Yo. At the expense of being a broken record, I'm going to say what obviously needs to be repeated. GIVE. THE WRITERS. WHAT. THEY WANT. That's as slowly and loudly as I care to say that right now. Looka here. I am tired of all the reality shows. And guess what? This is only the beginning. The longer this strike drags on, the more we will see. The networks will find a way to fill the hours with shows that don't need writers. I WON'T BE COWED!! Jay, Conan and all the other late night hosts have been running the same reruns since the beginning of November. And some of them have shows playing multiple times a night. I'm always up in the middle of the night when I have to work and I'm tired of the reruns!! People who work for the shows that require writers who aren't writers are getting laid off.

Let's also talk about how THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WRITTEN EPISODES OF ANY OF MY SHOWS TO MAKE UP AN ENTIRE SEASON!! Grey's. I love you!! AND when the writers finally return, production doesn't start immediately. They still need to write the shows, then the actors need to learn their parts, extras, etc. need to be called back. And on and on and on. It will take a while to churn out new episodes once they return.

All you Lost and 24 fans should be upset because those seasons are both getting pushed back (court dates aside). Do you even understand that I will NOT be drawn in to all these reality shows?! I WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED INTO COMPLACENCY ABOUT THIS STRIKE!! We are getting desperate at work. Because we work in tv, we are all a little bit obsessed with it and watch incessantly. This is all good and well when there are actual shows, but I am TI.YERD (I've moved past tired and am now TI.YERD) of having people try to convince me of the myriad and NON-EXISTENT virtues of the hottest! new! reality show! Bah humbug! I WANT MY DRAMADIES AND MY COMEDIES AND MY WRITTEN, SCRIPTED SHOWS!! I WANT MY SNL!!! Ugh.

(If you pictured me yelling, jumping up and down and throwing temper tantrums, part of the time with my eyes screwed shut, you were right. UUUUUHHHHH!!!!)


Coco said...

I agree!  I am about to start crying about the fact that when Christmas rolls around all we will see is reruns.  The late shows are really bad--was changing the channel and saw a rerun with Tyra before ANTM.

Anonymous said...

Co-sign. I want my Ugly Betty back. And of course Grey's.

the joy said...

Girl yes! Did you hear what happened to Carson daly yesterday? He was heckeled! You have to read the story at TVsquad.com.
Anyway, I think you have the right idea, not being sucked in. I've been watching reruns of shows I never watched (law and order, always sunny, charmed) and haven't watched much primetime TV except my poor shows that are running out. I can't take it! I need the finale of scrubs! I need no breaks with lost! And my soaps, I know they're gonna run out! And you know I was pissed when the strike coincided with snl featuring Amy wino.

Ratings will go down. Ad people will put on pressure. Cable co's will put on pressure. They'll learn. But I need them to learn quicker.

1969 said...

I NEED LOST!!!!!!!

And did you watch ANTM and Runway?

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

uhm. okayy. lol

Jameil said...

coco... it shall be horrid!! and already has been!! one friday night the late shows were running shows from 1995!!!

olette... i know!!

joy... i didn't hear. his show sucks anyway. not a fan of his at all. all tv watchers need to rebel! the soaps are good until january i think.

1969... haven't watched ANTM all season, but i read stace's recaps. i was glad salecia won. runway was a bit boring to me this week. i don't like when they have these kind of restrictions. i was sad jack left, tho. and really tho i like chris's personality, his clothes underwhelm me. ricky makes me vomit. the crying!! every week!?! really!?! and the people who didn't use the original outfits irritated me, too. what are you doing?!

mm... get with it!!

faboo mama said...

Okay, ya'll need to turn off the TV. LOL...for serious. This strike isn't even effecting me, except for the whining of friends on strike.


I'll admit that for the past 8 years, the only TV I seriously had to watch is CSPAN. I got addicted to Chappelle's Show, but we know how that went.

Back in October I got hooked on LOST, watched all 3 seasons and was pissed when I found out that it wasn't going to start until '08.

So, yeah, this strike is now affecting me personally as I want to know what the heck is happening on LOST. HAHAHA