting the needles in. so gross.

rj... yeah son! do it do it!! you're in the wrong place if you don't like reality tv!! lol. the crying makes me want to slap them tho.

sandy... brrrrrr!! cold weather is that bovine feces!! are you gonna keep going too? yes?

WhozHe said...

oeNew here, but I wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog.

Adei von K said...

you and me both, not down for tears. and you know when the monthly comes around, i HATE seeing sappy ass commercials cause they always get me!! BOOOOO for being so poignant!!!

Jameil. i don't think we'll go anywhere when i'm there. ice on the road scares me. i be watching the news, i know how y'all get down.

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

ur so crazy. i love ur off the wall posts!

Jameil said...

whoz... thanks and welcome!

stace... oh we'll be going somewhere! they clean stuff up much better here than say tally. relax ya mind, let ya concious free girl you rollin w/the sounds of the BBE. do it do it do it do it.

m... lol. they seem to be a hit w/most.