Killin' This City

Sigh. "We takin ova, one city at a time." K.haled really didn't know what he was starting with that one.

We woke up at the crack of dawn. Wait. It was 630 and it's winter, so before dawn cracked yesterday. Cooked breakfast: egg nog french toast, sausage, toast. Mmmmm. We kept meaning to take a nap, but one, two, three hours later we were still engrossed in the "BiggestLoser" marathon. There's nothing like watching tv with someone who shares most of your style philosophy. Yay etc. Though that wasn't a specific style show, it's fun to watch. Very inspiring. It's like if someone who weighs 407 lbs. can motivate himself to get to the gym on a regular basis (albeit with a trainer and no other distractions), why can't I?

We finally drug ourselves from the screen and took short naps. I decided we should probably unplug ourselves... you know, maybe NOT go to the movies and do something NOT involving a screen. That meant no "GreatDebaters." Maybe another day. We started our day outside the house at 7:30pm. Lol. We went shopping and hit pay dirt at the first store.... that's right Amber! Nine West!! Small tangent... I loved one pair so much that I had a photo shoot today. I couldn't help it.

After shopping, we went to Kiku for sushi. Because I'm not familiar with sushi, it took me for.ev.er to find something to eat. I remembered from the last time we ate sushi that I liked the eel, but I couldn't really remember what else. I thought I didn't like tuna or salmon. I can't remember which one. I just know it was some regular fish that you eat that I didn't like as sushi. Stace finally said, "Why don't you just get the Steeler.roll?" BECAUSE IT'S CALLED THAT!! But it was eel and avacado, two things I very much approve of so I bit the bullet and this is what came out.
How good does that look? It tasted even better. I woke up thinking about that sushi and I don't even do sushi like that. Stace on the other hand is a sushi fiend. She got three rolls including the rainbow.roll with tuna, whitefish and salmon.

After Ki.ku, we rode the incline up to Mount Washington. Here's the fabulous view.

Unfortunately, pictures don't really do it justice. So fabulous. Stace and I oohed and ahhed the entire time. Then it was bar hopping time!! Yay! I took her to J.ack's because it's a typical Pittsburgh bar. I needed her to understand what I have to deal with. Next was R.umshaker's for the same reason. Super wack. Some lame dude also tried to get in our picture and Stace shut him down. We took pics at every spot which was hilarious.

Then we headed to Cars.on City Saloo.n. Horrid music. Next. Then we went to D.iesel. Fabulous decor, not horrible music... empty. The bouncer had warned us but still. He said Friday and Saturday are the good days for the club. Right. But we have limited time in this city. That means we are not heading anywhere twice. Not even to eat. Sorry dude. Shut that down. As we're heading to TownTavern, we see my coworker. He shouts me out from across the street. He tells us to head to Elix.ir so that's where we go. We like the music and decor so we stay. The dj is so much better than a small club in Pittsburgh. He could definitely mix in a major city. The coworker buys us drinks. Tan.queray and tonic with a lime for me! Vodka and pineapple for the little one.

How fab do we look? Love it. Stace has on her "Z.oolander" "I'm a model, idiot" face on. Get it Stace!! LMAO!! Why did we have groupies everywhere? One girl was sitting on the wall with two of her friends grillin us the whole time. Then when they got up to leave one "accidentally" brushed up against me a little too close. Oh honey. Don't be jealous. Wait. Do. I understand. These Indian dudes stared from across the room, then from about 5 feet, then leaned in and said, "You're a really good dancer." Thanks. Then he asked Stace to dance. When he started gettin her with the honky tonk-esque dance I had to grab her and say, "No. I can't let you go out like that." Stop the violence... against dance.

One girl forced Stace to ask, "Where are her friends?" A big bouncer-looking dude cleared a space so she could roll around tucking and rolling all over the floor, doing splits, getting up, stumbling and doing it again. Stop. It. Drunk. Girl.

Two more stalkers appear. This time girls. "OMG, you guys are so awesome!! You look amazing!!" One with her super fake white with colored logo "Louis.Vuitton"... let me tell you how horrible this knock-off was. It just had the logos, no attempt at the monogram. Horrendous!! She asks Stace, "Can you teach me some moves?" Really? Wait. It gets better. "I'm starting a club. Are you professional dancers? Do you guys dance, or sing or act? Gospel? Spoken word?" GOSPEL?! In the club. And do we look like your little monkeys? This is not an act and it does not go on the road. No ManTan and Sleep&Eat here. Ridiculous. Some people don't know how to act. And at the risk of being stuck up, I'm not going to the club of a person who would deign to wear such an obviously fake bag. No. You'll probably have paisley covered walls with leopard print pony hair chairs and that I cannot do. I'm allergic to tacky. It makes me itch.

After at least an hour and a half, we decided to bounce, go home and chill before we fell asleep around 3... still up at 7:30. BASTARD BODY CLOCKS!! Don't doubt that I'm taking a real nap today. It's not a game. Tonight is the surprise restaurant. I'm super excited about that one.

Stace's Take...


1969 said...

Why am I over here cracking up? Tali keeps saying "WHat's so funny Mommy?"



Uh, I love sushi. Spicy Tuna Roll....mmmmmm.

Adei von K said...


You forgot to mention the Johnny Legend look-alike and his rude behind friend...

and what about all the grandmas trying to get down!??! That place was AWESOME!

Sparkling Red said...

Party on, girl!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Ok, if said chick had that HORRIBLW knock-off, she prolly was just talking shit.

She ain't starting no club!!

And I'm a sushi fiend too. Love the salmon roll.

Momisodes said...

ROFL!!!!... "
Stop the violence... against dance"

Oh you are killing me :) I have a cramp over here!! Sounds like you had a Fab time...can I drool more over that sushi?

Jameil said...

1969... lolol. SHE needed to stop!! lol. i never expected to like sushi. not bad, not bad at all.

stace... lolol. i decided to leave out the wack black dudes since they're essentially a given here. the grandmas. sigh. lol.

red... that's the plan!!

v... right?!?! and she asked for our numbers b/c "i need to party where y'all are. I'M SERIOUS!" ok go sit down.

sandy... lolol. drool away!

the joy said...

I'm so mad you called her the lil one, and you definitely look smaller than her in that pic!

You guys had too fun a night! And got the nerve to not go to sleep? I didn't wake up til 1PM today... I'm ashamed.

dreamyj said...

lol @ people commenting on the dancing, that happens at bars near my city in the bay all the time, so funny!

Jameil said...

joy... that's because i'm doing my backwards lean. so gangsta. you should be ashamed!! lol. sleep, fabulous sleep. sigh. can i get summa that??

dreamy... does not the steady stream become annoying? i sooo understand what it is to be a celebrity. lololol.