Here We Go Again

It's cold (high 41. NOT 83, Stace.) and snowing (lightly, but still snowing... on November 5th. This is part of what I can't stand about living up here. We would be crunk to get flurries in late December at home). But don't cry for me, Argentina. Poor Epsi. It snowed 8 inches up there!!

While hearing that, I said to myself, let's think about places I never want to live.
1) Anywhere it snows and accumulates in early November, and the occurence is neither a fluke, nor cause for alarm. Even Pittsburgh doesn't have this particular malfunction. It would certainly be outside the norm for there to be accumulation at this point in the year.
2) Anywhere I can count the number of Black people and feel like I should immediately befriend those countables.
3) Anywhere I might get shot just for walking down the street. Yes, I know that's vague and could apply literally anywhere.
4) The street.
5) Any combination of those.

I also thought about where I would like to live at some point in my life, if only for a few months.
1) London. Didn't you love it Mademoiselle?
2) California. I know it's expensive but I expect to be making those dollars when I go out there.
3) Somewhere southern. I miss the south.

1) Miami again. Me and Stace had so much fun!!!!!!!!! Plus I seriously cannot live without drinking another mojito from Versailles. This time I want more than one.
2) New York City. I need to be there with a native. BK, Noisy, 1969, all y'all. Get it together.
3) Houston. My fave college roomie is with child and I have to go see Sydney Denise when she gets here. While I'm there I will make V and La show me the town.
Of course there are more, but that's plenty for now. Where do you want to go?


1969 said...

You want to go to NYC and you haven't even made it down to Philly? C'mon man!!!!

Baby steps!!

dreamyj said...

too many places to name! i have high expectations of myself and my traveling plans for the future.

you gotta specify which part of CA you wanna come to. each part is REALLY different!

yet another black guy said...

that's a good question! what do you like best about Pittsburg? i've only heard that it's a blue collar sports town. no offense, but you don't exactly fit that bill so that can't be all true. and i mean that in the best way possible :)

Rashan Jamal said...

Everytime I do one of those "where should you live" tests, they always tell me I should move to Baltimore or Virginia.

I got so many places I want to visit, I would take up your whole comments so I'll refrain.

Infamous said...

Lol to the list of places you don't want to live, especially number 2. I need to have black people in my life. As far as London is concerned, I spent a week there and that was a week too long. It was cold and rainy the entire time, not to mention the dollar is nothing compared to the pound. As far as places to visit, they are all good especially Houston, but of course being a Texan that plans to live in Houston after graduation makes me very biased.

Anonymous said...

Cali ... you know you need to head on out!... expensive yes... worth it yes... forever no ... NYC thats the next stop on this train ... cant be a theatre gal and not have lived on the mecca of theatre itself ... I think I might like to see some snow ... Wanna trade but only for a few days?

La said...

um... so... are you here yet? lol

the joy said...

I wanna go home to CT. I miss my mema. And um, to the coast. Any coast. I just need to see water about now. I also piggyback your list, however I have no desire to see Texas, except that la lives there.

CNEL said...

I want to visit domestically Birmingham, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Internationally London, Paris, Rome (again but longer), Tokyo, Amman, Jordan, Santo Domingo, DR, San Juan, PR, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I want to live probably in D.C. one day even though I need to be able to vote for representatives for both houses of Congress. Maybe Philadelphia.

jameil1922 said...

69... I've been to Philly before. Several times. Just not since I've lived in Pittsburgh. I feel like I have a bit of a handle on that city. Not at all w/NYC.

dreamy... I've never been to any of them so anywhere warm. A beach would be nice, too. Actually anywhere that's not like anywhere else in the world. Wide open right? Good. Just how I like my options.

black... you're not offending me. i'm not from here. it's actually quite true. they're trying to maintain that image while improving it so that people see it as a prosperous town. the city is in so much debt, tho, and has that image you're talking about with almost everyone, that its a huge uphill battle. there are a LOT of bars here. not great clubs but a lot of bars. there are also a lot of different ethnicities (mostly western european) which allows for a wealth of food options and festivals. I love that. there are 3 rivers and lots of bridges which makes for some beautiful views. if you know people here, its a lovely place to visit.

rj... i know. i used to want to live in DC but I now feel like i may have outlived my dc lovingness. i could be wrong. who knows.

infamous... i've only been to london's airport. never been to texas so now's as good a time as any to visit.

cali... yep! let's trade!

la... hahahahaha.

joy... i looooove the coast.

cnel... get it jetsetter! i don't really have any restrictions on international travel so I didn't have anywhere to even start with that list.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

jameil, let's do london. london is WONDERFUL once you'r old enough to be away from mum's hip (u like that ref don't you?) WE STILL NEED TO VISIT!!!

and cali? ehhh, i can get most of that here... idk

jameil1922 said...

stace... let's do it do it do it do it!! well you still need to visit me in the next 3 years so you never know on cali!

Khalim "Ché" Poindexter, Jetrosexual said...

damn, don't nobody want to come to colombia?

Mademoiselle M said...

i need to live within view of white sands and blue water.

but London is lovely too. but I definitely loved living in NY more!!

Mademoiselle M said...

oh and despite that need, I don't see it happening until i'm retired. Even then I doubt I'll be doing it all year round since most of the things I love and aspire to do (aside from being a part-time beach bum) require me to be in places that have that dreadful season called winter. ugh.

jameil1922 said...

che baby... get me a ticket and i'm there!! passport already ready!! lol. you know your spot is crazy expensive to fly!

mademoiselle... i love the water!!!!! man i miss living in hampton for that reason alone. i know if i live in london, it will likely be for just a few months.