All Together Now: Boooooooo Rashan!!

He's challenged me. It's a whole now that we conquered NaBloPoMo, let's see who can post the longest, for the most consecutive days. SON OF A BISCUIT!! I really don't feel like posting today but I CAN'T LOSE!! Sigh. It is soooo tiring being a cusp baby Leo/Virgo (August 23rd). The pride and perfectionism kills me EVERY TIME!! I'm not into astrology at all. I just find it interesting sometimes. But as far as reading my horoscope and believing it and getting all into it and sun signs and moon signs and Jupiter rising and on and on? No indeed. Mostly because it could apply to just about anyone.

While we're at it and I'm feeling the I-DON'T-WANNA-POST!!!!-vibe (if you pictured that like a temper tantrum complete with kicking feet, shaking head, eyes screwed shut and hollering probably somewhat unattractively, go with that), let's go a little deeper into that cusp thing since I never really have, thanks to astrology.com. Blame them for this post. "Shy, somewhat nervous and undemonstrative" I am not. I know that probably comes as a shock to most of you, but yes, it's true. You know how I seem on my blog? I'm exactly like that. Whenever people who know me read what I write, they always talk about how I write exactly like I talk. Dreamy, when you met me, did you think that, too? Not especially flirtatious??? Oh naw. That most certainly is not me. I'm the queen of the flirts.

Oooh. I like this one. "A curious mixture of introverted and extroverted tendencies, modesty and flamboyance, and a capacity to see both the largest and the smallest picture in every situation." Ooh la la! The 1st part: I'm definitely mostly extroverted. I love crowds and parties. But I also love books and being left alone at times. I've really come to like shopping alone (take as much or as little time as you want) and sometimes even eating alone. The shopping thing is really more about control. I can't stand waiting on people. Modesty (I am the blog prude) and flamboyance (hellooooooo! this whole blog). Largest (def. a big picture girl. I want to see it all. I don't necessarily need to know every single detail.) and smallest (and yet... sometimes I do) picture.

Logical. I didn't get how logic was sooo hard for some people. Easy A+ in college. I'm the same way w/advice. Outside of pop culture (Prince, Star Wars, essentially any musician other than MJ/LL/New Edition etc. (you know people who kept being famous into my consciousness) famous before 1985), I've just always known stuff that seems oddly commonsensical and outside of my age range. This sounds vain. Whatever. I'm sure that's a trait, too. Gregarious and social, fun-loving and live life with enthusiasm, natural leadership. All true.

Popular and inspiring. Lol. I've definitely held my own when knowing diverse groups of people. I was just thinking this morning how I had more than one friend who HATED walking through the union with me because it could easily take an hour. And don't let me sit down. I would just hold court and let the peasants people come to me. (HOW HILARIOUS WAS THAT SENTENCE!?!?! I loooooooove strike throughs and I finally asked Liz how to do it and went ahead and looked it up and TAUGHT MYSELF VIA THE INTERNET!! WOOOOO!! Thanks for the inspiration Liz! Speaking of the wondrous internet, one of my coworkers (he's in his early 50s) says, "That internet is amazing. If they had it when I was a kid, I would be a brain surgeon on a spaceship. Every time he says it I crack up.) If the whole sitting thing happens, I could take 2 or more hours. Depends on the time of day and how many people are coming through. 11/11:30-1? Forget it. Was it on this blog (I have too many) that I was talking about how for some reason people were always sharing chicken with me? I think it was. One example. So odd. One time me and this guy were tearing up his frat brother's chicken. It was so odd and yet hilarious and so very collegiate. That to me is part of what college is all about. Breaking bread with strangers, then forever having this very bizarre bond.

Enough of this cusp crap. I really don't care and I'm sleepy (per usual). Let's talk about my trip to Target today. My Christmas cards are fabulous!!!!! So me!! It's by this Russian chick but her name was odd and her designs have some black people in them, so I bought them. I thought she was black. Interesting. Target. Let's also talk about how you cannot sell coats for $90. It's just ridiculous. Stop it. That is all.


p_nami said...

You don't want to post...yet you write a disseration! LOL

Minerva Exertion said...

I feel you on the $90 coat at Target.

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

@dollface - u stole the words write out of my mouth!

You are absolutely hilarious. every time. And most of that third paragraph sounds like me. creepy.

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

sorry for the terrible faux pas. "write" should be "right." eek!

Rashan Jamal said...

Why you gonna boo me? I didn't challenge you, I accepted your challenge. You brought this on yourself. LOL

dreamyj said...

YES! you were just how i imagined you to be based on your writing. having met you, i think it makes reading your blog more entertaining!

proacTiff said...

So the baby Leo/Virgo thing means we are sorta related in the sense that I feel you (being a Virgo) and my middle child/son is a Leo (July 31). Oh! the battles within my home. We are so much alike that we but heads; actually I whip butts and he just roars and sticks out his chest cause he knows better. But he's so lovable, adorable, and smart as that aformentioned whip. Don't hurt yourself miss-daily-posting. Do like (me) and Fantasia and go ahead and free yourself. It's the Virgoan balance that's needed to uncommit to things. I just made that up. Sort of like you can make up post! Ha.

Jameil said...

doll... that's how i am. i can make something out of nothing.

ME... right?

m... hush up. lol. creeeeeeepy.

rj... i would research how wrong you are but i don't feel like it right now. YOU started it. YOU challenged ME.

dreamy... hahahahaha! that's funny.

pro... my dad's a leo (aug 21st). we definitely clash. i'm not stopping until rashan does.

Liz Dwyer said...

Target had coats for $90? They are high!!! And I mean on more than the prices! That's CRAZY!

I need to get my cards out the door. I'm so behind!