I Tried

I really did. I tried not to post today. To break the cycle. It didn't work. Wanna know why? Because there's no reason not to post. I was off today and home all day. I can understand if I was out and about and busy and then got home and was too tired. Today, however, I was just being obstinate. That didn't work.

The Duke/Pitt basketball game is on tv. Know what's horrible? THE GAME'S AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!! If it's not in Pittsburgh, I'd rather it be in Durham. Not fair!! I wanna see DUKE!! Okay this is one of the few games I've had the opportunity to watch since I've lived here, do you believe this?!?! Duke ball with :21 left in the game, they get the shot AND the tip-in and miss both!! Overtime. Sold out the garden. RIDICULOUS!! WHY AREN'T YOU MAKING FREE THROWS??? Duke is a free throw team!! Y'all are wil'in. This ain't how we play. And they lost by a point. Wack.

I was listening to the radio today when I heard this, "Yeah, I wanna give a shout out to Monte, locked down in Washington County, BABY DADDY HOLD IT DOWN!!" Really?

Daddy Daughter night led us to search the internet to find an Italian spot close to home.

We decided on JohnnyCarino's. I don't normally do this... but here's us in the car.

Surprisingly, it was pretty good. I'm not the biggest fan of chains. The bread is baked on site and was divine! I also had a muy delicioso Italian margarita. I love those. You can taste the grand marnier in them which I LOVE.

Here's us in the restaurant. (He said the pearls were overpowering (hello? the point!), but black is my color.)

I also bought some egg nog today when I went to the grocery store. I've already had one fat-filled glass. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It ain't Christmas without egg nog.

Oh yeah. XM. I tell ya. They say we don't talk about anything.

JamesBrown. You. Are. Not. Saying. Anything.

But yes, it is funky... now.


Sparkling Red said...

Awwwwww! You and your dad are so cute! Look at those sunny smiles! Yay!

Liz Dwyer said...

I love the pictures...looks like you had a very good time and now I'm going to call my husband and ask him to bring home some eggnog. Yum.

And what is wrong with folks giving shouts out to their peeps on lock down? Doesn't she Monte is not thinking about her behind? Monte is scared to drop the soap, m'kay!

CNEL said...

Aww look at you and your Dad. You guys look nice.

Your father-daughter dates are cool.

the joy said...

You can't resist the post! Ever since the every day thing its hard to stop! Oh you look just like yo dad! Smile and all! Lol. Why you hate on my video selection?

Rashan Jamal said...

*thinking to self* don't make any inappropriate comments about the pictures or she may decide not post them anymore.

Nice Pics!!!

That Duke game was classic. That was like a March Madness game.

You gonna at least take Christmas off from posting? You making me look real bad for giving up.

Ladynay said...

Awwww pics of you and daddy together. Yah know, I was thinking that I'd never know what you looked like!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Jameil said...

red... lol thx.

liz... mmmmm egg nog! lmao @ monte. c'est la vie!

cnel... thx.

joy... I KNOW!! i see you're still going strong. which video selection? that odd girl you said people sleep on? i'd rather stay in the bed. not a fan.

rj... thx... that duke game had me screaming at the tv. the reason i kept going after you stopped was to make you look bad. i can't imagine i'll stop on Christmas since Stace will be here. We like to post ensemble.

Erica C. said...

The pictures are sweet. I see that you're a daddy's girl too! I love it!

Have a safe and wonderful xmas!!!

Mr. Jones said...

Somehow I knew there would be a post about last night's game. I'll admit I was torn. I usually root for the team playing Duke, but I think Pitt is the most overrated program of the last 5 years of so. Somehow people always peg them as Final Four contenders, but they never make it past the Sweet 16. It was a solid win for Pitt, but Duke isn't nearly as good as they think they are. Physical teams will make Greg Paula, Girly Henderson and DeMarcus Neldaughter their bitch.

Happy Holidays!

proacTiff said...

I love those strands of pearls! The consummate girly-girl! And next time, try harder! *Wink*

Jameil said...

lady... happy christmas etc for you too!

erica... i'm actually more of a mommy's girl. me dad and i have gotten closer since i've been here.

jones... are you done now? GO SIT DOWN!! maryland is 6-5. you should be quiet. you really should.

procrastinator... like i said, i think it should just come naturally. i can't force myself not to post. that's not who i am.

1969 said...

Awww!!! I love the photos of you and your Daddy. You look alike :)

I love the Daddy and daughter posts.

tiff said...

you should always post, even when you don't feel like it! (it's hard to break the cycle for me too).

Love the pics - want your scarf!

tiff said...

PS your dad looks like Quincy Jones!

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

aww i'm jealous of daddy-daughter day. my dad wouldn't be excited about that i don't think. he doesnt get excited about special occassions.. if that makes as much sense in words as it did it my head lol.

Jameil said...

69... aww!! thanks!

tiff... lol. its like pulling teeth to stop! since you're encouraging me!! lol. my mom bought that fabric at least 10 years ago in charlotte. i don't know where but i love it and wear it out (in both senses of that term). lmao @ him lookin like quincy. that's funny.

mm... he might. i didn't think mine would either but i think it makes him happy to think that his child would want to hang out with him on a regular basis. my mom said he really looks forward to it. isn't that cute?

dreamyj said...

oh the cuteness! love the photo of you and daddy!!!

Mr. Jones said...

6-6 :-(