Milestones, Milestones, Everywhere!!!

This is post number 350!! Wheee!! While I was talking to one of my coworkers yesterday, as everyone came in they asked her whether she'd gotten engaged on Christmas. Through her exasperation she explained her boyfriend doesn't believe in that. I thought about it and I agree!! I look forward to my birthday and Christmas so much that August 24th and December 26th (the respective days after) are the worst days of the year to me. The worst!!! So I've decided the perfect day for me to get engaged is one of those days! Or maybe I'll get married on one of those days. That's what my dad did. His birthday is August 21st, anniversary August 22nd, my birthday (the best day obviously) August 23rd!

Wait, I can't stand heat or cold so I'd already decided years ago on October or April. I want to get married on campus at the chapel. It's right on the water. I want the students to be there and be in awe over the wedding like we always were. Lol.

Anyway now to the actual important things, not hypothetical events years off. I went to work yesterday, Stace was already awake at 630. GO TO BED!! I talked to her for a little bit at 8. After I got off work, I went home. We decided it was way too cold for us to go ice skating... at all this week. I know the high SAYS 48, but that did not feel like 48. To quote La, "No mas." I made breakfast and Stace polished off the rest of the croissants. She is a croissant groupie. "OMG croissant I love your flaky ways. Give it to me!" We hung around the house for a couple of hours, then went to see the movie "Jun.o." The music was horrid and distracting. Like to the point where you hear it and want to leave. Just give up and go see something else. Stace would have if I'd let her. Brat. I also did not know movies cost $9 per person here!! I knew in NY, CT, CA and places like that but geez. I'm never awake at night so I'm a bit out of the loop.

The movie ended up being not that bad but as we walked out I heard this couple say, "That was cute, but the music was horrible." I was thinking, "Oh good. I thought it was just us because we're black." But we're both musicians so we know what good music is supposed to sound like regardless of the genre. FYI Fergi.e's "Cl.umsy" and every other song she's ever done in her solo career? Not. Music. And Stace just pointed out how the whole video is just product placement. Wack. We did decide we'll go see "The Great Debaters" LIKE I WANTED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE. Brat. When I told my coworkers I was captain of the debate team in high school they said, "Why doesn't that surprise me?" Jerks.

After that we walked around the Waterfront shopping complex and picked up a couple of things. Lots of normal stores you find everywhere except F.ilenes, but we didn't go there. We headed to MadMex!! mmmmmmm!! I had Mahi Mahi tacos with a chipotle aioli. De.lish!! I love aiolis. She had combo fajitas- shrimp and mushroom. So fancy, that one. I also had a house margarita (no salt) with a floater of GrandMarnier, she had the white sangria. Don't we sound like such adults?! We rock. We came back and started watching "S.uperstar" but started to fall asleep. Why was it like 930? That would explain why we were up at 6:15 this morning and are watching the movie again. So funny. I know only MadMex was on yesterday's agenda so we will get some more of that taken care of today! Play it by ear. We'll have a great time regardless!

*I need more entrants for the contest! Best gift for me, gift cards excluded, of any monetary value. Prize: a post dedicated to you!! (Am I the only one who wants one of those? I think everyone should dedicate a post to me.) Go!*


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

my bday means nothing to me, it s close to xmas, no one remembers, and to me u still a youngin - congras on 350

the joy said...

Did you mean to say "but the music was horrible"? I kinda wanted to see juno.

I think I'd get married in a park in October. Be one with nature and whatnot.

Need Mexican! Now I'm hungry!

Momisodes said...

Captain of the debate team? *Note to self- never get into a disagreement with Jameil.

I agree about movie prices. Throw in a popcorn and a soda, and you could have had yourself a steak dinner!

Best gift for Jameil- An afternoon at a fine restaurant/bar on Miami Beach where she can wear cute strappy shoes and accessories while dining, sipping mojitos, and listening to live music :)

Southerner in Suomi said...

I'm a croissant groupie too. They are the bestest ever!

I'll be emailing your potential present soon.

Jameil said...

torr... that's so sad!!! and thx!

joy... yes. you should see juno. its pretty good. i have never wanted to be one with nature. no reason to start now!! lol. mexican! mmmm!!

sandy... lol. more than a few people have learned that the hard way. i don't like steak but exactly!! oooh. the gift!

v.... lol. i like them but this girl ate like 4 in a day. at least 3. can't wait!

Anonymous said...

That Nate Parker is soooo fine! I might buy the DVD just because of him
Yay for chapel weddings they are always beautiful

Rashan Jamal said...

You always calling someone a brat. LOL

And who says stuff like "croissant groupie?" You are, let's say unique. LOL I mean that in a good way.

Still havent come up with your gift, how much longer do we have?

Jameil said...

everything... i had to look him up, but yes, i approve! lol. yay chapel!! can't wait.

rj... yes i'm unique. that's why you keep coming back. and i call em like i see em. my coworker said, "you're just a good judge of character." i told her i was gonna use that the rest of my life. i don't think she knew i was serious.

Jameil said...

oh and you have until monday. all this build-up and you better win.

Eb the Celeb said...

No they didnt say that didnt surprise them when you told them you were on the debate team... now aint that a blip... anyway... I saw the movie as well and loved it!

dreamyj said...

you are so funny. MadMex sounds like somewhere I'd like to eat!

Jameil said...

ebonne... lol. it shouldn't tho. lolol. but it was funny.

dreamy... lol. that's where we should've gone while you were here! there was one only a few blocks from where we met up. bah!! If you come back, we'll go there. its so yummy.