Give 'Em What They Want!!

So you know the hollywood writers are on strike. I'm currently watching one of 3, THREE, remaining episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Y'all know I love this show. This guy didn't want to be touched by a black doctor. So instead of bringing in a white doc, Bailey brings in Yang, who's Asian. Turns out he was afraid they would be offended by his giant swastika tattoo. Wait for it. YANG IS JEWISH!!! AHHHHHHH!! Man oh man. THAT is a twist. The writers are fab. I'm also tired of watching the same 17 episodes of Conan and Jay Leno. ENOUGH ALREADY!!

aaaaaaaaaand... to be continued!!! AND IT WON'T AIR FOR TWO WEEKS!!!! ARGHHHH!!


everythingiseverything said...

uh yeah you are not a true Grey's head if you didn't know that about Yang her step father is jewish and her mom converted yeah that makes her jewish.

Rashan Jamal said...

I'll have to catch this on the replay on the website. Too much mac and cheese equals falling asleep on the TV. And true story.. you talked about Yang being Jewish, why was the word verification jew(bw?) Crazy!

the joy said...

this strike is my downfall. i cant live without my daily show. what should i watch instead? REAL NEWS? faith and begorah!

Vdizzle said...

I tried for the seven hundredth time to watch Grey Anatomy and got bored and changed the channel.

Sorry and I missed "ugly Betty"


Pro said...

Awesome writing! I'd like a full report after it airs. I can't get "Caught up" in not nare-nother TV series. But, it's too late anyway seeing it's on its way out. But then I'll be caught standing in a line try'na buy the DVD gift set to "ketchup" on the show. Not gone be able to do it. I trust your writer's review... You too aren't on strike are you?


Chris said...

I'm glad I don't watch regular TV or else I'd be in some kinda panic...then again, I can remember most of the sports I watch having a labor dispute at one point or another, so I remember how I felt *shudders at the memory of the 98-99 NBA lockout*

jameil1922 said...

everything... EXCUSE ME!!! i was dropping that knowledge for those who didn't know!!! DON'T TEST MY GREY'S LOVE!!!

rj... i will set alarms to wake up in time for grey's and project runway.

joy... begorah???

v... you ain't got to watch. i don't watch ugly betty.

pro... lol. i try not to be a spoiler for the homies but i'm going to do a project runway review on my other blog. i didn't take notes on grey's. you know you can watch it online, right?

chris... so you know what i'm goin thru!! all i'm sayin is woman can not live by reality tv alone.

the joy said...

Its an Irish expression. Its like oh my gosh.

Mademoiselle M said...

LOOOOOOOVEEEE Grey's! Man oh mannnnn. I can't wait till next Thursday!