Sneak Peek!!

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Since I couldn't get myself to wake up to watch Project Runway (PR) at 10 (I set my alarm but I was super sleepy so I just shut it off), I woke up at 11 for the instant replay. I absolutely agree with who went home, and like last week, I called it. It's always so easy at the beginning. You can instantly pick out the worst on every reality show.

I'd been upset because the Top Chef Holiday Special (where they bring back people from all three seasons for the chance to win $20,000) is coming on Thursday at 9. EVERYONE knows Thursday at 9 is when Grey's comes on and it's a new episode this week!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?!

BUT! SNEAK PEEK RIGHT NOW AT MIDNIGHT!!!! AHHHHHH!! So I get PR and Top Chef back to back??? Someone loves me!!! Heeeeeeeeey Tre!! *wink* LOVE HIM!! I'm not going to give anything away, but may I say I would looooooove to have them come cook at my house?!?! PLEASE!?! Pleeeeeease?? I would sooo be wiggling in anticipation. Have I told you how I am when I like what I'm eating? I get really excited and wiggle and hum. And repeat myself about how gooooood it is. It's hilarious. And I can imagine quite gratifying if you're the chef. I hope they have a quickfire. HOLLA!


proacTiff said...

You're so cute (I imagine). And my son does that whole wiggle-eat-excitement thing too. And if it's hella good he eats it all up hella fast!

P.S. Don't be stealing and not shout me out. Mary Christmas *wink*.

1969 said...

Tre is MINE.....it's the smile and the biceps....*sigh*.

I missed Runway, TIVO IS MY FRIEND.

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

LOL i would pay to see you eat (jk). what a trip

I saw both shows but I really don't follow them so I'm not sure if it was the most up-to-date. Do you ever watch that VH1 show, The Shot?

Jameil said...

pro... lolol. i don't usually eat faster. i like to saaaaaaavor. you didn't see your shout???????? tsk tsk pro. this tells me you're a skimmer, not a reader!!

sixty, honey... you're married. that means he's MIIIIINE ALLLLL MIIIINE!!! rep for the tivo! i need one of those!

m... lol. it really is funny. sometimes i dance, too. if you saw both after 10 last night, it was the most up to date version of both shows. loooooove.